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2017-02-05, 01:18 PM
I was looking through the template list online, and the unnecessary existence of the Dread Undead finally irked me enough to buff up my own personal favorite, the Lycanthrope. I honestly believe a lot of opportunity was wasted with Lycanthropes, considering the abilities attributed to them in folklore and modern entertainment. Alpha Lycanthropes are supposed to be rare, but very powerful, and difficult to destroy.
This is my first attempt at custom content creation, and I'm eager to know how I'm doing in regards to balancing and Challenge Rating.
Below is the Third Revision, completed after feedback from my gaming buddies, three GMs, and aimlessPolymath. It feels finished to me, but I'd still like some further feedback and thoughts on it. I may revise it further depending on reviews.

Alpha Lycanthrope 2nd Revision
Sometimes, a Lycanthrope doesn't want to be cured. The curse becomes their gift, and they wish to share it. They wish to embrace it, and with great challenge and hardship the curse can embrace them back. Such a Lycanthrope has the possibility of ascending to a higher stage of power, the pinnacle of Lycanthropic capability. Alpha Lycanthropes, however they came to be, are never to be lightly trifled with.

Creating an Alpha Lycanthrope
“Alpha Lycanthrope” is an acquired template that can be added to any living Lycanthrope. This template modifies the existing Lycanthrope template. An Afflicted Lycanthrope gaining this template becomes a Natural Lycanthrope and stays one, even if it loses this template later.
Just as there are two ways to become a Lycanthrope, there are two ways to become an Alpha. The first, and easiest way, is to kill an Alpha Lycanthrope of your kind through the Trial by Claws. The second, and most beneficial yet more difficult way is to earn it through deeds, divine favor, efforts and sheer force of will. Precisely how is left up to the GM, though it could be through defeating a worthy enemy, undergoing a Mythic trial, or simply through gaining the loyalty and respect of a large group of Lycanthropes of their kind, to name a few suggestions. This second option is known as a True Alpha, and the differences are noted below.
A Lycanthrope that gains this template by killing an Alpha loses the ability to ascend to a True Alpha, unless it willingly gets itself fully cured of Lycanthropy and starts over.

Challenge Rating: Add +1 (+2 for True Alphas) to the Challenge Rating of the Lycanthrope gaining this template, but see Alpha's Pack below.

Senses: An Alpha Lycanthrope gains +5 to hearing based Perception checks, Survival checks to track by scent, and gains Darkvision 60'. If the base creature already has Darkvision, increase the distance by 30'. True Alphas also gain Blindsight 30'.

Speed: Same as the base animal or base creature in all forms, whichever is faster. Any burrow, climb, swim, or fly speeds possessed by the base animal and base creature are gained in animal and hybrid forms. If the same mode of movement, other than the base speed, is possessed by both the base animal and base creature, the Alpha retains the base creature's in Humanoid form, and replaces it with the higher of the two when in animal and hybrid forms. A True Alpha still retains only the base creature's in Humanoid form, but instead adds the two values together when in animal and hybrid forms, using the total as that mode of movement's speed.
Alpha Lycanthropes gain 20' to only their base move speed, in animal and hybrid forms. True Alphas gain 30' to only their base move speed, in animal and hybrid forms.
All Alphas are treated as having a 10' running start when making a jump. If they already have this ability or gain it elsewhere later, they instead gain a +5 on Acrobatics checks made to jump.
This replaces the original Speed changes.

AC: In hybrid and animal form the Lycanthrope has the natural armor bonus of the base animal +6.
True Alphas instead have the natural armor bonus of the base animal +8 and gain half this natural armor bonus to their humanoid form.
This replaces the original AC changes.

Defensive Abilities: An Alpha Lycanthrope loses most of its vulnerability to silver, only the purest will harm it if at all. It has DR 10/- in animal and hybrid forms during the full moon. Between the full and new moon phases, this becomes DR 5/-. During a new moon, the Alpha Lycanthrope is at its weakest, with DR 5/magic and silversheen.
A True Alpha gains half their total DR in their humanoid form, have DR 15/- as long as the moon is half-full or greater. During the lesser half of the cycle, True Alphas have DR 10/-. During a new moon, the True Alpha has DR 5/magic and siccatite.
Alpha Lycanthropes, True or otherwise, gain a bonus on this Damage Reduction equal to half their HD, and retain it during daylight hours.
An Alpha Lycanthrope gains Fast Healing 3, while A True Alpha gains Fast Healing 5.
This replaces the original Defensive Abilities.

