View Full Version : Is The Koga's alignment differant at work?

2007-07-22, 12:32 AM
The Koga acts alot differant at work then ussualy. We've established he's neutral to chaotic evil normaly. But at work...

It's on his agenda, but evidently he gets dissapointed and just does his job and puts girl thinking aside. Cynical of everyone he meets.

Work ethic:
The Koga works hard and does what he's told. He cooperates and likes to please the boss.

Coworker etiquite:
The Koga hates his co-workers, they're all a bunchof backward bastards who talk smack about The Koga and more importantly. Are old and have no value to The Koga as possible companions. Therefore, they are game for destruction!

To not tarnish his good working image, The Koga works passive aggressively at sabatoging them. Writing down every little rule they break, making himself out to be a victim of abuse, (when moreso it's like schoolyard insults) and praying constantly for them all to get fired. One of them did. A nineteen year old who had the audasity to roll her eyes when The Koga tried talking to her! Imputent vermin! She is lazy and pompus! She can starve on the street now mwahahahahaha!

Customer treatment:
The Koga won't even make eye contact with the customers, screw them, he takes thier order, gives it to them, and that's it. Unless it's a young girl then he tries to be charming. But ussualy it's in vain as nobody will give The Koga a chance.

The Koga gets 3 days off a week, more then anybody else. Because the boss likes him and because he needs to cut our pay anyway so it was bennefical to both of us.

The Koga seeks only to please the boss, nothing more. Everyone else can grow some sortof incurable disease and die. Especialy those damn coworkers!

The Koga puts on this front that he is dimwitted and out of touch with reality. Just sitting there spacing out, writing on his little notepad about Dungeons&Dragons.

When really.. he's planning to screw you all big-time! There will be no survivors!

A terrible mix of lonelyness laced with antisocial behaivor. And maybe a hint of sadism.

Hell Puppi
2007-07-22, 12:40 AM
Hmmm...chaotic neutral? It's the catch all! :smallbiggrin:

(I have no idea of my alignment either, so feel free to ignore)

2007-07-22, 03:38 AM
I've been thinking about starting a thread like this for a while now. Ever since one of my coworkers asked me why I'm so unpleasant.

At that moment I realized one important aspect of my character: While most of the time I'm around TN or NG, while I'm at work, I'm a full blown a-hole LN. My personal theory on most subjects regarding work and customers is/was (I presently don't have a job due to imminent location changing) "Them's the rules. It's your job to make sure you follow them and my job to take the appropriate action when you don't. You don't like it? Too bad." It really worked this way between both customers and coworkers. At the time of my coworker's questioning, I had 1 superior, 3 equals, and everyone else below. Basically, if said superior wasn't around, I was in charge because I and my 3 equals were rarely scheduled together.

I find it rather irritating that I switch alignment so radically simply by donning my uniform and going to work. I'd rather it didn't, I really would. I don't like having to be the guy that has to say "Too bad," but it is an unfortunately necesary part of being in a position where you have authority over others and the final say in any customer disputes. Sure, if they really wanted to, they could press the issue to my superior, but due to my intimate knowledge of how the boss ran things, I guarunteed everyone that complaining to her would do nothing because as much of an a-hole I may be at work, trust me, she's a LOT worse and probably would've ruled similarly, if not exactly the same.

2007-07-22, 04:04 AM
The Koga almost sounds Lawful Evil at work.