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2016-12-27, 03:23 PM
I am running a campaign where the players are all trapped in an MMO video game, I have been running the game fine so far, but the party has just formed a guild, while I have the mechanics for the guild put together, I have about 30 NPC's that are going to need to populate the guild to keep it seeming diverse and varied.

FYI there is no magic in this game. so any player archetypes relating to casters won't work

2016-12-27, 03:56 PM
I'd recommend basically running the guild as if the person had the leadership feat in terms of the actual stats. Otherwise, I think you should have one member that Knows a lot of people. (Good for plot hooks.) One member who's secretly a traitor (Optional and with varying degrees, from occasionally pocketing guild items for themselves, to sabotaging the guild and trying to kill its members.) A few that can perform menial tasks for the PCs and sometimes get kidnapped, and a few that are good at building and exploring, as well as some that are just straight combat people.

2016-12-28, 11:51 AM
Some good points, but not really what I'm looking for. I was more hoping for ideas of specific gamer archetypes that would be fun for the party to interact with.

Mark Hall
2016-12-28, 12:20 PM
Loudmouth. He's the guy who's ALWAYS talking on chat, even if he doesn't have anything to say.

Sewer of Current Events. He's the guy who keeps talking about celebrities, politics, etc. Might be a Loudmouth, might just derail every conversation.

Happy-to-help. The person in the guild who's always willing to swing by and give you buffs, or do crafting.

Alt-addict. Same guy. has like 90 different alts. One version of this will have different races and classes and so on, but always the same appearance, and another will just have completely random characters.

Mr. needy. can you help me powerlevel? Might be co-dependent with happy-to-help; HTH might have them on block.

Silent. Someone who shows up, but never says more than necessary.

Ghost. Lots of these. They're part of the guild, but don't really take part.