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Twelve men marched below, all in file like good little soldiers. A single man crouched above them, gazing over the edge of a small impromptu bridge made from a fallen tower. He grinned, a happy grin like a child given a new toy. The rubble-littered streets below offered a cornacopia of targets to choose from. The sun had long since set, and the stage was pitch-black. However, he watched them still. The predator followed his prey's every step through the purple-tinted 'eyeshine'.

"It'll happen quick.."

The man muttered quietly to himself, leaping down into the street. It was quick. So fast that not one of them was prepared for it. By the end of fight, all but one was dead. The lone survivor fled into the darkness, thinking himself safe. The Furyan smiled, slowly trailing the scared little husk of a human. It was only a matter of time until he found another squad..

To say that a man of Furya, a Furyan, is simply human would be like saying an Elemental of Earth is merely a pile of stones. Furyans, a human-like race that evolved and adapted to live on a world that makes the Abyss look pleasant by comparison. This world, Furya, is a blackened wasteland covered in a mixture of flatland and volcanic ash. It's populated by a veritable horde of carnivores, all of which feed on one another to create an circle of death so wide that it encompasses the entire world.

Furya was a world separated from it's sun by multiple layers of very heavy cloud-cover. Because of this, there is very rarely any large mount of sunlight that hits it directly. Most of the world is darkness, heated by a multitude of magma vents scattered across the world's surface. It was this world of death, this lightless hell, that produced the Furyan race.

To live on this world, the Furyan race developed a special ability for the eyes. A reflective layer grows behind their retina that reflects light back to into the retina. What little light Furya offered to it's children was enough for Furyans to see very clearly in. With the ability to hunt came the ability to kill, and so Furyans quickly learned to improvise any sort weapon they could get their hands on. Rumors tell that a Furyan can even kill a human with a cup, if she has no other weapons.

As a society, Furyans are very loose-knit. They live in a very tribal system, each tribe keeping to itself and few gathering together for anything other than war with another alliance of tribes. Children are taught from a young age that the world is harsh, so they must keep themselves prepared to kill at a moment's notice. Most Furyans have multiple children, as atleast one is assured to die before starting a family of his own.

A rite of passage for Furyans is attaining their 'Eyeshine', the special ability they developed. To do this, a young Furyan must travel into a hostile environment. There, she must either kill a single worthy foe, or kill many foes. Once she has done this, the Furyan is gifted with Eyeshine. Eyeshine changes their eye-color to silver, and provides the nightvision effect recounted earlier.

Personality: Furyans are human-like enough to have very diverse beliefs, customs, morals, and habits. With slightly longer life spans than humans but much shorter attention spans, Furyans are often more focused on the here and now than the past.

Physical Description: Furyans stand anywhere between 5 feet tall to six feet tall. Generally, Furyans weigh in anywhere between 120lbs to 250lbs. Theres no real gender difference when it comes to height and weight, as Furyan women are expected to be just as capable as Furyan men when it comes to hunting and killing. Their skin shades are generally pale because of the lack of heavy sunlight on Furya. However, they quickly adopt a tanned color when they travel beyond their homeland.

Relations: Furyans are anti-social amongst themselves, and are even more anti-social when it comes to outsiders. Though the initial reaction varies from individual to individual, a Furyan is as likely to growl at a passerby as she is at one of his own kind.

Alignment: As individuals, Furyans often tend toward Chaotic alignments. Though there are exceptions. Due to the nature of their world, kill or be killed, Furyans don't see the difference between Good or Evil as readily as other races. To them, survival of the fittest comes first, thinking about the moral ramifications comes second.

Religion: Many Furyans are atheistic, as religion wasn't needed on a world like Furya. But off of Furya, Furyans are no more or less drawn to any religion than humans are. It comes down to the individual then.

Language: Furyans speak Common and Furyan. Due to their ability to adapt quickly, Furyans can learn multiple languages. More often than not, however, it's unneeded.