Melee: An Alpha Lycanthrope's natural attacks deal damage as if one size category larger, and may always perform a full attack after a charge.
A True Alpha also receives 1 ½ times their Strength bonus on damage rolls for primary natural attacks, and their full Strength bonus on damage rolls for secondary natural attacks.

Special Attacks: An Alpha Lycanthrope retains all the special attacks, qualities, and abilities of the base creature. In hybrid or animal form it gains the special attacks, qualities, and abilities of the base animal. An Alpha Lycanthrope also gains low-light vision, scent, and the following:

Change Shape (Su)

All Alpha Lycanthropes have three forms—a humanoid form, an animal form, and a hybrid form. Equipment does not meld with the new form between humanoid and hybrid form, but does between those forms and animal form. An Alpha Lycanthrope can shift to any of its three alternate forms as a move-equivalent action. A slain Alpha Lycanthrope begins to decay normally, and remains in hybrid or animal form for 2 days per HD, then reverts to its humanoid form.
True Alphas can shift as a swift action, and when slain, remain in hybrid or animal form and do not naturally decay.
This replaces the original Change Shape ability.

Guarded by Moonlight (Su)

While the moon is full, an Alpha Lycanthrope's Damage Reduction applies even against damage from spells and energy damage. True Alphas gain this ability as long as the moon is half-full or greater.

Trial by Claws (Su)

Alpha status is a prize sought widely by those who embrace their Lycanthropy. Some will go to great extremes and not earn it, but a Lycanthrope displeased with an Alpha can take their power by defeating them in a Trial by Claws. The challenging is simple; the challenge must be issued publicly, before the Alpha and his Pack and/or Dominion. An Alpha may refuse a challenge, but will earn the disrespect of his Pack and Dominion. An Alpha may only be challenged once per month during the full moon, and a Lycanthrope that surrenders can not challenge again until he has gained a Hit Die.
The Trial by Claws itself ritual combat between the Alpha and the challenging Lycanthrope, with a code that must be followed for the ritual to work. The code is as follows:

A challenge accepted must begin immediately.
Neither the Alpha, nor the challenger, may receive aid. Each must fight on their own, by their own powers. Summoned creatures, familiars, cohorts, and other companions bound to or otherwise following either party may not interfere.
The fight must last until surrender or death. An Alpha that surrenders, and isn't killed for his power, loses this template anyway. A Lycanthrope that surrenders is dealt with as seen fit by the Alpha challenged.
No weapons may be used, other than those granted by Lycanthropy, natural weapons from the base creature's race, or Unarmed Strikes.
Spells and abilities are permitted, in the event that they do not create or call any form of outside assistance.
If either party does not take a melee attack action against the other for three consecutive rounds, the Trial by Claws ends as if the one who first ceased attacking has surrendered.

When a challenge begins and until its end, the Alpha's Damage Reduction gains Natural Weapons and Unarmed Strikes as bypass elements.
If the code is broken, all witnessing Lycanthropes sense it, the cause and result is known to them, and the Trial by Claws ends. The Lycanthrope that broke the code is treated as having surrendered. If outside interference is issued without consent of the Alpha or challenger, the Trial ends immediately as a draw, leaving both parties unaffected by victory or defeat. Challenges so interrupted may be reissued sooner than the next month.
A Lycanthrope defeating an Alpha automatically gains the followers from the dead Alpha's Dominion, and from the Alpha's Pack.
An Alpha or True Alpha slain by a non-Alpha Lycanthrope, reverts to Humanoid form and remains dead as normal, losing the benefits of this template as the Lycanthrope that killed it becomes an Alpha. The Ex-Alpha retains its original Lycanthrope template, and may still be resurrected normally. A resurrected Ex-Alpha that killed an Alpha to gain this template in the past, cannot ascend to a True Alpha unless it gets itself fully cured of Lycanthropy and then becomes a Lycanthrope again.
An Ex-True Alpha may reascend to True Alpha by earning it normally, or by slaying the Lycanthrope that took its power in the Trial by Claws. A successful reascendence through this specific situation does not penalize the returned True Alpha, but shames the now Ex-Alpha, leaving him unable to regain the Alpha Lycanthrope template at all, without being fully cured of Lycanthropy and becoming a Lycanthrope again.

