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2016-12-26, 01:01 PM
Hello everyone, I just would like to ask you for some feedback on the following item, mostly to make sure that it is not exploitable. I have chosen PF as the system to discuss, but actually it could well also work in 3.5 or any other system that has buying/selling mechanic for items.

I actually just want to give my players the item, but if you have any ideas about pricing and prerequisites for creation, I'd be happy to hear your suggestions.

Portable General Store Bag
Aura: (?) conjuration; CL ?
Slot: -; Weight 10 lb.;


This bag appears to be a simple, half-filled cloth sack of a capacity of around one third cubic feet. It always weighs 10lb, and can be easily carried on its own, inside some other container or affixed to a belt, backpack, saddlebags, etc.

The bag always has a current balance: a non-negative amount of money measured in gold, silver and copper pieces.

As a move action (provoking an attack of opportunity), you can try to retrieve an item from the bag by reaching into it. You have to roughly imagine the desired item, its market price must not exceed 100 GP, and it must neither be magical, alchemical, food, drink, coins nor gems or similar valuables. If all these requirements are satisfied, and the price is below the current balance, roll 1d100. If the result is greater or equal the price of the item, you retrieve the item, and the current balance is reduced by the price. If the result is less than the price of the item, nothing happens, but the action is still wasted. Before the roll, you can also bribe the bag by immediately decreasing the current balance by some amount between 1 and the current balance minus the price of the item. You may then add this amount to your roll on 1d100. Outside combat and if not stressed, you can "take 100" on the 1d100 roll, but doing so takes 5 minutes.

For example, consider the current balance to be 25GP. Bilbo wants to retrieve a longsword from the bag. The market price of a longsword is 15GP. Bilbo decides to bribe the bag for 5GP. The current balance is immediately reduced by 5GP (to 20GP). Now, Bilbo has to roll 1d100 and may add 5GP for bribing. If the result of the 1d100+5 is at least 15 GP, he retrieves the longsword, and the new balance is 20-15 = 5 GP. Otherwise, the balance stays at 20GP.

Alternatively, you can put items, coins or other valuables into the bag as a move action (provoking an attack of opportunity). If you put an item into the bag, the balance increases by one half its market value. You can only put such items into the bag that would also qualify for retrieval. If you put coins or other valuables such as gems into the bag, the balance increases by its value. Alternatively to putting the items, coins or valuables into the bag one-by-one, you can empty a container into it as a full-round action (provoking attacks of opportunities), but the contents have to qualify for being put in their one-by-one, and the maximum total market value must not exceed 500GP.

For example, consider the current balance to be 5 GP. Bilbo puts a longsword into the bag. The longsword qualifies and has a market value of 15GP. The new balance is 5+(15/2) = 12.5 GP. Now, Bilbo also empties his coin pouch, holding exactly 21 gold, 10 silver and 5 copper into it. The new balance is 12.5 + 21.15 = 33.65 GP..

Finally, if the current balance is at least 1GP, you can withdraw coins from it as a move action (provoking attacks of opportunity). You choose an amount between 1GP and the current balance and reach into the bag. This immediately reduces the current balance by the amount, and you gain a sack containing coins of a total value of 90% of this amount.

For example, consider the current balance to be 33.65GP. Bilbo chooses an amount of 20GP. He gains a sack containing 18GP and the new balance is 33.65-20 = 13.65GP.

2016-12-28, 01:17 PM
My biggest thought is that I like it as a way to get small, mundane items without having to haul around a ton of junk. Also a good way to quickly 'sell' items.

By your wording, I think it would follow that if you put coins or other items that 'sell' for full value (art, gems, trade items), you only increase the balance of the bag by 1/2 the sell value. I can see that as intentional, but I wanted to confirm it was.

Basically, this sounds like an item that can make the game more fun by removing the need for paranoid players to buy one of everything in the PHB. Main use is out of combat. In-combat, still useful in some situations, so cool.

Also, I don't see any harm in letting it 'buy' alchemical items or stuff like cheap potions, and moreso food and drink, but I can see wanting to limit that. Maybe a more expensive version of the bag lets you buy those?
(The food and drink being allowed also just sounds like more fun and less burden for players, but if you like having to track rations and drinking water, then I can see not letting it buy that. I also can see a caveat that you can only retrieve things with a listed, non-0 price, to stop stuff like getting or putting infinite free items, which some could use for potential abuse.)