View Full Version : Looking for setting, forgot name and publisher

2016-11-24, 02:20 AM
If this is in the wrong place I apologize.

A while ago I read a book about a fantasy setting. Now I cannot for the life of me remember any details about the name, publisher, or any other identifying information.

I remember two facts about the setting:
1) A long time ago elves invaded through portals and attempted to conquer the planet. For some reason their own planet blew up stranding the invaders here. They have not been able to maintain the same tech level and were, I believe, defeated by an alliance of the other races.
2) There were guns. The old elven ones that no one can make anymore were the best, at least personal scale ones. Most other races had their own. I seem to recall one dwarven model that was basically a cannon and was horribly inaccurate.

Any information anyone has on settings like this would be greatly appreciated.

2016-12-05, 10:12 PM
Is this the setting of the Witcher series of novels by Andrzej Sapkovski and the computer games based on it?