Furyan Racial Traits(Humanoid[Human)
+2 Strength, +2 Constitution, -2 Wisdom. Furyans are stronger and more resilient than humans. The Furyan mind-set, however, isn't the wisest thing in the Multiverse.
Medium: As medium creatures, Furyans gain no special bonuses or penalties.
Furyan base land speed is 30 feet.
Enhanced Low-Light Vision: Furyans can see three times as far as a normal human in low-light conditions.
Improvised Weaponry: Through the need of having a weapon on hands at all times, any Furyan can turn even the most mundane object into a weapon to kill with. Tiny-sized objects, such as a key or razor-blade, deal 1d4 slashing damage. Small-sized objects, such as bottles or cups, deal 1d6 bludgeoning damage. Medium-sized objects, such as a chair or stick, deal 1d8 bludgeoning damage. Large and larger sized objects increase the hit die by one for every step above Medium.
Weapon Aptitude: Any Furyan can take one hour and retrain herself in the use of a weapon. Through the use of this ability, a Furyan can switch any of her weapon specific feats(Weapon Focus or Weapon Specialization) to another weapon of her choice.
Predator Empathy: A Furyan may, as a complex action that takes 1 minute, attempt to improve the attitude of an animal that is a predator. This functions like the Wild Empathy ability, but may be used on any Magical Animal that is a predator without penalty.
Automatic Languages: Common, Furyan. Bonus Language: Any (Other than secret languages).
Favored Class: Any
Level Adjustment: +1

Racial Substitution Levels

Furyan Barbarian
{table=head]Level | Base Attack Bonus | Fort | Ref | Will | Special
1st | +1 | +2 | +0 | +0 | Rage 2/day, Weapon Focus(Dagger), Shiv Crafting
4th | +4 | +4 | +1 | +1 | Rage 3/day, Weapon Specialization(Dagger)
8th | +8 | +6 | +2 | +2 | Rage 4/day, Improved Shiv Crafting

Functions like normal Barbarian Rage, except that a Furyan Barbarian gains an extra usage of rage at every level she would normally gain a rage use. (Rage 3/day at 4th, 4/day at 8th, etc.)

Weapon Focus
A Furyan Barbarian gains Weapon Focus(Dagger) as a bonus feat.

Shiv Crafting
A Furyan can, with a standard action, damage any unattended metal or wooden object within five feet and convert it into a shiv. A shiv is a medium-sized improvised weapon, and is affected by the Improvised Weaponry ability of Furyans. The new shiv is treated as a medium-sized dagger for the purposes of feats.

Weapon Specialization
A Furyan Barbarian gains Weapon Specialization(Dagger) as a bonus feat. She needs not qualify for this feat to gain it.

Improved Shiv Crafting
Shivs crafted by a Furyan Barbarian now count as masterwork improvised weapons, and provide a +2 bonus to damage when used.

Furyan Only Feats

The Hunted Becomes The Hunter
Prereqs: Furyan. 1st Level Only.
Benefits: This feat represents the attempt to defy her place in the food chain as the hunted. A Furyan who takes this feat may reroll any failed attack roll against an enemy with a +2 morale bonus. This feat may only be used once per day.

The Hunter's Eyes
Prereqs: The Hunted Becomes The Hunter. Character Level 6th.
Benefits: A Furyan with this feat gains the 'Eyeshine' ability. She gains Darkvision out to 60 feet, however Furyan darkvision retains color. Ontop of this, she gains blindsense in a cone that mimics her darkvision. This blindsense does not function if she is blinded.
Drawback: A Furyan with this feat also gains Light Blindness. In the presence of bright light or a daylight spell, a Furyan is Blinded and all enemies gain 20% concealment.

Furyan Anger
Prereqs: Rage ability, Furyan.
Benefits: A Furyan may now use Power Attack with any improvised weapon he currently holds, even if they normally cannot be used in conjunction with Power Attack.

Furyan Survivor

Becoming a Furyan Survivor

All Furyans, when faced with a world that isn't their homeworld of Furya, can quickly adapt to live. However, doing this denies their Furyan heritage; a heritage of bloodshed and the philosophy of 'survival of the fittest'. Without this belief, this driving urge to better themselves, Furyans quickly become stagnant as both individuals and as a society. And so, Furyan 'Survivors' are born. These Furyans actively seek out worlds or places that present serious physical danger to themselves. Infact, they revel in this kind of environment. It is through this practice of self-sacrifice and thrillseeking that Furyan Survivors hope to become true predators, animals on top of the food-chain.

