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Hobbo Jim
2017-01-05, 06:05 PM
I'm currently playing a futuristic campaign where we are basically just short of space travel. Technology to create pocket dimensions (it's bigger on the inside), Lasers, Shields, Robots, Artificial intelligence, Cyber-Implants, and all of that fun stuff (minus teleportation devices) exist!

While the majority of people use bullet-based guns, I have a friend who wants to play a melee Bounty Hunter-esk character. Aside from the obvious laser-sword (basically a lightsaber) and taser baton, anyone have good ideas for a melee future weapon for this character or her trusty companion (either a bear or a wolf, haven't decided yet)? This would be a dexterity based character.

So far I've considered things like energy blades that attach to the wrist and Gloves or a hammer that releases a concussive force to throw a person when it makes contact, but my creative juice seem to be running dry at the moment.

Alternatively, if you can think of any cool cybernetic implants that could be cool that would work as well.

2017-01-05, 09:44 PM
I always liked the "vibro" weapons from Star Wars. They look and function like standard melee weapons but the "vibro" technology provides justification for them being effective against futuristic armor. That option works well if they just want to use melee weapons without having to work too hard to make them futuristic.

Some more involved ideas might be weapons with rockets / repulsors to add power to their swings, blades replaced with chainsaw-like mechanisms and radio-active weapons (I image mechanism sort of like a stamp where the radioactive material is inside a safety housing but is exposed at impact and thus comes in contact with the target).

For Cyber tech, you can have piston-augmented fists that let you punch jackhammer style.

2017-01-05, 10:10 PM
How could you forget the coolest futuristic melee weapon? Monomolecular swords are the best!

2017-01-05, 11:11 PM
How could you forget the coolest futuristic melee weapon? Monomolecular swords are the best!

I was thinking about those shortly after my reply!

I also had another thought: Drill Spear (There have to be some other power tools that would make good weapons as well)

If you want to encourage teamwork, perhaps the melee character can "tag" opponents with their weapon and have that give the other players a bonus to attack, like if the guns they use are tuned to the tag and the bullets seek or are drawn to the tag.