Empowered Curse of Lycanthropy (Su)

The curse from an Alpha Lycanthrope's bite attack in animal or hybrid form is more powerful than a standard Lycanthrope's. Consuming doses of Wolfsbane gives no additional save. The victim is subject to a Fortitude save (DC 15 + the Alpha's HD) to negate the effect. Failure results in an Afflicted Lycanthrope for the full three nights of the next full moon, after which it is treated as Natural. If Corruption rules are used, the victim gains Natural Lycanthropy after the Corruption has run its course. The victim always remembers each night spent involuntarily transformed, but does not gain control until the Natural Lycanthropy applies. If the victim's size is not within one size category of the Lycanthrope, this ability has no effect.
Curing the bite of an Alpha is much more difficult. After killing the Alpha in question, two doses of wolfsbane must be consumed before a Cleric of 12th level or higher may use Remove Disease or Heal to cure it, within three days of the bite. The bite of a True Alpha requires three doses, and both Remove Disease and Heal to be cast by a Cleric of 12th level or higher. After this three day period, a Remove Curse spell cast by a Cleric of 12th level or higher, while the Lycanthrope is in animal or hybrid form, may suffice so long as the Cleric beats a caster level check against the DC of the bite that turned the Lycanthrope in the first place, plus 5.
This replaces Curse of Lycanthropy.

Alpha's Dominion (Ex)

An Alpha Lycanthrope has the respect and loyalty of animals related to their animal form. Such animals are considered Helpful toward the Alpha Lycanthrope, understand messages delivered by Howl of the Alpha, and may also be communicated with by the Alpha as per Speak With Animals. Once per month, and if in the proper terrain for the animal, an Alpha Lycanthrope may spend one day to find and gain a following of these animals. This following is called a Dominion, and is never greater than 3 HD of animals per HD of the Alpha. These animals are willing to perform simple tasks for the Alpha, such as fighting, guarding, defending, and reporting on things that happen in the surrounding territory. It is up to the GM whether a task is too complex for the Alpha's Dominion to perform.
These animals follow by choice, and mistreating them may cause them to leave. Refusing a challenge to Trial by Claws seeds disrespect, and one HD of animals per HD of the challenging Lycanthrope leaves the Alpha's Dominion. For each consecutive refusal, the number of deserters grows by the challenger's HD (ie; Challenger of 6 HD refused one month, 6 HD animals leave, Challenger of 7 HD refused next month, 13 HD animals leave, so on and so forth), and resets once the Alpha accepts a challenge.
Animals that die in service to an Alpha may be replaced as soon as the next search may be performed. Animals that leave the service of an Alpha may not be replaced until one month after the event that caused them to.
A True Alpha instead has a following of 5 HD of animals per HD of the Alpha.
This replaces Lycanthropic Empathy.

Howl of the Alpha (Ex/Su)

