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2017-01-30, 10:10 PM
So, I love the idea of the Wilder. This uncontrollable psionic character that has so much charisma she doesn't have to pick things up, they pick themselves up (and fly across the room).

I want to translate the idea of the Wilder over into 5e but I'm not sure giving it an entirely new mechanic to work with will feel right.

So, I ask of you, does this mechanic feel like a "Wilder" or would I be better callimg it something else?

Chaotic Mind

As a Wilder, you do not have a set of psionic powers dedicated to your class/subclass. What you do have is the ability to gain random powers from other lists.

Charisma is your manifesting ability score

When you create your character, roll a d10 twice to determine your 2 starting powers. You may use these at-will and augment them with your PP as normal. Consult the list below.

However, during a short rest, one of your powers slips your mind. You cannot use this power until the tides of chaos brings it back to you. Roll a 1d6 to determine which power is taken away. After you do this, you then roll a d10 to determine what power has replaced your missing power.

At the end of a long rest, you forget all your powers and must roll a d10 twice to regain two powers. Consult the followimg list.

1: Energy Bolt
2: Memory Hole
3: Ego Crush
4: Ectoplasmic Skin
5: Forcefield
6: Demoralizing Strike
7: Mind Thrust
8: Stygian Discord
9: Flood of Madness
10: Control Over Chaos (allows you to pick any of the above)

(Power list is not finalize, using these as examples... Some of these aren't real.)

Each power will have a 0 PP, 1 PP, 3 PP and 5 PP version (I think) so they should hive a range of options.

All of these powers will come from other psionic character class/subclass lists.