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Prince Zahn
2017-02-10, 10:52 AM
A warlock patron for people who want more out of their gear and want to put a little tippyness in their tippyverse. this is incomplete, but I don't know how I'll finish it.

Catalyst Design Goals:
little need for external studywork - should be compatible with core
Bizarre, but not too complex - should be something simple to pick up
guidelines over rules for better flexibility for DM-player interpretation
turns common things at user's disposal into it's indirect but effective outcome.

Warlock Patron: The Catalyst

Your Patron is a lesser known envoy of the pantheon, to which deities it's loyalties may lie is subject to debate, but it is a force of action, it's motives are those of change, and it is often prone to insatiable desires to stir the pot, up the ante, and cause the spirits of the so called "mundane" to conspire against the natural and magical order of the multiverse. it does not ask for permission nor forgiveness for it's actions, and it does not ask you to do what it demands of you, but rather twists the events and things together crudely to make you do as it requires you. beings of this sort include the Fates, various Trickster deities, and powerful enough angels, fiends, elementals, or constructs who can alter reality to their favor.

The Catalyst lets you choose from an expanded list of spells when you learn a warlock spell. the following spells are added to the warlock spell list for you.

1st Command, Cromatic Orb
2nd Enlarge/reduce, Heat Metal
3rd Fear, Fireball
4th Stone Shape, Giant Insect
5th Animate Objects, Dispel Evil And Good

Beginning at 1st level, Your patron bestows on you the first secret of making change - that any one thing, however indirectly, can trigger another. you may, as an action, use any of the following at any point.
-Change the position of one unattended object within 60 feet of you with a size of up to one cubic foot in any dimension to another, unattended place within that distance.
-cause up to 3 objects within 60 feet of you that you can see, that are no bigger than you to "activate" as written in their descriptions. (i.e. cause a torch to light up, or a portable ram to strike a door.)
-swap one non-magical object within 60 that is up to 4 cubic feet in size with another object with a similar purpose for 1 minute. the new object must meet the same prerequisites as the first object in order to swap them, but the new object need not be present to be swapped. if the swapped object is a weapon, it must deal the same amount of damage or it's equivalent dice.

If using this feature requires a direct damage roll unrelated to a weapon attack, use rules for improvised weapons. If a check is required, use your charisma modifier instead of the relevant ability. if using this feature calls for a saving throw, use the Warlock's save DC or the object's, if noted in the item's description, (whichever is higher).

Once you have used this feature, you can not do so again until you finish a short or long rest, you gain one additional use of this feature in 10th and 14th level.

From 6th level, you learn to use material objects in ways they were not intended. when you use your cause and effect feature, you can use your bonus action to do one of these additional effects:
- an object that covers an area with a particular effect instead covers the area surrounding the initial area around it in the same radius. for example, oil spread on a 5 feet surface would instead cover the 5 feet radius from each side of that surface, leaving the point of origin unaffected.
- a nonmagical object that radiates heat or cold, or light or darkness would instead emanate it's counterpart.
- an object that grants a paricular bonus, advantage, or add Armor Class becomes useless for 1 minute, making them ineffective in that duration.

from 10th level, You can transform non-magical objects into powerful, unstable spells that wreak havoc around you. you can sacrifice a non-magical object as an action to cause all enemies within 30 feet spread of you 8d6 damage and one of the following conditions for 1 minute: Blinded, Deafened, poisoned, Prone, or Restrained. the object must be capable of being used to cause the condition in order to apply for sacrifice, with the DM's approval. in addition to any modifiers, instead of it's normal dice. you may not use spell components that do not have a gp value to use this feature. Once sacrificed, the item is expended and removed from existence.
Once you use this feature, you can not use it again until you complete a short or long rest.

(About: Blank) (14th)
(Insert 14th level feature here)

It's still in the works, I was hoping for input, or ideas how to continue this, or simplify it, or reword it. or balance it... there's a lot to do with it, clearly, for anyone who might believe it has a chance of being a thing.

Prince Zahn
2017-02-13, 11:45 AM
Working on a 10th level ability currently, where you can spend a reaction to get a bunch of random stuff in the area moved to build a fort around you that gives cover. And I would upgrade unstable casting to 14th level.

Thoughts? Comments? Critique? Condemnation? Angry job waiting to ambush me for unleashing this thing upon the world?