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2007-07-18, 01:58 PM
Kinda rough-drafty... but here it is:

Martyr Flitter
Diminutive Outsider (Good, Native)
HD 1/2d8 HD (Average 2 hp)
Speed Fly 20 ft. (4 squares)(Good Maneuverability)
Init: +3 (+3 Dexterity)
AC 17; touch 17; flat-footed 14 (+4 Size, +3 Dexterity)
BAB +0; Grp -15
Attack Touch +7 (1 point positive energy suction)
Full-Attack Touch +7 (1 point positive energy suction)
Space 1 ft.; Reach 0 ft.
Special Attacks Martyr Burst
Special Qualities Self-Healing, Holy Reproduction, Absorb Positive Energy, Holy Senses, All-Around Vision
Saves Fort +2 Ref +5 Will +3
Abilities Str 4, Dex 16, Con 10, Int 1, Wis 12, Cha 10
Skills Spot +2 ,Listen +2 ,Tumble +4
Feats Weapon Finesse
Environment Any (But usually found in Good aligned temples rather than wild)
Organization Domesticated or Solitary
Challenge Rating 1/4 ???
Treasure None
Alignment Always Neutral Good
Advancement None

You see a bizarre creature before you but it looks harmless enough. It lacks a mouth but two eyes peer forth from each of its ends. It is composed of two spheres covered in fluffy pure white fur joined in the middle, from the juncture sprouts two pairs of wings, like those of a dragon fly.

Martyr Flitters are literally a gift from the gods, for the express purpose of providing healing and and combating the undead. While they have a minimal ability to survive in the wild they are vulnerable to larger predators and can not reproduce without Holy Water.

Absorb Positive Energy (Sn) A Martyr Flitter may absorb positive energy either by touch (which draws out 1 hp worth on each successful touch attack) or by having healing spells or effects cast on it. It will never feed on an unwilling creature of Good alignment and will only seek to feed in any case if it has 15 or less points of energy stored. This energy is automatically used to heal itself (at a 1 for 1) basis if it is ever injured without being killed outright. It also consumes 1 point per day in order to keep itself alive (it requires no food, drink, or air and can survive in climatic extremes, it does, however, sleep an average of 10 hours a day). A Martyr Flitter may contain up to 50 hp worth of energy. They can regulate their intake (ceasing to take in positive energy) to avoid exploding if they should ever be on the positive energy plane or a similar environment. This stored energy also counters any Inflict spells or similar effects that might otherwise damage the Martyr Flitter on a one to one basis (after any applicable saving throw), but only for the Martyr Flitter itself (so carrying one won't protect you from a Inflict Light Wounds, Mass).

All-Around Vision (Ex) Because they a pair of eyes at each end it can look in any direction at the same time, providing a +4 racial bonus on Spot and Search checks. A Martyr Flitter canít be flanked.

Holy Senses (Sn) Martyr Flitters continuously detect the location of any Good creature, and any Undead within 60 feet in any direction. If non-good undead are within this radius they will move away if possible (they remember what a specific undead looks like long enough to keep fleeing even after getting more than 60 feet away). If they can't escape they emit a low wimper. They will allow non-undead good creatures to approach and handle them without objection. Such creatures can pet them, put them in containers (remember they don't need to breath, so as long as they aren't crushed, and don't get 'hungry' they have no strong reason to object in any case), or even twist them in half (which kills them instantly) without putting up any resistance. Creatures who don't detect as Undead may treat them as Magical Beasts instead of Outsiders for the purpose of Wild Empathy and may use Handle Animal on them at the standard -5 penalty for a non-animal. All such attempts by detected Undead fail automatically.

Holy Reproduction (Sn) If one vial (or more) of Holy Water is poured onto a Martyr Flitter that has at least 30 points of positive energy stored in it then 3 rounds later it will fall into two equal halves at the middle. Each half can fly just well enough to avoid falling damage (although this is unlikely to be an issue in any case). Over the next hour each half will grow another pair of wings and another sphere to become a full Martyr Flitter. To determine how much energy each of the two resulting creatures have, subtract 10 from the original total and then divide the remainder as evenly as possible.

