View Full Version : Original System Creating Power Rangers/Sentai system. Flushing out features.

2016-12-08, 01:28 PM
I've already settled the math of the game(except Zord fights) and the Attributes/Skills. The problem is coming from turning some of the tropes into mechanics.

The System
The system is a slightly modified Mekton system. I've ported over the Character creation rules to act as a simplified system. So everything is decided with a d10 + Stat + Skill roll.

Currently I'm viewing progression as a 10 level system based on how many sessions are played. Each level up includes two major benefits, but also stat boosts.

The Meta Mechanic
My original idea was going to have a system tentatively called "Matching the Footage" where the players would spend points to modify the game in various ways:

Making the monster have some random weakness.
Switch locations to so where else.
Call in an Ally.

I'd like other uses for this, but haven't been able to come up with more. Though I like the idea of the GM having a similar system to buff the enemies.

The Zord Fight Rules
Currently there are few rules for Giant Monster fights. I know I want it so that a single creature, such as a Zord or Monster, in giant form gets an activation/turn after every enemy they go up against. So a Monster vs 5 Zords would get 4 extra turns, but 1v1 no one gets any extra turns.

Also when the players combine their Zords they take turns fighting in combat.

I want to keep the Giant Monster/Zord fights seperate from normal combat and to be at a different scale, but I don't know how to represent it in game mechanics.

What I am looking for help on?

Making "Matching the Footage" more useable and interesting.
Seperating Giant Monster fights from normal combat.
Making it more of a game and less of a fan shared storytelling system.