View Full Version : Epic Threat for an Epic Campaign - Morgoloth

2017-03-14, 01:59 AM
As my players get into higher levels, I've started prepping for the actual "epic" part of my campaign, levels 21-35. I have a few epic threats to the land that they're uncovering, and this guy is one of them. I got the inspiration mainly from the Nagash model Games Workshop makes - I really wanted to use it to represent an end-boss lich, so here we are. This is a rough draft, I would like to get this thing a bit shorter.

3,400 years ago, Morgoloth was a Storm Giant obssessed with finding magical artifacts. He found the legendary Crown of Horns and by its power was corrupted, becoming a lich and growing ever more evil as time went on. His pursuit of magical artifacts became a pursuit to be the more powerful than Vecna. He raised an army and swept across the land, destroying, desecrating, or mutilating anything in his path. He was defeated, if one could call it that, by a dozen of the most powerful paladins of bahamut, but they could not kill him, instead casting him into an eternal sleep and burying the crypt deep below the earth in the frozen wastes to the far north, and the collection of vile artifacts he had amassed was scattered to the ends of the earth.

Yet somehow Morgoloth has risen, and the world is f**ked.

http://i1175.photobucket.com/albums/r622/crazymcninja/CaptureMorg_zpspyqvgzhp.jpg (http://s1175.photobucket.com/user/crazymcninja/media/CaptureMorg_zpspyqvgzhp.jpg.html)