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2017-03-07, 08:42 AM
Okay, so I'm working on a campaign setting (http://heplion.wikia.com/wiki/Heplion_Wikia) that's basically D&D (3.5 edition) with all the fluff radically changed, for a sci-fi-esque feel. (For the curious, this Introduction (http://heplion.wikia.com/wiki/Introduction) gets into a bit more detail.) So, as part of the "reskinning" effort, I'm changing both the fluff definitions and the names of a lot of game terms... including creature subtypes.

One name I'm stuck on is that for what should replace the Reptilian subtype. In my setting, dragons are replaced by Vukhars, which are bizarre, alien, tentacled Lovecraftian monstrosities that look pretty much like a mass of writhing tentacles with a big eye in the middle. And of course, just as in regular D&D there are a bunch of creatures that have some relation to dragons, usually of the Reptilian subtype, in this setting there are several races that look very distantly related to Vukhars, having rubbery skin, some of them sorta slimy, often with odd tentacles here and there, sort of like mollusk-descended humanoids... only I don't know which name to give to that subtype. "Vukharic" or anything directly referencing Vukhars doesn't sound appropriate, as that should be reserved to creatures more closely related to them (like the equivalent to half-dragons, pseudodragons and the like). I'm considering "Teuthic" (from "teuthos", squid), but I dunno, that seems too tied to a specific type of creature (squid), and kinda lacking that Lovecraftian feel. The first name that came to mind is "squamous", a good Lovecraftian-sounding word, but that's rather non-indicative and literally means "scaly", which these things are certainly not.

So, any suggestions for a subtype of mollusky, weird Lovecraftian humanoids?

2017-03-07, 08:55 AM
Adsunt? Tentacled in Latin.

Cirrus? Tentacle in Latin.

2017-03-07, 10:17 AM
If you are into Latin roots, how about

Exterrean (frightening or terrifying)
Edit: also Altuan (from altum, which means deep)
Vathus or Vathuan from the Greek word for deep. Starts with same letter as your dragon type so a link can be faked.