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2007-07-18, 01:57 AM
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A seemingly normal man walks along a crowded city street. The crowd parts around him; men, women and children scramble to step out of his way, to avoid touching him, though no one seems to look at him or even notice their avoidance. As he passes, something around him seems to flicker in the corner of the eye, the impression of a ragged black hooded cloak, and a silvered blade across his shoulder.

Though few know it, at some obscure point in the past something went very wrong with death. Where once the departed had passed smoothly on to their destination in the next life, now they lingered, and wandered confused. Disembodied souls began to accumulate in the world, trying desperately to touch what should not be available to them. With pressure building, the line between alive and dead began to blur. Living souls began to vanish without warning, and the dead to reappear randomly within the world they had departed. Before total chaos could break loose, a number of souls were drawn from among the legions of the lost by some unknown entity. These souls became the Reapers, and began to shepherd the souls of the dead along their intended journeys.

Today, knowledge of the Reapers is as rare as knowledge of the event that lead to their creation. To those who do know of them, however, it is clear that escorting dead souls is far from their only task. Their mysterious creator has other goals, and the Reapers are the agents by which it plans to accomplish them. Though Reapers spend much of their time on the ethereal or astral planes, they can easily enter the prime material, where they act as spies, assasins, guides or even impropmtu diplomats and negotiators, always with a purpose known only to them.

Reaper traits
“Reaper” is an acquired template that may be added to any living creature (except elementals and outsiders) that advances by character class.

A Reaper has all of the base creature’s stats and abilities, except as noted here.

Size and Type: A Reaper’s size remains unchanged, but its type becomes Undead. Do not recalculate base attack bonus, saves or skill points.

Hit Dice: All current and future hit dice become d12s. Additionally, the Reaper gains three undead hit dice, along with saves, base attack bonus, skill points and any other benefits associated with them.

Speed: All of the base creature’s movement speeds increase by 10ft.

Armor Class: As base creature.

Attack: As base creature.

Full Attack: As base creature.

Damage: As base creature.

Special Attacks: A Reaper retains all of the base creature’s special attacks, and gains those described below.

Conjure Harvester(Su): As a free action once per round, a Reaper may conjure into his hands a +5 keen scythe of a size appropriate to him. The scythe may be alchemical silver, cold iron or adamantium, as the Reaper desires. The Reaper is proficient with the scythe, and, while wielding it, is considered to have the base attack bonus of a fighter with levels equal to his hit dice. The reaper may use the Weapon Finesse feat with the scythe, if he has it. The reaper can cast spells with somatic components while holding the scythe, and if any spell or ability requires him to make a melee touch attack, he may instead make a touch or regular attack with the scythe in order to deliver it. If the Reaper makes a regular attack with the scythe when using it in this way, it deals its normal damage in addition to delivering the effect.

Alternatively, the Reaper may conjure either one or two +2 keen sickles of a size appropriate to him. The sickles otherwise function the same as the scythe.

In addition to the normal bonuses and special abilities of the Harvester, the Reaper gains a pool of points equal to his hit dice divided by 4 to add further special abilities to the weapon. Each point may be spent on a special ability with a +1 bonus equivalency or combined with other points for more powerful abilities. If the reaper summons two sickles rather than a scythe, the points must be divided between the sickles (i.e. purchased bonuses do not apply to both weapons). A Reaper may change his point usage every time he summons his Harvester.

Soul Sealing(Su): If any living creature (other than an outsider or elemental) dies within line of sight of a Reaper, the Reaper may choose, as an immediate action, to send the dead creature’s soul out of the world immediately, and bar it from returning by any means short of divine intervention for a number of days equal to the Reaper’s hit dice. The reaper may dismiss the seal as a standard action if he wishes.

Special Qualities: A Reaper retains all of the base creature’s special qualities, and gains those described below.

Already Dead(Su): As a soul that has already died once, and never truly returned to the world of the living, a Reaper may sometimes cause death to simply pass over it. For a number of rounds per day equal to twice its charisma bonus, a Reaper may "play dead" to the universe, gaining a +5 luck bonus to AC and saves against effects which might damage or destroy it. This ability can be activated and deativated as a free action.

