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2017-01-27, 10:52 PM
I need some ideas to start the PC's off in my upcoming campaign.* I am looking for the opening/starting scene here.

Background Idea:
The PC's are part of recurring souls, repeatedly reincarnated throughout time.* Each PC has an Elemental affinity and an Alignment affinity.* The PC's are always inexorably drawn together through fate, circumstances and happenstance.* The PC's remember few details about their former incarnations, which happen sometimes millennia apart.* They realize they are different however as they retain their race/types each time, adding to their new ones (sometimes bringing old vulnerabilities with each incarnation).* They retain a "feel" for their former selves.* Sometimes their affinities match, sometimes they do not.* The PC's don't have an idea why this is occurring but a Pattern is there. [Think along lines of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series].
The PC's will have to figure out who the chief villain is, what he's up to, and what their part is in this.* The PC's will initially be dealing with flunkies sent to destroy them and will work their way up in level to fight the "master villain"--only to find it is a Simulacrum; the real villain is still out there.

DM Plot Background:
A powerful Verminlord (MM3) has created simulacrum's of himself and placed them throughout the lands in guilds and other positions of power.* They coordinate to bring Chaos/strife to all lands and attempt to subvert the elements to further their nefarious plans.* The Chief villain is actually another one of these recurring souls.* His affinities are Time/Chaos/Fire.* His previous incarnations were Phaethon and Phane.* He has the Templates of Paragon (EPH), Worm that Walks (EPH), and Monster of Legend.

Obviously, the Chief villain is Epic and so the PC's won't be dealing with him for some time.* He is currently preoccupied with attempting to find ways to regain his previous powers from former incarnations while retaining his current ones (the reincarnation made him lose his phaethon and phane abilities).* I imagine that he views the PC's as little more than bugs to be squashed (though he really likes bugs, lol) and beneath his notice.* He likely will just ignore them and let his Simulacrums deal with them--until they become a threat. After that, he will seek enough challenges to allow him to lvl and gain "Hivemind"-end story there.

I envision some role for each element in this--which PC's represent.
Players can choose any element (except time), all 4 must be represented, though one can be duplicated.
Players will represent 1 elemental affinity and 1 alignment affinity in their incarnations.
I'm assuming at the start that the Chief villain knows about the PC's but they don't know about him--maybe as myth? Fable? eg. devil/dark one?

I'm just asking the community:

What should the start scene look like?
How should the Elements fit into this?
How should I approach the role of the Simulacrum's?
Why should the Chief villain care about the PC's?* Should the PC's be manipulated into doing something for the villain that he, for some reason, can't do?

2017-01-28, 03:06 AM
What should the start scene look like?

Call to Action. Start them off with a goal and an obstacle to overcome.

Do they already know they're recurring souls with an arch nemesis beforehand? Then they should all be banded together. Start them off with a combat scene against the villain's men or something, perhaps because they're on a mission to destroy something of the villain's.

Otherwise, let them find out organically who they are. In this case, you could start them off as if this entire background plot didn't exist -- because as far as the PCs know, they don't. :)

How should the Elements fit into this?

You already have a fair bit of content there. If the Elements don't have a place to fit, consider if it's really worth forcing it.

How should I approach the role of the Simulacrum's?

Is the world in chaos? Have these guys be warlords or chieftains.
Is the world more or less a functional economy? Do governments run? Then have them occupy positions of power.

Why should the Chief villain care about the PC's?* Should the PC's be manipulated into doing something for the villain that he, for some reason, can't do?

Maybe he doesn't, and he's just going about his own evil business that the PCs will eventually stumble into and try to interrupt. Then the PCs will have made themselves the target on their own. :)