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2017-02-25, 10:04 PM
Infant: (Unplayable)
Stats: -6 Str, -6 Fth, +6 Cha
Special: Size decreased by 2.
Speed: 10ft
This is an actual infant, anywhere from birth to two years. The stats above are based off an infant of around one year old, a fast crawler but unlikely to be walking or talking much just yet. This age category is not meant to be playable. They're weak, they're slow, and while they're certainly cute it doesn't make up for the burden they place on the party. Give mom some maternity leave, you don't want baby in the party.

Toddler: (DM discretion)
Stats: -4 Str, -4 Fth, +2 Dex, +6 Cha
Special: Size decreased by 1.
Speed: 15ft
This is a toddler, anywhere from two years to four years. The stats are based off a toddler of about two years. A toddler may be an underpowered party member, but they make an adorable mascot. Unfortunately, that's about all they're good for early on. They aren't as much of a burden as an infant because they can walk at a decent-ish speed and have better stats, but they are a burden. That charisma bonus does have some uses, though, especially with a few particular classes like sorcerer and favored soul.

Child: (Not recommended)
Stats: -2 Str, -2 Fth, +2 Dex, +4 Cha
Special: Size decreased by 1.
Speed: 20ft
Children are about what you'd expect, ranging from four years to ten years. The stats are based off a child of about six years. These characters are competent enough, but you may consider giving them adult supervision. Their movement speed is reasonable, in the sense that a halfling's movement speed is reasonable, their stats are overall decent and unlike other small, slow-moving party members they're unlikely to be offended if you have to carry them.

Stats: -2 Fth, +2 Cha
Speed: 30ft
Adolescents are in the awkward years between ten and sixteen. The stats are based off a 12-year old preteen. These characters may be considered children or adults depending on jurisdiction. The fact that age of consent and age of majority are frequently 12 or below says some really unpleasant things about Aelsif, but it's important to keep in mind when you go travelling. They are also definitely competent enough not to need you to hold their hand. Their stat adjustments are all fairly negligible and they have no speed penalty.

Young adult:
Starting level: 5
Stats: Default.
Speed: 30ft
Young adult is also exactly what it sounds like, ranging from sixteen to twenty-six. The stats are based off somebody around age 20. This is the default age for a reason, it's the most common age for new soldiers, mercenaries, couriers, missionaries, explorers and just about everything else. Very few of the adventurer professions hire older than this, if you're just starting out you're probably a kid.

Stats: -1 Str, -1 Dex, -1 Con, +2 Fth
Speed: 30ft
Adult is one of the largest age groups, ranging from twenty-six to thirty-six. Its effects are fairly simple, a -1 on all physical attributes, but +2 faith. While this is simple, a lot of variables will determine if that's worth it. Like whether you care about all three of those stats, and how long the campaign is. In the short-term it's definitely a strong starting point, but in the long run those stat penalties may be more significant.

Middle Age:
Stats: -2 Str, -2 Dex, -2 Con, +4 Fth
Speed: 30ft
Middle age is the dreaded years from 36 to 50, where you're not as strong, as spry or as tough as you used to be, men lose almost all of their testosterone, women go into menopause, your hair starts falling out, you're sick half the year and you're ALWAYS tired. At the very least, it's better than what happens next. Sure, you're still good to do your job, but that won't last.

Elder: (Not recommended)
Stats: -3 Str, -3 Dex, -3 Con, -2 Int, -2 Cha, +6 Fth
Speed: 20ft
As an elder between fifty and sixty-five, you know being old really, REALLY sucks. Take all the issues of middle age and add on "performance" issues and incontinence, a rapidly degrading mental state and even worse physicality than you already had. This is the point where your body is out of warrantee, and predictably you're falling apart. Age is definitely a net negative by this point, but in a faith-based class you may still be useful, so if you think you still have it in you grab your cane and start walking.

Senior: (DM discretion)
Stats: -4 Str, -4 Dex, -4 Con, -4 Int, -4 Cha, +8 Fth
Speed: 15ft
This is the senior citizen zone, from sixty-five to eighty. The stats above reflect pretty well the collapse of one's mind and body, as there's very little worthwhile left within you. But you do have one thing, you're stubborn and your faith is stronger now than it's ever been. Granted, that's because the smart part of your brain is failing and the dumb part is trying to compensate, but the people around you will mistake your animalistic ritualism for wisdom and it does genuinely make you a better caster in a few classes.