Entry Requirements:
Race: Furyan
Alignment: Any Chaotic
Base Attack Bonus: +9
Skills: Survival 12 ranks.
Feats: The Hunted Becomes The Hunter, The Hunter's Eyes.

{table=head]Level | Base Attack Bonus | Fort | Ref | Will | Special
1 | +1 | +2 | +0 | +2 | Survivor's Luck 1/day, Intuition.
2 | +2 | +3 | +0 | +3 | Improved Improvised Weapons +1
3 | +3 | +3 | +1 | +3 | Survivor's Luck 2/day, Scent 10ft.
4 | +4 | +4 | +1 | +4 | Improved Improvised Weapons +2.
5 | +5 | +4 | +1 | +4 | Survivor's Luck 3/day, The "Sweet Spot" 1/day.
6 | +6 | +5 | +2 | +5 | Improved Improvised Weapons +3.
7 | +7 | +5 | +2 | +5 | Survivor's Luck 4/day, Evading Death.
8 | +8 | +6 | +2 | +6 | Improved Improvised Weapons +4.
9 | +9 | +6 | +3 | +6 | Survivor's Luck 5/day, Learn Thy Hunter, The "Sweet Spot" 2/day.
10 | +10 | +7 | +3 | +7 | Predator Adaptation, Scent 30ft, Wrath of the Furyans.[/table]

Hit Dice: D8

Skill Points: 6+Int

Class Skills: The Furyan Survivorís class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Climb(Str), Craft (Int), Handle Animal(Cha), Hide (Dex), Intimidate(Cha), Jump(Str), Knowledge[Nature](Int), Listen (Wis), Move Silently (Dex), Spot (Wis), Survival (Wis), and Use Rope (Dex)

Class Features

Weapon and Armor Proficiencies: The Furyan Survivor gains no additional weapon or armor proficiencies.

Survivor's Luck: A Furyan Survivors are very lucky individuals. Enough so that they come to pushing their luck at odd times to perform feats of daring that no human could hope to replicate. At level one, a Furyan Survivor can use this ability to gain one of following abilities. Any bonus lasts for one round.

+10 bonus to any one skill check.
Add her class level as a bonus to any attack rolls.
Add half her class level as a bonus to any damage rolls.
Add her class bonus to Armor Class.
Gain DR X/-, where X is equal to her total character level.
Gain Energy Resistance 10. Upon using this ability, choose one type of energy to resist: Fire, Sonic, Electricity, or Cold.

Intuition: With a single glance a Survivor can deduce what happened during a scene without having been there. These momentary calculations appear to be some sort of divine insight, but in reality it's simply using a lifetime of conflict to recreate a scene. When using this ability, a Furyan Survivor makes a Survival Check with a DC set by the table below. Should she exceed the DC, she learns exactly what happened in mundane or overt magical terms. Magical effects that are not overt, such as a Charm Person spell, remain unknown. However, an overt magical spell such as a Fireball would become known to the Furyan Survivor.

Survival DCs
{table=head]Circumstance | Increase to DC
More than 2 combatants | +2 for every combatant
Lasts longer than 5 rounds | +10
Lasts shorter than 5 rounds | +5
No one injured | +10
Only covert spells(Charm Person, Hold Person, Daze, etc..) used | +20
Dead combatants left on the scene | -2 for every dead combatant[/table]

Each Intuition check has a base DC of 10.

Improved Improvised Weapons: After using improvised weaponry for so long, a Furyan Survivor becomes very adept with weapons made on the scene. At level two, she gains a +1 competence bonus to attack and damage rolls made with an improvised weapon. This bonus increases by 1 at every even level thereafter.

Scent: At level three, a Furyan Survivor gains the Scent (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/specialAbilities.htm#scent) ability out to 10 feet. This ability increases in range at 10th level.

