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2017-02-13, 06:09 AM
Hey folks,

I wrote some Deities for Clerics to use based on Heavy Metal themes and tropes. Each of these gods offers new "Alternative Domain Powers" which they can take in substitution of the regular powers granted by Domains. These powers are appreciably more intricate and ambitious than regular Domain powers, and as such, likely to be of questionable balance.

Any sort of critical feedback on the merit or lack-thereof of these powers (or just in general) is much appreciated. Thanks and rock on!


The Gods of Metal (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hvEetvqOiicpNYQRIW6her7VNwFuK2fh59iI_2JEy3o/edit?usp=sharing)

2017-02-13, 10:46 AM
The Song of Life is garbage compared to Channel Energy/

Love the wording on Death Comes Ripping.

You might want to avoid allowing all subdomains-maybe just pick out a few for each domain. For example, several deities have the Earth domain. Should they have the Caves, Radiation, and Petrification subdomains? Does the Aeon, Education, and Espionage subdomains all make sense for Diosborne? Does Epicona need Thirst in her portfolio?

Also, is this all going in your book?

2017-02-13, 09:10 PM
Hey again :) Thanks for the review and feedback.

Yep. Every topic I've been posting on the homebrew forums is for content that will be in the Book of Metal.