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I need some help syncing up abilities for this domain I'm working on. I've spent some time trying to link the insanity rules in the DMG with this domain and trying to balance it has been a bit of a problem. Please take a look and see if there is any way to salvage it. Thank you. Also, sorry about the picture quality, I'm not savvy enough to make tables.

The gods of psionics and mind-bending—including The Watcher the creator god as well as Endelbraum the god of magic and knowledge—value special individuals that have the ability to shape their own mind as well as the minds of others. These gods provide their followers with forbidden knowledge that although powerful, can slow break down their mortal mind as they being to lose all sense of mortal thinking. Followers of these gods have a higher understanding of the mental capacity of others as well as unlocking that hidden potential deep within their own minds.



At 1st level, your deity unlocks potential within your mind. You learn to speak (but not read/write) a language of your choice. In addition, you have proficiency with Intelligence saving throws.

At 2nd level, you can use your Channel Divinity to tap into a divine state of mental prowess. As an action you can present your holy symbol and you gain the ability to communicate telepathically with any creature within 100 feet that can speak at least one language. The language barrier is not an issue, as your mind automatically translates the information into a language you can understand. The effects of this feature last for 1 minute.

At 6th level, through the help of your deity, you are able to touch another part of your brain that other humanoids cannot, allowing you to push further than mortals are supposed to. This additional knowledge allows you to draw in even more divine power than a normal cleric could. However, drawing in this power comes at a great price. Unlocking your mind actually connects you with the God realms, which is too much for a mortal brain to process and thus, pushing too hard could cause you to go insane.

You can choose to cast any cleric spell you have prepared without expending a spell slot. After you do, you must make a Wisdom check (DC 10 + Spell’s level) or suffer a level of insanity as described on the table below. If you cast a spell with a level greater than your Wisdom modifier, you roll this Wisdom check at Disadvantage. You cannot cast a spell greater than 5th level using this feature.

Insanity is measured in six levels. As displayed below. If an already insane creature (having level 1 insanity) suffers another effect that causes insanity, its current level of insanity increases by 1. A creature suffers the effect of the current level of insanity as well as all lower levels. A lesser restoration or greater restoration spell can cure one level of insanity on a creature. When you finish a long rest, you reduce your insanity level by one unless you reach True Insanity (see below).


These effects take a minor toll on your character, but still cause a significant mental disadvantage. Whenever you gain a Minor Insanity Effect, roll on the table below:


These levels of insanity are dangerous to the cleric and greatly inhibit them and in some cases the others around them. Each time you gain a moderate insanity condition, roll on the table below:


These effects are massive on you or others around you. These mean your character is truly insane and must rest or else the worst can happen. Whenever you get a greater insanity condition, roll on the table below:


Whenever you reach this level of insanity, your mind is lost. You cannot speak, suffer disadvantage on attack rolls, saving throws, and ability checks, and want to do nothing but sit and be crazy. If no one cares for you, you will suffer from thirst or starvation as you feel no need to eat or drink. This effect does not go away with rest, instead, if you fail the save, only the effects of a greater restoration spell can cure this.

At 8th level, you add your Wisdom modifier to the damage you deal with any cleric cantrip.

Starting at 17th level, your mind is so open compared to others that it’s almost otherworldly. If you have cast a spell that requires concentration, you can cast a second spell that requires concentration without dispelling the first by using an action each turn to only concentrate on both spells. Both spells end if you use your action to do anything else.

Edit: Edited based on suggestions.

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I have a distaste for madness effects, but I recognize that's a personal affectation.

I think that Potent Spellcasting is more appropriate here, especially since the subclass comes with no martial/defensive abilities.

I think that the capstone is rather powerful. It would allow you to concentrate on 2 spells and still cast another. We might consider this to be a 40-50% increase in your power at all times.

To make it reasonable, we can model it after Witch Bolt. You are able to concentrate on two spells at the same time, but must use your action on each turn to maintain concentration. If you use your action to do otherwise, you immediately lose concentration on one spell.

What do you think? I'm quite willing to make this a conversation.

2017-03-11, 12:38 AM
I have a distaste for madness effects, but I recognize that's a personal affectation.

What do you think? I'm quite willing to make this a conversation.

I like both suggestions. Potent cantrip does make a bit more sense and using your action to concentrate on two spells also makes sense since this class would be all about concentration and attempting to not go insane anyways. I'll make the changes you requested. Thank you.

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small favor pls mate make the pictures bigger