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2017-02-22, 12:46 AM
So I've used the good ole, grid and marker for making dungeons for as long as I can remember. It's what I've always relied on, and it's definitely efficient, if not a bit ugly. I've always wanted something with a bit more pop, and so we come to my dilemma.

So I'm considering going all in on this pretty awesome looking 3d terrain https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/rolljordan/modular-underground-project-3d-dungeon-wargame-ter

The problem is that I've already been burned by 3d terrain in the past. I've dropped over $500 on cardboard terrain that took hours to set up and just as long to tear down. Sure it looked really beautiful when built, but all the clips, ramps, and other parts just made it impossible to use in practice.

This terrain looks way better for setup, but that's no guarentee, and I'm a bit wary of dropping $400 on terrain that is again not worth using.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Ideas?

2017-02-22, 04:18 AM
It's a lot more time and work, but for $400 you could get a whole lot of Hirst Arts molds and some dental plaster and make whatever you want. The down side is it's heavier than plastic and harder to store, since you can't stack it as easily.

3D terrain is awesome as hell, but you have to decide if it's worth the setup and teardown hassle. In my experience plastic or resin terrain is the best option, because it looks better than cardboard and doesn't have to be completely reassembled, but is light and sturdy enough to be tossed (carefully) in a box when you're not using it. This isn't true for plaster, which can chip relatively easily or crack.

I know there are people who cast their own resin terrain from Hirst Arts molds, but it seems to be much more difficult to get a good cast and apparently also wears the molds out pretty quickly. I've only done plaster.

2017-02-22, 06:24 AM
The problem is that I've already been burned by 3d terrain in the past. I've dropped over $500 on cardboard terrain that took hours to set up and just as long to tear down.

500 bucks for cardboard ? Thats insane dude.

yes 3d dungeons and forest and castles are awesome .

Buy goodies from your toyshop . They have plastic trees and rocks and creepy crawlies . you can use stones from your garden and make a dungeon . There are limitless options made from the cheapest plastic imported from China .

Use wooden building blocks for castles and dungeons . do you still have some of your old toys i bet half your old toys can be used for terrain . you can build towers using old chicken kebab sticks .

Dolly furniture is awesome too . If its too big make make it a giants lair . If the animal is too big make it a dire animal

5 mins to setup or take town





2017-02-24, 01:45 AM
(picture of a knight ambushing Polly Pocket's polar bear)

I bet there's a story behind that one.

2017-02-24, 02:57 AM
I bet there's a story behind that one.

Correction a "Large" size lair . Its a female frost giant bedroom and thats her pet dire polarbear . It was one of the last dungeon rooms from a frost giant module . She is not ambushing the bear , she is hiding behind him . One of the "wargod" players did 100 damage per round .......with bow and arrows .

Its like LOTR movie Legolas all over again man .

Its not pollypocket bear its "schleich" / smurf company product . I use those overpriced toys when I need large dire animals .