Martyr Burst (Sn) A Martyr Flitter can be killed simply by twisting the two halves apart as a standard action. Of course this requires having a grip on it before hand. Non-good creatures would need a successful grapple check (as if attempting to deal damage, although no actual damage roll is required). On its death (regardless of cause) it dissolves completely into positive energy. Upon its death the closest injured living (not Construct or Undead) target or closest animated undead (both considered as a spread effect) is targeted with energy from the Martyr Flitter's stored energy until it no longer qualifies as a valid target (fully healed in the case of a living target, destroyed in the case of an undead), then any remaining energy is directed to the next closest target until all the energy is used up, or no valid targets remain in a 100 ft spread.

Market Price 50 gp + 2 gp per point of energy it contains.

(((Edited to fix skills to account for the fact that it is 8+Int MODIFIER, not 8+Int BONUS.... so 3 skill points instead of 8)))

2007-07-19, 08:18 AM
I suggest a symbiotic creature that hides near these things and casts Bless Water by instinct. Better yet, make that other creature reproduce spontaneously with an influx of positive energy, then introduce them into a vampire or other undead society as a plague.
Also: Grapple check to see if a player can grab an unwilling martyr flitter?

2007-07-19, 08:54 AM
I suggest a symbiotic creature that hides near these things and casts Bless Water by instinct.
Ok so that would make any one that had more than 30 stored points of positive energy split if it got hit by water that the second creature had blessed... but the Martyr Flitters won't naturally hunt unless they have less than 15 points of energy stored and even then they need living creature to feed on... yes, I intentionally made it so they can survive (possibly), but not reproduce in the wild... note also that left to their own devices Martyr Flitters will FLEE from undead. It is only when in the possession of another creature (preferably a Good aligned one) and preferably pumped up with healing energy over the previous day or more that they become an effective weapon against undead.

Better yet, make that other creature reproduce spontaneously with an influx of positive energy, then introduce them into a vampire or other undead society as a plague.
That would be even more pointless I should think... at least as how you have described it... since 10 points of positive energy are lost in every reproduction...
If you want a plague to inflict on undead see Vorpal Tribble's Lackblight Swarm (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=51057), which convinced me to actually get off my lazy butt and type the Matyr Flitter up.

Also: Grapple check to see if a player can grab an unwilling martyr flitter?
Well, that or applicable Handle Animal* or Wild Empathy* (or Good alignment!)... and the Touch AC and Grapple modifier are right in the statistic block...

*Would these even apply?

2007-07-19, 10:53 AM
Beefed them up by adding the [Native] subtype.

2007-07-19, 11:45 AM
Hmm, well, the entries for Wild Empathy and Handle Animal specify animal types, although it says Wild Empathy can be used on magical beasts with a -4 penalty. Maybe a rule that states to treat it as a magical beast for Wild Empathy?

What about if the pair of these creatures lived on (read: were originally native to) a minor Positive Energy plane? Just to provide them with SOME way of reproducing normally.

2007-07-19, 11:50 AM
Handle Animal: yeah probably... will have to think about it a little

Reproducing on positive energy plane: Will have to think about it a lot... just being able to scoop them up by the Bag of Holding Type IV load just seems a little... cheesy... but then again there are a lot of things that if you carted them in from a positive energy plane could be pretty effective against undead... they could certainly LIVE on a positive energy dominant plane (even a major one*) and would basically always be fully charged on such a plane.

They can regulate their intake (ceasing to take in postive energy) to avoid exploding if they should ever be on the positive energy plane or a similar environment. although perhaps that isn't the right phrasing

2007-07-19, 02:16 PM
The Maytr burst ability needs to be better defined.

Perhaps they allow any good character to twist them apart with a standard action however any neutral or evil character will need to deal enough hit point damage (in one round or they start healing) to kill them.

2007-07-19, 04:10 PM
Made a quick stab at better defining how that works (Thanks Umarth).

2007-07-19, 05:05 PM
Fixed an error with the skill points and put some stuff to take care of Handle Animal and Wild Empathy. Considering allowing them to Detect Evil continuously with a range of touch to make it harder for them to be misused.