View Full Version : D&D 5e/Next Cutting 5e Classes Into Frames and Tracks

2017-01-21, 04:04 PM
I've tossed around the idea of a Legend (http://www.ruleofcool.com/)-inspired Track system for awhile now, and just recently figured that a 5e-based version would make a less class-oriented structure possible. The Archetype setup already helps with that; the job then becomes separating things out into tracks.

Now, what should be noted: this shouldn't perfectly replicate every class. Probably whichever classes are used as a baseline can be remade using this setup, but for the sake of balancing, complete recreation of the PHB is suboptimal.

So, let's look at what makes a class, a class.

Most Proficiencies - Weapons, Armor, Tools, Saving Throws, Skills all largely come from class. There is a rhyme and reason to these, however, which makes loosening them somewhat simpler.
Spellcasting - Full (Wizard), Short(Warlock), Half(Paladin), Third(Artificer), and None(66% of Rogue) are all presented as options. Making spellcasting a track in and of itself is a simple solution; we can probably get away with two separate tracks, one for normal casting and one for "Pact Magic" abilities. However, maybe there's another way...
ABIs - Honestly? I think we need to do away with ABI progression based on levels in classes. I miss having a set progression...
Class Abilities - The tough part. All classes have both Core and Archetype abilities, but figuring out where and how to split things might be troublesome.

Everyone gets two starting save proficiencies - One Strong (Con/Dex/Wis) and One Weak (Cha/Int/Str). Then, taking a page from 3.5's UA Generic Class (http://www.dndsrd.net/unearthedNewClasses.html) idea, we can establish three archetypes as baselines for things like weapon/armor/skill proficiencies, hit dice, and so forth. Something like this, maybe:

Warrior - d10 hit die, all armors and shields, simple+martial weapons, two skills, a Fast, Medium, and Slow Track (Spellcasting Medium or Slow optional)
Expert - d8 hit die, light and medium armor, simple+five of martial weapons, three skills, a Fast, Medium, and Slow Track (Spellcasting Medium or Slow optional)
Mage - d6 hit die, light armor, simple weapons, two skills, Fast Spellcasting Track+a Medium and Slow Track

Mage-frames are the only ones able to get full spellcasting (Wizard/Warlock), while Expert-frames and Warrior-frames could take half-casting (Paladin/Ranger) or third-casting (Eldritch Knight/Artificer). Cleric's combination...personally, I don't get why they think that divine magic is somehow inferior enough to arcane that the Cleric can have medium armor, shields, and extra class features. Under this system, a Priest will look like a Wizard, with full casting but fewer weapons available to it. Note that Wizards now have light armor; Rangers (Warrior chassis matches their hit die and weapons) might wear full plate; and Monks aren't forced out of Chain Shirts on proficiency basis.

Composing the rest of this - setting up actual tracks, in other words - is something I'll work on as time goes on, and definitely something I want to hear from you guys about. Questions, suggestions, comments, complaints, concerns - all of these and more are welcome!