View Full Version : D&D 3.x Other Appropriate Discipline Skill and Name for an Unseelie Fey based style (ToB)

2017-02-17, 02:43 AM
Ok, currently trying to figure out the base mechanics for a homebrew ToB discipline that's flavored around channeling the powers of the Unseelie Fey. All the strikes and boosts are considered to be supernatural abilities, I'm just not sure what would be appropriate for the discipline skill. I'm currently thinking it be something between Spellcraft, Knowledge (Planes or Nature -Planes dependent on what the Feywilds count as.)

Also name wise, I'm currently stuck on Winter's Fate (most of the maneuvers involve messing with what ever is struck biological or perception of time, or in some cases, sending what ever is stuck to someplace in the feywilds for a small period of time. Mostly using Winter because of the Winter Court being the ruling faction of the Unseelie Fey, and if I remember my actual mythological lore or some of the other non d&d lore when it comes to the Winter Court, Time and Fate would fall under them for domains) If anyone could offer a better name for a style/school that was supposed to have been developed by an Unseelie Fey Initiator then I'd be extremely grateful since naming things has never been one of my strong suits.

Also random quick question, when it comes to homebrew disciplines, is it required for there to be any counters as a part of the maneuvers found in the discipline, I thought I remembered that Stone Dragon had none, and possibly Shadow Hand had none, because at the moment idea wise, anything I can think of that would count as a counter seems to either already exist in base ToB or has already been done by someone else in peach.