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2007-07-16, 06:26 PM
I'm submitting this monster for the Monster in the Playground compendium contest. Please give an MitP Vote YES or NO. I am a bit concerned that it may be a violation of copyrighted material, as it has ingredients from [Douglas adams]
...but I think that's up to Fax_Celestis or a team of lawyers to determine. As always, regardless of how you vote, I would like any kind of feedback or suggestions on how to tweak it or make it better. Or just tell me how perfect it is and how handsome I am if you can't think of any changes. :smallwink:


These mysterious creatures are very rarely seen by other races. No one has ever seen an archibang not wearing a headdress. Archibangs are very secretive and pompous.

Personality: Archibangs are rather pompous and seem to dislike interaction with other races. They are usually passive and very few have the discipline to become very good fighters or casters.

Physical Discription: Archibangs are taller than humans and most are quite skinny, usually likened most to elves, except that their very large noses seem unballenced and lack the grace of elves. They are blind, as they lack any form of eyes, but they have very highly developed noses. The Archibangs usually wear long flowing cloaks of earthy colors and headdresses fashioned to cover their mouths and their large foreheads (where eyes would be on another humanoid creature). Due to the nature of their cloaks and their almost paranoid secrecy, all anyone has ever seen on an Archibang is his slender hands and huge nose. All Archibangs have very pale skin.

Relations: Archibangs keep to themselves, finding the smell of other creatures unbarable. They especially canít stand the elves who are respected by other creatures as much as the Archibangs are disrespected.

Allignment: Archibangs are primarily neutral, not caring what other societies do. They can, however, rise against outside hate with a vengeance; entire villages have been burned by groups of Archibangs that were insulted by a single resident.

Archibang Lands: Most Archibangs live in hidden cities, usually in secret valleys or clearings in dangerous woods. These cities have existed for centuries in peace, hidden away from other societies. The Archibangs prefer the privacy of their cities and rarely travel out of them. Although, a few feel the pull of adventure and leave their secret homes to roam the world with the other societies.

Religion: Archibangs worship a god that is unique to the Archibangs; they believe the world was created in the nose of a geat being called the Arcensiezure. The Archibangs await the coming of the hanky as their judgement day.

Language: The Archibangs of the hidden cities speak only Archilang. Due to their long isolation, they have forgotten all other tongues. However, because they are so quick to learn, and have such great memories, those who go out to travel quickly learn the speech of other races.

Adventurers: Most Archibangs rue cooperation with other races, especially the elves, and only put up with them as a necessity to quell their own adventure lust. Archibangs usually try to get more than their fair share of spoils, be them food, gold, or other goods, believing they deserve said spoils. An Archibald will try to head a group and be the leader, always walking at the front and trying to make decisions, and will usually mope if his decision is not the one made; however, an Archibang will always find a way to disappear to the back as soon as trouble arises.

Racial Traits:

Humanoid (elf)
-2 Cha. +2 Con Archibangs may be snobby, but they are surprisingly hearty.
Blind: Archibangs have no eyes and can never see anything or make a spot check.
Illiterate: Archibangs have no written language and cannot learn to read or write. This is a permanent trait
+8 Racial bonus to listen Archibangs have heightened hearing due to their blindness
Scent: Due to their blindness, Archibangs developed amazing noses and have scent out to 60ft (without any wind)
Scent Trail: An Archibang's nose is so powerfully developed, with little practice (track feat, or Ranger class ability) he is able to focus on, and follow the track of, a particular scent. In order to do this the Archibang must have something containing the scent he is trying to follow (blood, clothing, body part)
Scent Memory: An Archibang can instantly identify a creature type or individual he has encountered before as long as he was within range to smell said creature.
5th Sense: An Archibang has an uncanny knowledge of his immediate surroundings, and knows every detail of the area in 10 feet around. He can only identify physical shapes , he cannot see light, illusions or different colors; he knows there is an object that looks like an open book on the counter, he canít read it (this could come in handy for finding traps). An Archibangs 5th sense also expands out further (to the range of his scent) but he can only tell general positions of objects, and can only identify objects by scent (therefore he can tell his ally is 40 feet upwind, but can't see what he is doing).
An Archibang automatically makes a save for any visual deception such as an illusion or disguises unless he disguise is on a person he has never met. However, he can identify a doppelganger as not being human, even if he has never sniffed a doppelganger before.
Favoured class: ranger most of the Archibangs adventurous enough to leave the city are rangers by personality

2007-07-16, 09:55 PM
As of right now, I would vote no on this entry, but I will make a few suggestions first, then think about it.

-Not a suggestion, but we don't need any more Elf Subtypes.
-Why a penalty to Dex? If their favored Class is Ranger, then a penalty to Dex makes no sense.
-The only class this race is even close to being able to become is Wizard, and that +2 to Intelligence could be dangerous. The Extra Hp would help, but some Dm's would say that a lack of Written language prevents the scribing of scrolls, as well as the reading and writing of a spellbook, also causing a problem.

Inyssius Tor
2007-07-16, 10:03 PM
Fifth Sense, ha ha ha :smalltongue:

Erm, we in D&D call it Blindsight 10, though.

As for Wizards: it would be a hell of a trick, playing a Batman that can't see beyond 10 feet... (Or a blaster, for that matter; Fireballs are fun!)

2007-07-16, 10:27 PM
A couple more things.

-Shouldn't it be sixth sense? And Shouldn't it be Blindsight 10?
-Ya, the only things these guys would be good for are, well nothing. They have a dexterity penalty, so their AC is gonna be worse, plus, they can't charge if they can only see 10 feet (Or can they?). Pretty much every class requires sight, except maybe Druid. Summon stuff, and then keep summoning stuff till you get to a high enough level to be something that can see. (You get Extraordinary Abilities, and so technically, sight is an extraordinary ability, and so if you transformed into a bear, since bears can see, you could see! But, since you were Blind your whole life, you wouldn't know what anything should look like to identify them anyway, making sight useless.

Inyssius Tor
2007-07-16, 10:30 PM
They're blind, man! Count their senses!

2007-07-17, 08:03 PM
K.. altered 5th sense a bit to accommodate charging, also took out dex penalty and int bonus.. I'm not sure what to do about the elf subtype.. it's not an elf, but no other humanoid subtype seems to fit.. and having its own wouldn't make any sense.

I'm going to change the scent ability slightly to accommodate tracking (which was my plan to begin with).

2007-07-17, 08:45 PM
Okay good, now they can make okay Rangers (The Class you've made them Favor), because of scent, and they wouldn't make terrible barbarians or fighters either, this bonus Constitution would be especially helpful, but they have enough limitations that they have some limited Class that players would stay away from.

Fun, Fun good time guys, that are interesting enough to play, but not crazy enough to be too complex.

Mitp: Yes

Although you should get some proper capitalization on the entry, otherwise great job.

2007-07-17, 10:00 PM
my first ever MitP vote!! (thanks)