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2007-07-24, 02:40 PM
Hello To All!
I'm having difficulty creating a class to crafts differents inventions and uses them to defeat his foes. A character who would make Potions of fireball (grenade-like weapon) or an automatic repeating crossbow that can potentially go wrong, and other misc. cool items (instant ladder, potion of Grease, Arrows of Melfs acid arrow, etc, etc). Is there already a class (NOT THE ARTIFICER) or system that I don't know about that would simulate this class-idea? I was thinking something like using infusions or something of the like, but i simply don't want to use the artificer. Anyways, if any1 can give me some advice, that'd be great! Thank you!

2007-07-24, 03:34 PM
A good place to start, in the unlikely scenario that you have access to it, is D20 Modern Past. There's a Pulp Inventor there that's more or less what you want mechanically; it could easily be fleshed out, reflavored, and converted to DnD Proper.

2007-07-24, 04:08 PM
Privateer Press has got some stuff like that in their gameworld. It's scattered around in issues of their magazine, campaign guide, and a supplement.

D Knight
2007-07-24, 07:30 PM
there is already a homebrew class that does that on this site. its called a technomancer. its balanced to me and has so preety asome features.here u go http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=46655&highlight=technomancer

2007-07-24, 07:50 PM
D-knight, could you possibly link it for me? I searched the forums for "technomacer" but nothin came up :(