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So I'm taking a crack at putting together a fleshed out, interesting D&D world, and since I'm always looking to improve on what I already have, I figured I'd write out some stuff and leave it open to criticism, starting with the part I gave the most thought to. so here goes.

The Twisted Wood is an immense primordial forest that takes up most of the western coast of Alarand. It's a place of deep darkness, powerful beasts, and if the tales are to be believed, ancient evils, trapped away. On the outer edge of the forest the trees grow so close together than many have begun to intertwine. This confusing scenery is known as Aermyr's Maze and extends for miles around in a sort of organic fence. If one can navigate the maze, they'll find themselves in the forest proper.

In these depths the trees have grown to enormous heights. From far away, one can see the ancient trees reaching for the clouds. Those on the forest floor find that the giants are also made up of multiple trees, tied togther, and supporting them above the ground. Horses, and even wagons can move freely beneath the roots, but getting such luxuries past Aermyr's Maze would be a feat indeed. Dire beasts of all kinds roam this part of the forest, making it important to have a guide.

The Twisted wood is said to hold the treasures of an ancient civilization in its depths, but the treasure is supposedly guarded by twisted abominations of magical origin. None have ventured that deep, and returned to confirm the tales.

Once past Aermyr's Maze, an observant explorer will notice signs of habitation. The Twisted Wood is inhabited by more than just wild beasts and horrific monsters. Living among the branches of the ancient trees are the Wild Elves. These friendly, if rough and tumble humanoids are very different from their more common high elf cousins. Wild Elves are avid hunters, doing so for both necessity and sport. They wear furs and leathers, many prefering leather armor as daily attire. All Wild Elves wear tribal tattoos on their arms, chest, and/or face depending on the tribe. They trade in finely crafted goods made of wood, leather, stone, bone, or rarely steel. Their "cities" are grown into, on, and around the immense trees, and are high above the forest floor.

Metal is not as readily available to inhabitants of the Twisted Wood. The easiest way to obtain it is to have it brought in, which can be a daunting task. There are, however, sources of metal in the forest. Ores from deep underground pulled up, and fused to the trees, often ending up high off the ground, or even sealed somewhere inside the massive trunks. It takes specially trained druids to find and extract these minerals without harming the tree. Often these ores have magical properties of their own.

Since steel is less abudant, the Wild Elves have adapted. Through a mysterious process even dwarves covet knowledge of, expert Wild Elf smiths can create weapons of stone that flex like steel blades. It takes years to learn this process, and it is jealously guarded by the privledged few familiar with it.

Wild Elf Racial Traits:
Wild Elves have all traits of standard elves, except where noted.

- +2 str, +2 dex, -2 int, -2 cha. Wild Elves are stronger and sturdier than their cousins, but less cerebral and well spoken. These replace the standard adjustments for elves.

- Darkvision 60ft. It gets very dark on the floor of the Twisted Wood. Wild Elves have adapted to be able to see in all light conditions.

- Weapon Familiarity: Wild Elves are proficient with the kukri, scimitar, longbow, and shortbow. In addition, they treat the Elven Double Bow as a martial weapon. These replace the High Elf's proficiencies.

- Favored Class: Ranger

New Material; Elfstone: Wild Elf blacksmiths can forge bladed weapons of Elfstone. This material resembles obsidian in both appearance and function, but bends and flexes as a sword should. An Elfstone blade increases its critical range by 1, but has half the hardness of a steel weapon. This stacks with improved critical or the keen weapon enhancement.

The Depths of Darkness: The stories of an ancient city, swallowed up by the forest are true. Once the seat of the great elven empire in the second age, the ruins are now little more than a haunting ground for magic experiments gone wrong, vengeful spirits, and the truly twisted, seeking the dark secrets. It is also the resting place of the Dread King Eranduil. The last king of the elven empire, Eranduil watched his kingdom crumble due to jealousy and infighting. Legends say the sorceror king used his vast knowledge to transcend death. Clad in golden skin, the king sleeps, waiting for the day he is awakened, that he may reclaim his ancestral lands. Woe to the fool who invades this madman's cursed tomb.

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