Sight of the Dead(Su): A Reaper is permanently affected as by a True Seeing spell. This effect cannot be dispelled. Additionally, a Reaper can see and speak to the souls of the recently dead, and often does so as he leads them on to their next life.

Planeshifting(Su): A Reaper may plane shift, as the spell, at will. Unlike with the spell, however, the Reaper appears exactly at the target location it designates, and the only "creatures" it can carry with it are dead souls.

Disguise Self(Su): A Reaper may disguise himself (or change his disguise) as the spell once per round as a free action.

Wallwalking(Su): A Reaper may pass through a solid wall 5 feet or less in width as if he were incorporeal. However, if he remains within a wall at the end of his turn, the Reaper is shunted out to the side he entered on and takes 1d6 points of damage.

Tongues(Su): A Reaper may speak and communicate with any being that has a language.

Uncanny Aura(Su): A Reaper exudes an aura of otherworldly strangeness, which causes most to simply shut him out, and fail to notice or remember anything about him. Anyone who observes or interacts with a Reaper (including those doing so through scrying spells or abilities) must make a will save (DC 10 + ½ Reaper’s hit dice + Reaper’s charisma modifier). A creature who fails this save forgets everything about its encounter with the Reaper as soon as the Reaper leaves its sensory range. This ability increases the DC of any Gather Information checks made regarding a Reaper by 20.

Turn Resistance(Ex): A Reaper has +6 turn resistance.

Abilities: Increase from the base creature as follows: Str +2, Dex +4, Int +2, Wis +2, Cha +4. A Reaper, being undead, has no constitution score.

Skills: Reapers gain a +4 racial bonus on all Wisdom and Charisma based skill checks, as well as Hide, Move Silently and Search.

Organization: Usually solitary, occasionally in squads of 3-5 Reapers.

Challenge Rating: Same as base creature +3.

Alignment: A Reaper's alignment is unchanged by its transformation, though it may change afterward as normal. However, either because of careful selection or common experience, Reapers tend strongly towards neutral alignments.

Level Adjustment: Same as base creature +5 (additional hit dice gained from the template also contribute to ECL).

2007-07-18, 04:02 AM
Giving an ECL 7 char Plane Shift is too strong. Faultless and at will? Cake.

Instead of giving Repears Plane Shift, steal a page from ghosts (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/monsters/ghost.htm) and use manifesting; since you've removed outsiders and elementals, all repears should be on the material plane anyway. If you like, replace the astral plane in manifesting with a special astral-like plane where the recently dead go before moving on and you've got instant style.

Strictly speaking, most grim reapers have DR 100/Plot. A discworld Death is basically a diety... err, a deity. A bleach soul reaper could be any level of D&D char. A Dead Like Me reaper appears to be NPC classes with regen and an odd melee touch attack. Piers Anthony has a science fiction type death in which most (maybe all) of the powers seem to be in the superadvanced items, iirc. You picked a tricky topic for a template, so I wish you good luck.

2007-07-18, 08:09 PM
True, the plane shift ability would be a bit much for a PC, though that wasn't really the intended purpose of the template. The concept could work for PCs, but the execution would need a fair amount of tweaking. In the meantime, I upped the LA to +5.

The "reside on the plane of the dead and only occasionally enter the material" route was actually my original idea for the template, but it doesn't really allow for a lot of interaction with the Reapers. Also, they can't be restricted to the Ethereal, because souls frequently (usually, in fact) need to be taken to the outer planes.

The general idea behind the template was to allow a Reaper to blend the mysterious and the familiar, and not to be some monolithic force the PCs can only interact with via DM fiat.

2007-07-18, 08:16 PM
Reaper traits
“Reaper” is an acquired template that may be added to any living creature (except elementals and outsiders) that advances by character class.

SQUEAK, that is all

Saint George
2007-07-18, 09:39 PM
Environment: Der Waffle House.

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SQUEAK, that is all

That rat is clearly an awakened animal, even if it doesn't deign to talk.

Environment: Der Waffle House.

It's possible I kinda sorta maybe took some ideas from the show.

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