The "Sweet Spot": With careful study, and lots of practice, a Furyan Survivor learns where to strike a creature to cause the utmost amount of internal damage. At level five, a Furyan Survivor can, once per day, attack an opponent to cause several hemorrhaging and blood loss.

To use this ability, she must make a standard melee attack roll with an improvised weapon. If the Survivor succeeds, she rolls damage as normal. The target must then make a Fortitude Save with the DC equal to 5+Strength Modifier+Damage Dealt. Should the target fail, it dies instantly. This ability cannot be used on creatures that are immune to critical hits or have any Fortification.

The Furyan Survivor gains an extra use of this ability at level nine.

Evading Death: After years of near-fatal run-ins and countless brushes with death, a Furyan Survivor has become fortified against death itself. When subject to a critical hit, a Furyan Survivor has a 25% chance of negating the critical hit as per the Fortification ability. Further, a Furyan Survivor becomes immune to fear-effects.

Learn Thy Hunter: To become a better hunter, you must learn what hunts you now and how to beat such creatures. By taking ten minutes to study the corpse of an enemy, a Furyan Survivor may discern how to beat such creatures. For the next twenty-four hours, a Furyan Survivor gains a +4 Competence bonus to AC, a +2 Insight bonus to Attack rolls, and a +2 Insight bonus to damage rolls when facing creatures that she has studied.

A Furyan Survivor may only study one creature every twenty-four hours.

Predator Adaptation: With all her new knowledge, experience, and kill-count, a tenth-level Furyan Survivor moves alittle closer to the predators that roam her homeland of Furya. Her type becomes Animal(Augmented), as she now has a mind far removed from the human-like mind she was born with.

Wrath of the Furyans: The anger and hatred of an entire race coalesces into a physical force around the Furyan. With this ability, a Furyan Survivor may, once per day, unleash a burst of energy that is fatal to nearly any being in the area.

As a full-round action, the Furyan kneels and becomes prone. Any attempt to attack the Furyan Survivor in this position requires a Will Save at a DC of 10+Str+1/2HD. Failure means that enemy cannot attack the Furyan Survivor, but may continue to advance as necessary. This is a mind-affecting ability.

At the end of the round, the Furyan Survivor explodes in a brilliant flash of blue energy. This energy deals 20d8 Force damage in a twenty-foot burst centered on the Furyan Survivor. Each enemy is subject to a Reflex Save at DC 10+HD or be knocked back twenty-feet and landing prone in their square.

After using this ability, a Furyan Survivor is dazed for one round.

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looks cool, but the eyes of some furyan here was an implanted eye form another kind of creature. (in the second movie it becomes clare that furyans have normal eyes).

2007-07-23, 03:31 PM
Actually it's not. It's spelled out in Escape from Butcher Bay exactly how Riddick gets his Eyeshine. While under a cheap anasthetic(a bat to the head), he has a vision of Siriah. She tells him that he's "been blind for far too long" and he gains Eyeshine.

EDIT: Note, the 'ritual' I made up myself, since just prior to gaining Eyeshine, Riddick made his way through a dark tunnel filled with zombies. So I figured why not make that the ritual to gain Eyeshine?

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ahm.. the game. but in the movie he still need to get the eyes from somewere else.

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As far as I could tell from Chronicles of Riddick, it's never stated where he gets the eyes. Yes, the Purifier does not have Eyeshine, but thats why I set the Character Level 3 prereq to gain them. That would explain why the Purifier does not have them, as he is not a fighter(and thus denying his Furyan heritage).

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What about a variant that allows the use of Power Attack while using daggers? Normally you can't.

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Hmm.. You're right. Changes have been made.

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Any chance that the Wrath of the Furyans might be statted out? Maybe a PrC or something?

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I'd think it's a twenty-foot burst centered on the user that deals Xd6 Force Damage, where X is the hit dice of the Furyan using it. Any creature caught in this burst is moved to the far edge of the twenty-foot burst.

As for me doing a PrC, I was thinking of doing something along the lines of Furyan Survivor. Basically a PrC that would turn you into Riddick over ten levels.

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And theres the Furyan Survivor. Also, minor things have been changed to the various fluff/feats/barbarian substitution levels.

EDIT: Just added a few more minor changes.