The Howl of the Alpha has three portions. Whether they are Supernatural or Extraordinary is defined by each separate portion.
Communication(Ex): An Alpha Lycanthrope has a howl or roar which it may use, as a Full-Round Action, to communicate over long distances, and can convey a message of up to 30 words. The howl can be clearly heard (Perception DC 0) up to a half-mile away. For each quarter-mile beyond, Perception checks to hear the howl suffer a –1 penalty. The message is clearly understood by all Lycanthropes of the same kind as the howler who hear it, regardless of any language barriers. Lycanthropes that can breathe underwater in any of their three forms may use this ability underwater in that form.
Influence Form(Su): An Alpha Lycanthrope is also, as a Full-Round Action, able to influence the form of Lycanthropes of their own kind. When doing so, the Alpha chooses one Lycanthrope in hybrid or animal form within a 30' radius and howls at it. The Alpha Lycanthrope rolls an Intimidate check against DC 10 + the target Lycanthrope's Con modifier, + half the target Lycanthrope's HD. On success, the target Lycanthrope is forced back into Humanoid form and must remain so for 1d4 rounds. The Alpha Lycanthrope receives +5 to this check against a member of its Pack. If the check fails, the target Lycanthrope is immune to this ability for the rest of the day.
A True Alpha may target all Lycanthropes of any kind within a 30' cone when influencing forms, and adds its Con modifier to the Intimidate check. A True Alpha gains a +5 to this check for Lycanthropes of its kind, and automatically succeeds this check against members of its Pack. A Lycanthrope forced into Humanoid form by a True Alpha must remain in that form for 1d8 rounds.
Fear Effect(Su): Non-Lycanthropes hearing the Howl feel the blood drain from their faces. Dread grows in their hearts. This acts as a Fear spell that extends as far as the Howl is heard. Creatures can only be affected by this ability once per day, but suffer a cumulative -1 penalty on their save against it for each day they are affected. This is a sonic fear effect.
Using Howl of the Alpha provokes Attacks of Opportunity. The Form Influence portion of this ability has no affect when used on another Alpha of any kind.

Alpha's Pack (Su)

Special: All Lycanthropes with or in an Alpha's Pack are treated as being 1 CR higher than their usual CR.
An Alpha Lycanthrope may form a Pack of other Lycanthropes of its kind. An Alpha may make a Lycanthrope a part of its Pack with a bite, and an Afflicted Lycanthrope that becomes part of an Alpha's Pack, immediately becomes a Natural Lycanthrope, even if it later leaves the Pack. A Lycanthrope can not become part of a Pack until after all three nights of its first full moon, or if Corruption rules are used, until after the Corruption has run its course.
Having a Pack makes an Alpha stronger, just as being part of a Pack makes regular Lycanthropes stronger. Both gain the bonuses noted below, for as long as they are part of a Pack. The bonuses are treated as temporary ability bonuses for the first 24 hours, and stack with the Ability Scores granted by this template.
An Alpha with a Pack gains +2 Strength, +2 Dexterity, and +2 Constitution in Hybrid and Animal forms, +2 Wisdom and +2 Charisma in all forms.
A True Alpha with a Pack gains +4 Strength, +4 Dexterity, +4 Constitution in Hybrid and Animal form, +2 Wisdom and +2 Charisma in all forms.
Lycanthropes in a Pack gain +2 Strength and +2 Dexterity in Hybrid and Animal forms, and +2 Wisdom in all forms in addition to their normal bonuses, and gain the Communication portion of Howl of the Alpha. Howls from non-Alpha Lycanthropes do not carry the Fear Effect portion of Howl of the Alpha.
In addition to these bonuses, Lycanthropes in an Alpha's Pack are always aware of their Alpha's life force, as per the Deathwatch spell. The Alpha of an Alpha's Pack is in the same way aware of his Pack members' life forces, and always knows the direction and distance from itself to each Pack member. This awareness only functions between those on the same plane of existence. An Alpha always knows when a member leaves the Pack.
At any given time, the number of Lycanthropes in an Alpha's Pack may total no more than double its own Hit Dice. The number of Lycanthropes in a True Alpha's Pack may go up to triple its own HD. Lycanthropes may choose to leave a Pack at any time, and in doing so immediately lose the benefits of an Alpha's Pack.
If an Alpha refuses a Trial by Claws, the bonuses to its Pack and from having a Pack are penalized by -1 per refusal, up to -4. Most Lycanthropes would choose to leave a Pack before it gets that low. This penalty is removed immediately if the Alpha accepts a Trial by Claws.
An Alpha may join another Alpha's Pack, such that a high Alpha may indirectly influence a large number of Lycanthropes. An Alpha that both has a Pack and is in a Pack, may only benefit from one of the above ability bonus sets.

