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2017-02-14, 11:49 AM
I decided to try to make an half-caster on the Ranger (revised) framework but focusing on INT, blending cantrips with weapon attacks, and having a strong elemental focus.

The result is as follows:

Homebrewery link (http://homebrewery.naturalcrit.com/share/SkIv9H0ux)

It's still a work in progress--I haven't come up with the last two archetype features for the Path of the Inward Spiral. Numbers are still in total flux and can be modified for balance purposes. Comments on those or other issues are welcome.

Goals: I want to tie the spellcasting in more with the class. As it stands only cantrips are really integrated. I like the fluff, but need to tighten down the mechanics.

d8 hit die
Light armor, simple weapons
Half caster with ranger spells-known progression plus cantrips
One subclass is weapon focused, the other is a pet class
INT primary, DEX or STR secondary
CON/INT saving throws

Level 1 Short-rest exchangeable passive bonus + cantrips tied to elements. Also expertise in 1 INT skill.

Level 2 Spellcasting, limited ability to sense elementals (ribbon)

Level 3 Subclass, long-rest exchangeable larger bonus depending on subclass.

Level 5 The normal power boost is done by the subclass using the UA ranger model for the pet subclass and a variant of the Eldritch Knight War Magic for the other. No extra attack.

Level 6 1x/long rest bonus based on major contract. Either an aoe attack or a defensive/non-combat bonus.

Levels 10 and 14 The contracts improve at 10th and 14th level.

Capstone (Level 20) 1 minute major boost (have all of the 4 elemental bonuses simultaneously).

Pet class--can summon 1 of 4 scaling pets (using the UA Beast Conclave model). At higher levels the pets gain an aura and a bonus if dismissed.

Weapon attack subclass. Gains movement and damage bonuses based on which element they're contracted with.