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2016-12-05, 04:16 PM
I'm having trouble deciding what exactly will be all the races pre set for a game I'm designing.

This game is an entirely new system of my own design.

Currently historically races are Descended from 2 original races.

To prevent too much released lore, we will refer to these as Race A and Race B.

Races Descended from A
Elves, Halflings, Fairy, Drow

Races Descended from B
Dwarves, Gnomes,

Alternate Origins

Dark Folk
Goblins, Hob Goblins, Orcs.

Since I can't decide on other races I leave it to you folk. To help please note wether the race is from the woods, the mountains, the sea or underground.

The race should be essentially huminoid.
Have language (either common or its own)
Be from the material Realms
Be from a fantasy or myth setting
(Cthulu Mythos, Rifts etc are not within guidelines. )

Please specify if it should join either A, B, Alt or Dark Folk (DF).

I'll update this post to include races chosen.

The game is going to be a modern day fantasy so the different races will fit into a normalized society.

NOTE* These are meant to be Player Races. Creatures and monsters will still exist and are going to be chosen seperately.





2016-12-10, 11:39 AM
Eladrin seems like a good pick for race A.
Halflings look like they would fit race B.

2016-12-10, 12:05 PM
First off, what does each race add to the world? My worlds are generally entirely human, because 90% of the stuff I'd do with an alternative race I could do with a human culture (it's also a trick to make me add people of colour to my worlds, although the games I run tend to be set in areas where the main options are 'white' or 'middle eastern'*).

Okay, so as far as I can tell genus A is meant to be inherently magical? It at least makes sense for elves, fairies, and drow. I see no reason for these to be 3 separate species, I suggest combining them into one with three 'cultures', but that's truly up to you. I'd actually argue that it makes more sense for dwarves to be grouped with elves than halflings, seeing as elves and dwarves come from the same mythology. I'd also recommend moving goblins into group A, because they've had enough slander against them as it is. Goblins are people, this 'dark folk' tag is just propaganda from the humans to let them oppress anybody with green skin!

I may have a soft spot for goblins, they are my go-to 'small race' alongside dwarves, and far above halflings and gnomes in my eyes.

* Specifically, my main setting is in a world that is essentially the discount version of earth, and I like to focus on the cities sitting on trade routes between discount Europe and discount Middle East. There are people from other cultures and races in the setting for my next game, but they are significantly rarer (as in they make up no more than 10% of the population at the time of the game).

Green Elf
2016-12-10, 12:33 PM
Ancients for B. Put Halflings in B. What is Alt?

Honest Tiefling
2016-12-10, 02:12 PM
Are you intending to release this as a campaign setting? If so...I wouldn't worry about race selection. I think a setting with OPTIONAL races that can be included or left out would be a challenge, but could be nifty to see a more flexible setting.

If you are intending to play with a group, why not poll your players? Some people love to make their own fluff and will probably enjoy helping out.

As for a vote of another race, what about some sort of giant-y thing, like a Half-Giant or a Goliath? They tend to appeal to people and make for good warriors. I would have suggested Tiefling (Well, duh), because from my experience they tend to be quite popular, but as I don't know the themes or tone of your game, I am not sure if they would fit.

2016-12-10, 02:26 PM
Following what Anonymouswizard said, I'm of the opinion one just make humans more varied rather than adding extra races unless the race's otherness or alternate origin is part of the setting. My stance is sort of at:

"Does your setting have elves?" "Yes, but I call them humans."

Because of that, what are these groups and origins supposed to represent? Is this just an explanation or is there some particular purpose to it? The "Why" is important. Why bother having these alternate races? It your answer is "no reason" then I don't have a lot to offer. But with some other particular purpose it give more information to work with.

2016-12-13, 01:42 AM
I'm always a big fan of kobolds. The little guys are just so damn plucky. Though lately in my game I've been giving kobolds a bonus feat ala humans to make up for how awfully weak they are