View Full Version : Original System Looking for some help on a Homebrew Setting: Cyberia

Peter Wiggin
2016-12-06, 01:14 AM
So, I'm relatively new to these forums, but I was hoping some people could help contribute ideas and feedback for a planned campaign setting I'm creating: Cyberia. The idea is of an extremely cosmopolitan, Orwellian city run by an oligarchy of bickering corporations who control nearly all the power.

The primary insurrectionists against these corporate Big Brothers are small, disorganized hacker gangs who specialize in urban stealth operations to disrupt and drain resources from the corps. Hacking, sneaking, and other creative solutions to problems are encouraged by making combat faster and deadlier.

If you're having trouble picturing what I'm seeing (since it's a very rough outline) think Watchdogs + 1984 + Cyberpunk + Deus Ex + Metal Gear Solid + Invisible Inc. all rolled up into one frozen city in the middle of Siberia. So, comment whether you'd like to help out, and I'll see about creating a Discord or what-have-you for easy communications.

2016-12-06, 01:19 AM
Is this a new system? Or just a new setting?

Peter Wiggin
2016-12-06, 01:28 AM
Is this a new system? Or just a new setting?

Oh yeah, new system. Forgot to mention that.

2016-12-06, 09:36 AM
okay what you want is already has setting and its called shadowrun or if you want more d&d feel you need to wait about a year or half to release of starfinder but starfinder is little bit out of your story's boundary unless one of the bickering big corps is nasa.

2016-12-06, 10:33 AM
OR, if you want something more heavily D&D, you can adapt my Magipunk (http://www.minmaxboards.com/index.php?board=80.0) setting. It's a gritty, cyberpunk-style setting, with all of the technology replaced by magic. You have hackers, body modification & shapeshifters, guns, etc.

Peter Wiggin
2016-12-06, 11:14 AM
Wow, I never knew there were so many other systems like that! Shadowrun and Magipunk are really detailed and overall great! However, I probably should elaborate a little more into that the way I'm trying to do things is make the system a lot faster and streamlined, so combat doesn't take so grindingly long. I run a campaign at my High School's D&D Club and with only 1 hour meeting sessions a week I need a system faster than the grueling "standing around and trading blows" that happens when you let people try and all go HP tanks. In short, I'm looking to create something original and different from Shadowrun and Magipunk, centered on speeding up dice rolls and combat and allowing more time to focus on the good stuff, like dialogue and world exploration. Nevertheless, I'm loving how helpful you guys are.