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Right, so I'm trying to create a race based on Dragomir's character Ilsyore from his webnovel "I Reincarnated as a Magic Academy!". Will be editing this repeatedly until I decide it is done. Accepting suggestions, but not necessarily making use of every aspect of each. I wanna make sure it feels right.

Race Description
Dungeon Cores are sapient crystals with otherworldly knowledge that none outside their race, possibly even gods, possess. They use this knowledge for their own ends; often to create new technologies, minions, and spells.

Alignment: Commonly Chaotic Evil, but Lawful Good and everything between exist.
Size: Small to Medium

Dungeon Cores are immobile in their initial crystal form. In later levels they gain the ability to design a body for themselves which combine construct and biological traits. For ease of math and dice, they could count as earth elementals. (I'll edit)

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Psionic-Like Abilities

Expand/Retract Territory
Dungeons have a base territory of Level x 10' + 10' per territory level (+100% per dungeon step). By expanding the territory, the dungeon gains the ability to interact with and affect the world around them. Very few abilities can be used without this active. When the territory is retracted, it shrinks to the size and shape of the dungeon core's physical form. Dungeon territories are always centered on the core itself.

Detect Territory Level

Inner Storage
The dungeon can absorb contract holders, loot, corpses, landscape, or anything else. Once absorbed, they can choose to cash it in for mana, break it down for materials, or keep it for later release. Unless the dungeon wills it, contract holders inside the Inner Storage don't experience the passage of time. The dungeon can give its occupants the ability to see and hear through the dungeon's own perspective as though its eyes were windows. Can build prefabricated constructions within this mental realm and used in concert with Build Room to quickly complete a task already done before at the same quality.

Absorb Material
For a cost of magic instead of materials, the dungeon can create an amount of material they have previously absorbed and documented the architecture of. Only find a gold thimble? Turn it into a solid gold house if you know how to put gold together. Requires the dungeon to first absorb a material in order to document it. Rarer materials require far more magic to produce.

Limited Astral Projection

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Spell-Like Abilities

Copy Effect
The dungeon can copy the enchantments, inscribed spells, or other effects of something they have in their Inner Storage so they can use it themselves in conjunction with Enchant Trait. There is another use for this ability, though. If there is a magical barrier keeping people out of a certain area, and the dungeon's territory is expanded to encompass the entire space, then the landscape itself can be absorbed and barrier copied for the dungeon's own use. This function of 'Copy Effect' is also able to be used with Enchant Trait.

Enchant Trait
Any ability that the dungeon gained through copying and learning a spell from a scroll, enchantment on an item, effect from an area, or acquired in some other way can be added onto any creation of the dungeon. Able to be used in conjunction with 'Build Trap', 'Build Room', and 'Recreate'.

Commanding Summon
Another multi-functional dungeon ability that allows the dungeon to summon a copy of a monster it had absorbed at a previous time, and give it basic orders. Both living (undead and constructs count) and trap summons automatically recognize the dungeon's allies and unless otherwise commanded, do not trigger or engage. Hostiles within the dungeon's territory are attacked, and only take prisoners if told to. Summons disappear when the territory is retracted past their location. Able to be used in combination with 'Build Trap' to automatically release stored summons upon detecting targets.

Build Trap
Various types of trap can be created, but must first be invented or copied by the dungeon. Ceramic buckets that pour lava, for example, must be either (1) invented or (2) located, absorbed, and copied, in order to be replicated. Materials used are taken from the dungeon's stockpile. Can be combined with Enchant Trait and Recreate.

Build Room
The dungeon can create a room of whatever size it wishes as long as it doesn't extend beyond their territory. Rooms don't need to be underground or above-ground with walls included; an existing fence can become a room if the dungeon wishes to repair it, or a farmer's field can become a room if the dungeon chooses to seed growth, for an example. Rooms are basically any area that the dungeon wishes to build something in or on. Affects of 'Build Room' remain after the territory is retracted.
Materials required for 'Build Room' must be within the dungeon's repository and are depleted an equal measure upon use. Can be combined with Enchant Trait.

Forge Contract
The dungeon can now either get non-summoned minions by getting others to accept a contact willingly or otherwise. Only contract holders can be absorbed into a dungeon's 'Inner Storage' for safe-keeping purposes. Minions cannot go against the orders of the dungeon or die; partners can but the dungeon is notified of any ill intent well beforehand. Dungeons can detect their own contract holders over any distance but the further it is, the less accurate it becomes.

Identify Contracted
The dungeon has the ability to know all of a contract holder's stats, aliases, abilities, affiliations, possible curses/diseases and how to heal them all if they so choose. Can combine with 'Recreate'. Contract holder current status can be pulled up at will, though it blocks the dungeon's vision for as long as it stays visible. Status pages are visible only to the dungeon.

The dungeon can forge items like furniture or equipment if they have the materials, heal contract holders within their Inner Storage by effectively recreating their body if they are afflicted by a disease or curse that is too annoying to cure otherwise, and can destroy and rebuild damaged rooms in a way that looks like simple repair. Can be used together with 'Build Room', 'Build Trap', and 'Enchant Effect'. Furthermore, if they acquire a corpse, they can make multiple copies if they have the materials and can appear to be a necromancer.

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Is this 3.5, PF, 4th, or 5e?

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I've only played up to v2, but I'm trying to familiarize myself with Pathfinder since it seems more popular and therefore likely to let me create and use a related character.