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2017-01-17, 12:07 PM
So I recently got into "This war of Mine", following on from my previous thoughts of running a Fallout (Mainly 4) pen and paper game where the main focus is finding a base and building it up.

I really like the idea of the players finding a locale and calling it home, spending their time fixing it up, customising it and actually making it a place to call a home. I've looked around a bit and can't really find a system that has this mechanic set at it's core.

Can anyone suggest a system to use for:

Base-Building / Defence.
Scavenging / Survival.
Random generation.
Karma system.
Preferably able to have the GM also play a character.
Survivor vs Survivor (I'm ok with Zombies, but they are overused)

I am also interested in hearing people's experiences with said game types, do they run well? Is there a high chance of arguing between players? How long do "campaigns" last?

2017-01-17, 12:21 PM
Have you seen Atomic Highway (http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/70124/Atomic-Highway--Post-Apocalyptic-Roleplaying)? It might give you some inspiration.

2017-01-17, 12:57 PM
I have had some success with some of that by doing 2 things: 1) Find an existing feat, and expand it. In this case, maybe the Leadership feat. 2) I used the Heroes of Battle book thanks to some advice I received here, and was able to modify it to my personal standards.

Also, there is a little base building information in the Core D&D rules, that provides a decent launch point.

The survival aspect I have plenty of experience with. In my game, the first 5 levels are just getting a full set of gear. Pacing is the real issue with that. Every session, a player should get something to build their character. I usually go with 1 player per session. That way everyone gets something routinely. No one gets left out completely. In addition, the group should find something in each session that will aid the group in a more general sense. In your case, base-building supplies.

Through level 5ish, you might have them slowly putting together a vehicle, they can then use to get bulk items. And right around the time they get their car up and running, maybe they start getting stragglers to their developing "base." After that, things can take off a bit more, and the campaign becomes more about things like securing water and food sources for a small community. Improvements to existing tech. Then perhaps specialized training for the community members and establishing a government. Etc.

Just some thoughts. Sounds fun. I like low magic campaigns.

2017-01-19, 06:21 AM
Not exactly what I am looking for, D&D kind of allows for mundane people to be powerhouses even without magic. Unless I restrict to just commoner/warriors.

Also, the base-building I've seen in D&D seems to elongate the time and cost exuberant amounts of money when compared to how much food costs.

2017-01-19, 09:05 AM
Have you looked up the Fallout P&P? It would let you run a game with that Fallout feel, SPECIAL and enemies included. However, a quick skim of the table of contents doesn't mention any building rules, and I don't know any system (except maybe GURPS) which does.

2017-01-19, 11:49 AM
I would suggest looking at Twilight 2000. It has rules for most of what you are looking for, except the Karma system and building. It's a post WW3 setting, so there are rules for foraging and food consumption, etc. All the fiddly bits you would expect to have to deal with when trying to survive the end of civilization.

2017-01-19, 11:57 AM
I'd suggest looking into Torchbearer and Mouseguard. Neither will work on their own, and it's a bit counter-intuitive, but they have a couple of mechanics that are exactly the sort of thing you would want.