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2017-03-13, 11:08 PM

So I've been working on this class initially under the title of "Fey Touched" as an idea for a campaign taking place in the First World. But i decided to alter it, and it has become a hybrid class, and I'm seeking input. I know there's still work needing to be done, but I'd love suggestions and ideas.

2017-03-13, 11:20 PM
You have motivated me to make something like this I've been toying with for a long while now...but for 5th Edition. Thank you!

2017-03-13, 11:48 PM
I'm not sure why they get Escape Artist? Neither parent class has it and the concept doesnt seem to infer skill with untying knots or slipping bonds. I would consider them more likely to try and break free than escape through skill.

True form should specify that it needs to be used in 1-minute increments. That is how most abilities like this are structured. Also, duration in minutes may be too much? This is the Rage analogue I believe.

In the last part of True Form "The appearance of the form is up to the spell caster," should be changed to "The appearance of the form is up to the Wildsoul,"

Several references to "Fey Touch" which I believe should be "Wildsoul" ?

The Base form bonuses from adding points to their respective skill tree's are in addition to the bonus for the selected skill, is that correct? Also, I suspect that the player gets to choose what base form bonus to receive each time. Is that also correct? These should probably be spelled out explicitly.

Change reference in Wild Empathy from Ranger to Wildsoul

Bonus combat feat is copied from gunslinger and has that class name still listed. Also has Grit Feats as valid choices but the class has no ability to use grit.

I feel like the True Form ability and Wildshape compete. You probably don't need 2 separate shapechange class features.

This is a cool concept and I was immediately excite about Barbarian/Druid Hybrid. It feels like a "Not Werewolf." I like the idea of it focusing on shapeshifting without being a were-something. I think you might reconsider how the trees are put together though. Rather than a point system I would structure it like rage and put together "form powers" that they could select at the appropriate levels. That would be much simpler. Also, rather than selecting an incremental bonus each time for the base form, you can just give them at the right levels (Brute = 1HP / 2 levels & +1 Nat AC / 6 levels & +1 Str / 8 levels). These bonuses plus a "power" every other level I think would still be okay, especially given that the initial bonuses when transformed, seem less powerful than standard barbarian rage.

2017-03-15, 04:35 PM
First, thanks for noticing all the errors in the names, abilities, etc that had the wrong names.

I do however use both the True Form and the wildshape ability, not to compete, but to give versatility. A person who has both a combative true form and then able to turn into a Tiny bird or rat or whatever can be useful in a variety of situations. Plus, I believe it suits the feel of the class, being able to change into a multitude of forms.

I do think I will reconsider the point system. You do bring up a good idea with the giving bonuses at certain levels. Thanks!