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2017-02-23, 12:55 PM
Archivist Arcane Tradition.

Divine Spellcasting. Beginning at 2nd level, you call your spellbook a prayerbook and any spell that is scribed within it counts as a divine spell for you. Also, unlike many other wizards you may only copy divine spells that you find in esoteric places: temples, holy tablets and many other. Also, when you take a new level in the wizard class, the free spells you get from this moment on must be drawn from the cleric spell list. The expenses and the time for scribing such spells into your prayerbook is halved.

Dark Knowledge. Beginning at 2nd level, your seeking of esoteric sources of divine lore have brought you to better understanding of the dangers of the world you’ve been born in.
Choose one type of Dark Knowledge: tactics, puissance, foe, dread secret, or foreknowledge. Whenever you are aware of a present creature within 60 feet of you, as a Bonus Action you may ask a DM to name one Intelligence skill check: Arcana, History, Nature or Religion – as he sees fit depending on the type of the creature. The DC of a check equals 8 + the creature’s proficiency Bonus + the creature’s Intelligence modifier. If you succeed on this ability check, you may choose one of the effects presented below to affect the creature. The maximal duration of either effect is 1 minute (except for dread secret), but you must maintain Concentration to sustain the effect as if it were a spell.
Tactics: Your allies have advantage on attack rolls against the affected creature.
Puissance: Your allies within 60 feet of you have advantage on saving throws against the affected creature’s abilities.
Foe: If your allies hit the affected creature with a weapon, they add 1d6 to total damage dealt.
Dread Secret: The affected creature is stunned for 1 round.
Foreknowledge: If an ally within 30 feet of you is hit by the affected creature’s attack, you may use your reaction to add your proficiency bonus to your ally’s AC against that attack only potentionally causing the affected creature to miss.
Once you have used Dark Knowledge three times, you may no longer use this feature until you take a long rest.

Still Mind. Beginning at 6th level you can focus rigorously and you have been practicing intense mental discipline for a while, so you have advantage on saving throws against spells from enchantment school and from being charmed.

Shield of Knowledge. Beginning at 10th level, whenever an enemy deals you damage, you may use your reaction and expend a spell slot to reduce this damage by an amount, equal to twice the level of the spell slot expended.

Lore Mastery. Beginning at 14nd level, you become more proficient in skills related with knowledge. You have advantage on any Intelligence-based checks and your passive score for these skills increases by +5.

2017-02-25, 02:55 PM
What made you choose 2hp/spell lev for the Shield of Knowledge? The Song of Defense feature from Bladesinger is identical and reduces damage 5hp/spell lev.

2017-02-26, 08:20 PM
Hi! Good job for the most part. At one point I had tried to convert the archivist as well, but let the project go. I have some issues with your interpretation:

You are absolutely correct about learning normal class spells from the cleric list, but you don't mention anything about being able to copy ANY divine spell into your prayerbook. This is what made this class option great; it shouldn't be left out.

Lore Mastery is a feature archivists have from the beginning. Closer to when they pick up the tradition, rather than being a capstone.

"Read magic" was a free cantrip spell for archivists that could be prepared from memory. "Comprehend languages" is perhaps the closest thing to "read magic" in 5e. Perhaps a lesser version of "comprehend" usable 1/rest available at 2nd level?

Shield of knowledge is interesting and is befitting of the theme, but have you considered the "scribe scroll" feature as a "savant" ability?

Again good job, and thank you for sharing. Your archivist looks a hell of lot better than mine.