The Curse Runs Deep (Su)

An Alpha Lycanthrope, whether average or True, has fully embraced the curse. It is too deeply rooted to cure with a Remove Curse spell regardless of the situation. Only a Wish or Miracle used to imitate Remove Curse, cast on the Alpha Lycanthrope after it has been struck with a weapon that ignores its damage reduction during a new moon, will cure it. A cured Alpha Lycanthrope loses this template and its original Lycanthrope template, and must normally regain Alpha status should it become a Lycanthrope again.
The curse makes Alpha Lycanthropes immune to the negative effects of aging, though they still die from old age when their time comes. True Alphas do not die from old age, and never age past venerable.

Moonlit Rebirth (Su)

If still intact, the head of an Alpha Lycanthrope can be severed and will remain in animal or hybrid form. It can be used in rituals on nights of a full moon to create new Lycanthropes as per the Empowered Curse of Lycanthropy ability with the following alterations:
Unwilling subjects will remain Afflicted Lycanthropes, while willing subjects will become Natural Lycanthropes. The head must be severed before the Alpha reverts to humanoid form in order to do this, and the head's power lasts until it is too decayed to use for a bite, or until one year has passed since death, whichever comes first. Unwilling subjects instead roll a DC 15 Fortitude Save to avoid the affect. Regular curing methods will suffice for Lycanthropes made in this way.
An Alpha Lycanthrope's body may be brought back to life as per Resurrection by bathing it in the light of the full moon, after being bitten by either a number of Lycanthropes in animal or hybrid form whose total HD equal its own, or a True Alpha of its kind. The alignment delivered to the passed-on soul is always True Neutral. The ritual lasts two nights of the full moon, and the body must be shielded from direct sunlight during the first two days. The first night, the body grows warm as if only recently dead, and any decay regresses. The second night, the wounds heal and any weapon pieces or poisons are expelled. At twilight after the third night, the Alpha may return to life. If the Alpha opts not to return, the body reverts to Humanoid form as it would have been before the ritual and natural decay sets in retroactively. The body must be in animal or hybrid form, and must not be missing its head or any limbs or extremities that it had when it died, or at least must be sewn back together for this ritual to have effect.
True Alphas are brought back as per True Resurrection, and the body does not have to be physically intact, but must at least consist of a head and torso. Missing limbs will grow back on the first night.

Ability Scores: +4 Dex, +2 Wis, +2 Cha in all forms; +4 Str, +4 Con in hybrid and animal forms. Alpha Lycanthropes have further enhanced their senses and mastered control over themselves in embracing the curse. True Alphas gain an extra +2 Str in all forms, and an extra +2 Dex in hybrid and animal forms.
This is in addition to the Ability Scores section from the previous Lycanthrope template, and any bonuses granted by Alpha's Pack.

As there are other types of Lycanthropes, their abilities differ slightly when becoming an Alpha.
Silverblood Lycanthropes: Becoming an Alpha is a strengthening of the curse through embracing it wholly, and the power that flows into the Lycanthrope as a result of becoming an Alpha overwhelms the ritual magic that creates Silverblood Lycanthropes. They are treated, in all aspects, as having the regular Lycanthrope template when gaining this template. Upon losing this template, they become Silverblood Lycanthropes again.

Monstrous Lycanthropes: GMs should use caution when allowing Monstrous Lycanthropes become Alphas. It can be great for unique encounters but terribly broken if it's your player. A good rule of thumb is to only allow it if the base monster in question is of the Animal type.

2017-02-05, 04:42 PM
You may wish to look at the Animal Lord (http://www.d20pfsrd.com/bestiary/monster-listings/templates/animal-lord-cr-2)

I'm going to review the Alpha Lycanthrope, because I don't feel like going through and identifying True Alpha abilities.
General note: I assume you are fighting a Lycan in hybrid or animal form, because otherwise most abilities are irrelevant.
Speed: Looks like you gain 20 ft of speed net in animal or hybrid form. That's fast, but not necessarily overpowered.
AC: Goes up by 4 points from the natural armor increase.
Defensive Abilities: Here's something interesting. The most notable change is that instead of having DR bypassed by silver, it's something that changes based on the date. There's still the factor of "Tough if you aren't prepared, easier if you are", except with one difference- the lycanthrope can control the threat level on the attack, and it can be much longer before you have an opportunity.
Do they have DR during the day?