Ancient: (Unplayable)
Stats: -4 Str, -4 Dex, -6 Con, -6 Int, -6 Cha, +8 Fth
Speed: 10ft
This is the age class for people who really should be dead by now. Year-wise, it ranges from eighty on up. There's no true maximum age in this game, but suffice to say as an adventurer your life is over. You've degraded too far now, senility is in full swing and you can barely walk. It's about time to quit. This age category is not meant to be playable. Stop pushing the wheelchair and put grandad in a home.

Adjusting age for the 16 player races is easy, though they adjust much less than in other settings.

Lizardfolk, Sahuagin, Orcs & Kobolds: -25%
Humans, Hobgoblins, Goblins & Halflings: Listed ages
Dwarves, Gnomes, Korobokuru & Nezumi: +25%
Elves & Spirit Folk (bamboo, sea and river): +50%

This does not affect starting level.

If your race has a listed speed of 20ft, than:
Fast ages move at 20ft
Medium ages move at 15ft
Slow ages move at 10ft
Very slow ages move at 5ft

If you are a barbarian and at a load that makes you subject to fast movement:
If your speed was 30ft, it is now 40ft.
If your speed was 20ft, it is now 30ft.
If your speed was 15ft, it is now 20ft.
If your speed was 10ft, it is now 15ft.
If your speed was 5ft, it is now 10ft.

If you take an armor penalty (medium or heavy armor) to base move speed, than:
If your speed was 40ft, it is now 30ft.
If your speed was 30ft, it is now 20ft.
If your speed was 20ft, it is now 15ft.
If your speed was 15ft, it is now 10ft.
If your speed was 10ft, it is now 5ft.
If your speed was 5ft, it is still 5ft.
The heavy armor penalty to run speed still applies, characters in heavy armor can only run 3x speed, 4x with the run feat.

If you take an encumbrance penalty (medium or heavy load) to base move speed, than:
If your speed was 40ft, it is now 30ft.
If your speed was 30ft, it is now 20ft.
If your speed was 20ft, it is now 15ft.
If your speed was 15ft, it is now 10ft.
If your speed was 10ft, it is now 5ft.
If your speed was 5ft, it is still 5ft.

These ages help determine the level of NPCs, along with the NPC's lifestyle. The gist of it is that NPCs tend to rise in level as they age, and those with harder lifestyles tend to rise in level much faster. The lifestyle classifications are "pampered", "comfortable", "difficult" and "natural".

A pampered lifestyle is that of many born into wealth, who never work and seldom solve their own problems, which deprives them of almost all experience. NPCs with a pampered life will almost always be level 1, level 2 if they make it to senior age. They tend not to survive to senior age, however. It goes without saying that obesity and excessive drug use are not conducive to long lives, but many nobles across Aelsif are also known to starve themselves to remain thin, deprive themselves of fresh air and sunlight to stay pale, wear injurious attire such as corsets and even use cosmetics containing toxic chemicals.

A comfortable life is that of those closer to the middle of the social ladder, and likely the healthiest. While Aelsif cultures tend towards robber baron economics and seldom actually have a proper, expansive middle class, it does have the bourgeoisie who have plenty of money but still work (to an extent), and many is the upper working class are fairly comfortable themselves, being educated and starting work as young adults. These people tend to be level 1 through their developmental years, reach level 2 as a young adult and remain that level for the rest of their working years, finally reaching level 3 in their senior years just in time for retirement.

A difficult life is exactly what it sounds like, you have to work hard for little gain and your problems are numerous and serious. This is the poor's lot in life, and there's nothing they can do about it. They work for slave wages from their childhood through the rest of their lives, which seldom reaches senior age and they receive just enough education to get by. At the very least, they don't lack in life experience. They start off level 1 as always, but they reach level 2 in childhood, make it to level 3 by adulthood and level 4 by middle age. They seldom make it to their senior years, but if they do they should be level 5.

If you life a natural life, that means you live in nature the way your kind evolved to. You don't have the luxury of civilization, you're living in a family group or tribe, and perhaps even by yourself. Your goals in life are the natural ones, live long enough to reproduce and make sure your kids do the same. Your problems are all encompassing and deadly, but if nothing else you're capable. These people advance very fast, starting at level 1, reaching level 2 as toddlers, level 3 as children, level 4 as adolescents, level 5 as young adults, level 6 as adults and seldom living to middle age. If they do live to middle age they would be level 7, level 8 if they somehow become elders, and we can more or less draw the line there.