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2007-07-25, 12:42 PM
Weren't there some cooking thread somewhere in this forum? Eh, I guess this is different enough for a new thread.

I love to cook, especially snacks, desserts, and overall anything that you don't eat as main course. Sadly I can't cook in my room. So, When I'm in vacation and back to my parent's house, I always spend some time to cook.

Like, now.

So, any suggestion for interesting things to cook or bake? Preferably something simple, though I guess I can make more complicated things, too.

My current arsenal are: Various Pancakes and Omelettes (This is like, my signature weapon. I love them, I love to cook them, and I can make some of them with my eyes closed and one of my hand tied behind my back. With help, of course.), Cakes (that are descended from the simple cake. You know, chocolate cakes, banana cakes, and such), Brownies, Pies, Puddings, and some original weird stuff that beyond description or naming nomenclature. I guess there're more things that I used to cook but I rarely make them so I kind of forget.

Any Ideas or Recipes?

2007-07-25, 01:07 PM
Yeah i love to cook too. Was the thread you were thinking of called "Recipes to Share"?


2007-07-25, 01:08 PM
When I was in college, my speciality was spaghetti in pink sauce. It's so extremely simple, but my friends appreciated it so much that I think I got a somewhat undeserved reputation for being a really good cook :elan:

Basic ingredients are a white onion and red pesto (hence the name). If you're just cooking for yourself, use only half the onion. Add to it whatever else you fancy -- I usually put in bacon and mushrooms, sometimes sausage, but obviously not if I'm cooking for a vegetarian friend. Seafood goes well with it too.

Chop the onion and other stuff up *really* small and fry it, and boil the spaghetti (I assume you don't need directions for this). Then drain the spaghetti, stir in two teaspoons of red pesto, pour in the onion and stuff, stir with a wooden spoon to get everything mixed in, and serve. If you have a microwave handy you may want to give it a quick reheat before serving as spaghetti cools very quickly.