Change Shape: Looks fine- not much of a reason to worry.
Guarded by Moonlight: Not a lot of energy resistance, but it really increases the timing-based CR of the lycanthrope.
Trial by Claws: Looks fine. Could be a bit irritating if you have a chain of challengers- maybe limit it to once per month, at an appropriate time, with optional wording "A Lycanthrope who surrenders cannot challenge again until they have gained a level")
Empowered Curse: Rewrite some wording:
" If the victim's size is not within one size category of the Lycanthrope, this ability has no effect. " to normal limits of lycanthropy- suppose a were(small-sized creature) human bit an ogre?
This is actually pretty brutal, especially since it effectively blocks the timing-based nature of fights against a lycanthrope. If you have 3 days to cure the disease, you can't wait for the new moon to kill it! If you fail, well, then a cleric needs to beat a DC of 20+the sources' HD (i.e. impossible if you have less levels than the were has HD), when you can only make the attempt 3 days in a month- better be back for the next month. It's a pretty incredible tool for forcing an attack while the werewolf is strong. Also, wording question:

...before a Cleric of 12th level or higher may use Remove Disease or Heal to cure it, within the three day time limit of course.
Time limit of after the death, or after the bite?

Alpha's Dominion: Make the number of animals by HD into a number of HD per HD- otherwise, weresquirrels are much stronger compared to werebears, where ordinarily they get more creatures to control to compensate.
Howl of the Alpha: This is underwhelming as an option as first examined, except for a particular reading of the abilities. Does "Non-Lycanthropes observing this ability" in the 3rd paragraph apply to the ability described by the first paragraph? If so, then I might advise dropping the massive + to the Intimidate check, instead applying a penalty to the opposed roll based on how many continuous days in the past the target has been forced to make a save against the effect- rather than being a combat fear effect (in which case, see Dazzling Display, the feat), it's a strategic tool involving holding and cowing a territory over a distinct area.
Alpha's Pack: Again, HD matters over numbers-matter. Other than that, looks... OK? You should make a note of this in the ability score modifiers, since they add together.
The Curse Runs Deep: Looks fine.
Moonlit Rebirth: This is a highly unusual resurrection ability, since it doesn't allow for escapes, especially since adventurers will routinely burn the body from Empowered Curse of Lycanthropy. I'm not actually sure what circumstances you expect it to occur- while you might expect people to keep the head as a trophy due to its use as a tool, people will often have been bitten in the process of taking it down, and the Fortitude save scales with level instead of with 1/2 level, so it'll be a hard save to make. Are his allies supposed to retrieve his body somehow? Does the head survive most forms of death intact by rules?

Ability Scores: Sure. Include Alpha's Pack bonuses.

After reading all that, I can tell you one thing for sure- it's not +1 CR. Compare it with the Advanced (http://www.d20pfsrd.com/bestiary/monster-listings/templates/advanced-creature-cr-1) simple template, which is also +1 CR, but has barely a fraction of these effects (for one thing, after Alpha's Pack, it's weaker- note that here I'm considering ). A simple rule of thumb of templates is, if you could trade out a level of advancement (in whatever class the template is most common in) for the benefits of the template without becoming unbalanced, it's probably OK. I would rate this at around a +2 CR template due to stat boosts, AC, + to damage and speed, and the interlocking strategic timing mechanics, but True Alpha is barely scraping the bottom of +3 CR (if at all) due to insufficient qualitative or qualitative upgrades.

2017-02-05, 05:18 PM
Lots of stuff

That's given me a whole lot to poke at, thanks. I'll edit the original post tomorrow with an updated version.

2017-02-10, 10:21 PM
Took longer than expected, but the Third Revision is up.

