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2017-01-17, 09:06 AM
Okay, last night I was a player for the first time. We were a party of three. There was a High Elf Fighter (Me! :D ), a Fire Genasi Bard, and a Tiefling Ranger. Rumo, Onyx, and Natari, respectively. We were investigating some ruins and saw some vultures overhead. Rumo wants to find out what the vultures are circling. Going around the keep (and splitting the party; first mistake) Onyx finds a couple of wolves. Rumo runs over and a small fight ensues. Rumo and Onyx bicker a little bit over how useful Onyx is in a fight. Natari shows up, and we continue on. We come across this strange oval thing in a field of grass. After some Arcana checks, Onyx determines it is a portal of some kind. There were rumors of Drow attacking at night coming from said keep. Rumo thinks that the attacks are coming from this portal. So they stake the night. During their wait, the get attacked by an Ogre (We're level 1, so keep that in mind) After a near-fatal experience, the party brings it down. More bickering between Rumo and Onyx devolves into a short scuffle and a Cruel Mockery spell later. The party waits through the night. In the morning, a group of SEVEN bandits arrive. Bloodthirsty and vicious, they charge at us. The ensuing battle is one to be told many nights to come! Onyx and Nataria retreat back to the woods a ways, to set up for ranged attacks. Rumo, focused on the battle in front of him, thinks they're running away (His flaw is that he believes everyone betrays him in the end) Calling them cowards, he engages in battle with the leader, a Half-Orc. Now, before I go further, you need to know that Rumo curses the Gods and hates all clergymen and paladins. In this group of bandits, there was one such priest. He casts some spell on Rumo, saying "Grovel". One epic will save later, Rumo looks at him and says with a maniacal grin "You first" (This was my personal Flavor Win of the evening). Natari finishes the leader with an arrow to the eye. A slaughter ensues. Rumo killed the priest first, then three other bandits. Onyx is singing songs and inspiring words the whole time.. until he was shot. falling down in the most glorious possible fashion (He has a bit of an ego :P) and lies there, dying. Rumo and Natari finish off the bandits. Looting corpses, they find some potions of some kind. Rumo takes one of said potions and feeds it to Onyx, bringing him back. (This was intuition on my part, DM described it as a red, murky liquid. We didn't actually know it was a healing potion. But I felt ballsy) Then... my phone died (which has my character sheet on it). We called it quits there. That was my first time as a player and not a DM. It almost makes me envious of my players.

2017-01-17, 08:30 PM
Sounds like you had a good time.

Jay R
2017-01-18, 12:12 PM
Hold onto every positive and negative experience, and see what the DM did in both cases. This is your opportunity to learn a lot.

2017-01-19, 08:31 PM
Hold onto every positive and negative experience, and see what the DM did in both cases. This is your opportunity to learn a lot.

Learning to use paragraphs would be one such thing, for example. :smallcool: