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2007-07-22, 01:27 AM
I have basic Ideas.

The Clai'omh: This is a focus sword which is crafted by fey in a designated place in your campaign world (for mine it is the giant tree, sylvandrassil.) This Clai'omh is the druid's most important weapon and it can gain bonuses at level advancements. All bonuses would be usable in wild shape.

New Shapes: I'm tentative about this one, one idea would be owlbears, but I have no others. ANother idea is to use the CHimeric Creature spell for ideas on new forms one could take, but that could get dangerously out of hand, I don't want a lion-scorpion-snake raking, then stinging, then biting for venom.

Past this I'm at a loss, anyone have any cool ideas for the Archdruid?

2007-07-22, 06:57 AM
I'm sure that you'll get a fair few posts saying that Druids don't need an Archdruid PrC because they're powerful enough...but this isn't one of them.

Just some ideas to throw at you:

1)Multiple Animal Companions: I see an Archdruid as having several beasts at his command, him being lord of the woodlands and all that jazz. As a balancing factor, both they and your original Companion are less powerful than if you went straight Druid (ArchDruid counts half class level toward Druid level to determine abilities, maybe?)

2)Aura: Something like the Clerics Aura of Alignment/Deity, but for a Druid, so pehaps they register as being Fey or Neutral or something (I don't know on what scale, but...). Perhaps, if that doesn't float your boat (or you can't think of a spell/ability for them to register on), something akin to a Paladins Aura of Courage ability (though perhaps not granting a bonus vs. Fear saves)...I definitely think that an ArchDruid should have some kind of Aura though...all that power has too leak out somewhere.

3)Alignment: True Neutral. Some Druids are Evil, some are Good, others are Chaotic or Lawful, but to be an ArchDruid, one must hold all in balance.

4)Spellcasting: Full progression.

5)Wild Shape: Less per day (significantly), but perhaps (as you suggest) more powerful forms.

6)Fey Apotheosis: Capstone = gain Fey type. Perhaps have a couple of appropriate stat boosts or abilities along the way.

2007-07-22, 07:48 AM
What do you want the advantages and disadvantages of the PC to be in comparison to just taking more levels in Druid? If you're going to add in more abilities then you should take something away too.

2007-07-22, 07:56 AM
Possibly take on animal characteristics similar to the Geomancer
I like the more powerful forms
I think 2/3 spell progression
eventually becoming animal type

not bad overall though

Zeta Kai
2007-07-22, 09:56 AM
I like JellyPooga's suggestions... before I finished reading his post, I was going to say that they should become Fey as a capstone ability. Also, multiple Companions is really cool; it could get pretty crazy, like having the whole forest obey your will. I also think that a Smite ability would be interesting; it would affect anyone with extreme alignments (LG, LE, CG & CE).

2007-07-22, 01:17 PM
I did see an Archdruid class statted out, but I think it was in 2e or 3e. Either way it was a nature magic sorceror.

Just soup up the wild shapes, allowing for stronger creatures, IE those with more HD.

2007-07-22, 01:37 PM
Oh, I did have an idea for a spell, it was "Unleash Wild."

You'd make a touch attack that dealt a certain amount of damage, if it slew the creature that creature would have all its wild "Id" force explode, sending a wave of force through everyone in a 15 foot radius dealing extra damage.

2007-07-22, 03:17 PM
How about the ability to use wild shape on non-druid allies? An archdruid might be able to turn an entire party into eagles or sharks or anything needed.

2007-07-22, 04:25 PM
How about the ability to build a Stonehendge and gain bonuses while in the circle?
Or just put up single Mengirs for i dunno what, maybe as gates for travelling.

That would be nice fluffwise)

Inyssius Tor
2007-07-22, 04:34 PM
Permanent naturewatch (and possibly also deathwatch) within, let's say, a 200 ft./level sphere?

2007-07-22, 08:05 PM
How about woodling apotheosis?

2007-07-22, 09:39 PM
Well there is the Hierophant (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/prestigeClasses/hierophant.htm) from the SRD... That's got some druid specific stuff already.

Is that the sort of thing you're considering? Or is there something specific to your campaign where that won't fit? Granted there isn't too much flavor to it, just some ramped up spellcasting and the Druid-specific ability to transfer the wildshape capability to others.

Now if you were looking for some sort of elite organization of druids that carry some status over and above other druids I'd consider the following:

Early(ish) entry. Say at sixth, seventh, or eighth level of druid.
Opportunity for Clerics with the right domains to enter.
Opportunity for very high level rangers (3rd level divines a prereq) to enter.

Most if not all of the levels of the prestige should allow advancement of the spell casting of a divine base class.

Darn you, now I've got that idea stuck in my head! Here goes:

Warden of the Glade (or whatever)


Spells: Must be able to cast third level divine spells, and must be able to cast Speak with animals as a spell or spell-like ability.
Skills: Knowledge(Nature) 8 ranks, Survival 8 ranks.

NOTE: This makes the prestige open to 5th level druids, 11th/12th level Rangers, and clerics that take the animal domain and multiclass a bit. If you wanted to make this open to 7th/8th level Bards, who can cast Speak with Animals, you can let it be 3rd level arcane spells and lighten the Survival requirement to five ranks of Survival.


Hit Die: d8
Weapon and Armor Profs: None, but must obey the druid's prohibition against metal armor and shields.
Spells per Day: When a new level of Warden is gained the character gains new spells per day as if he had also gained a level in the spellcasting class he belonged to before adding the prestige class. Unless specified by some other ability he does not gain any other benefit a character of that class would have gained except for an increased effective level of spellcasting. If he had mroe than one class he must choose which one he adds the level to.
Animal Companion (Ex): Gained at first level. As druid or ranger, and if the Warden already has this class feature then levels of Warden are added to levels of the class that already provided this ability.
Elemental Resistance (Su): At third level the Warden is protected as if permanently under the effect of the Endure Elements spell. At third level you also choose an energy type such as fire, cold, or electricity. The Warden has resistance 10 against that type of energy. Choose another energy form for resistance at sixth and ninth levels.
Awakened Animal Companion (Ex): The Warden's animal companion gets 3d6 intelligence, +1d3 Charisma, and +2HD more than the bonus already gained for being an animal companion. Its type becomes magical beast (augmented animal). If the Warden gets a new animal companion it takes a week for the new companion to become awakened.
Fey Apotheosis: The Warden becomes so attuned to the wilderness and the natural world that its type is forever more considered Fey rather than humanoid (or whatever) for the purpose of spells and magical effects. If it did not already have the ability the Warden gets low light vision. The warden is immune to all sleep or enchantment spells or spell-like powers.

NOTE: This class should get some petty extra at 7th, but the "voids" are not voids at all. This class advances the animal companion and spell casting, and its BAB doesn't suck either. Rangers lose a bit of BAB, but get enhanced will saves and a shot at an Awakened animal companion. Access to Quench for the non-druids or similar.

What should go in a chart I'm too lazy to write:

3/4 BAB progression.
Wills good, other two poor
All levels: +1 level of existing spell casting class.
1st: Animal companion
3rd: Elemental Resistance
5th: Awakened animal companion
6th: Second Elemental Resistance
9th: Third Elemental Resistance
10th Fey Apotheosis

2007-07-22, 10:35 PM
thanks, I'm gonna do some major work on this class later, but I want to flesh out abilities first.

And yes, the archdruid is supposed to be a distinguishing factor in the leaders of a group in my campaign.