2017-02-11, 05:02 PM
You missed the CR increase- this is likely a +2 CR upgrade total, including the modifier of lycanthropy. However, True Alpha doesn't provide much over the base improvements- needs a bit more. Alternatively, add an animal HD.

Also, DR should drop to "DR 5/Magic and silver"- silversheen just applies the DR-negation of silver.
Why do True Alphas require a special material- one which I've actually never heard of? Why do adventurers need two different weapons to deal with a pack of werewolves- one for the alpha and one for the rest?

2017-02-11, 07:32 PM
You missed the CR increase- this is likely a +2 CR upgrade total, including the modifier of lycanthropy. However, True Alpha doesn't provide much over the base improvements- needs a bit more. Alternatively, add an animal HD.

Also, DR should drop to "DR 5/Magic and silver"- silversheen just applies the DR-negation of silver.
Why do True Alphas require a special material- one which I've actually never heard of? Why do adventurers need two different weapons to deal with a pack of werewolves- one for the alpha and one for the rest?

Silversheen is a weapon made out of Silver, while most Silver weapons are Alchemical Silver, which is just a coating on a regular weapon. The way I read, Silversheen counts as Alchemical Silver, but not vice versa. Siccatite is a special material from Pathfinder Adventure Path 61, and is described as a "shining silver metal" in the first sentence. I doubt it qualifies for being Silver, but it's a unique twist that helps make True Alphas harder to kill, as they should be. Currently the total CR of a level 10 npc (CR 9) is CR 10 as a werewolf, CR 11 as an Alpha, CR 12 as a True Alpha, and the CR in all three cases goes up by one if they have or are in packs. That's a total of +4 for the most powerful situation, and I'm making an edit to Alpha's Pack now that I think about it. Small mechanics change, should make CR slightly more appropriate. Note Dread Vampires don't get an increase for having other enslaved Vampires, under their direct control at all times, that can create enslaved vampires of their own. On that end, a small army of slaves to do whatever you want, on this end, stat bonuses because they aren't slaves and can leave you at any time for their own reasons.

2017-02-11, 10:43 PM
Missed the +CR for having a pack. That said, I think that you should fold the benefit for having a pack into the main template, because a) most of it's attributes are there, b) most creatures don't have a CR increase for having used/not having used their abilities, c)a +2 to all stats isn't enough on its own to increase CR on it's own, and d) the presence/absence of its pack would be folded into the CR of the encounter in most scenarios.

I'm not concerned with the most powerful situation here, I'm concerned with the least powerful- a level X NPC who's "only" an Alpha. They're CR X+1, but are packing DR between X/2 +5 and X/2 +10 (which might apply to spells and energy damage), +4 to all ability scores over regular lycanthropes, a speed increase, nearly irremovable lycanthropy unless killed within a specific time period, and natural armor +6. It's a lot. I'm convinced that this is a +2 CR template over ordinary lycanthropy (+3 total). I'm less sure about True Alpha being +3 CR over normal lycanthropy- they gain relatively little in the transition.

Re: silversheen. Okay, found it. I mixed it up with the identically named wonderous magic item (http://www.d20pfsrd.com/magic-items/wondrous-items/wondrous-items/r-z/silversheen) which doesn't give the benefits of being made out of silversheen. I yield on the idea that the weapon has to be purer than alchemical silver, though. However, I have issues with the use of a non-normal material, which are repeated for siccatite:

Re: Siccatite: I looked it up. Confusingly, it doesn't bypass DR as alchemical silver, making it less effective against other werewolves than against the alpha. Its inherent properties mean that it bypasses the DR of literally no other creature, so most parties won't carry it (or have heard of it), and so will have to make the weapon specially for this encounter. However, the fact that the weapon also has to be magic means that it takes a minimum of three days to create (one to make it at minimum (probably more due to crafting rules), two to enchant it). This means that the bite restoration period times out. I'd like to make sure that this is all intentional, especially given the heavy timing-focused powers of the class.
Furthermore, this is one of only two cases which I can think of where a material other than the basic 3 is used in damage reduction, and the other one was specifically optional depending on the campaign (i.e. presence of the material in the setting).