View Full Version : Planning a Table-Top RPG event. Advice?

2017-02-21, 08:30 PM
So, I'm planning an event in my school for new people to come in and play D&D. I'm currently in the process of teaching my regular players how to DM.
My plan is to have each of my players make a little story, we all "play test" it, and then they get 3-5 new players at the event. I can probably have 6-7 groups going on at the same time.

Should I make pre-made characters for the new players?

Can I give the new guys any options for customization? (Personality traits, names, etc.)

Is an hour long enough to explain the rules enough and get started?

I'm planning on doing this in my school's study hall/lunch period. I know a bunch of people who would be interested, and a teacher with tables willing to host.

Any tips, advice, or experience is welcome.

The Glyphstone
2017-02-21, 10:33 PM
Have a sort of Mad-libs esque fill-in-the-blank template they can fill in if they don't have any ideas. You must [Rescue/Retrieve/Defeat] the [Princess/Treasure/Wizard] from the [Castle/Cave/Forest], after defeating the [Ogre/Golem/Dragon] guarding the entrance. It'll make the mini-adventures formulaic, but gives them something to start with. And if different people are in each group, they won't notice till after that everything is the same.