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2017-03-14, 10:51 AM
Good morning everyone.

I want to invite everyone to skim through this class and give me some honest critique. Furthermore I am looking for some more powers the Crimson Heir gets for his disposal. In terms of power it should compete like a solid warlocky class with T.G.Oscarīs Paladin retooled and Grod the Giantīs speciality Casters and other classes.

Do I miss something important or do you have a blood power idea or concerns with current powers? Please let me know.

Why didinīt I do it as a reflavour of the Warlock class? My players prefer distinct classes where they can take levels and this counts double for the one player who asked me to do this :smallredface:


1st Changelog:

Split Blood heritages into multiple pieces for easier reading. Gave Warrior Blooded Full BaB and more proficiencies, Mud Blooded Good Reflex saves and Spellscarred Blooded good Will saves. Added a remark where to find the powers (below)
Broke of blood cost from Blood Powers and moved it to Blood Points
Changed Blood Blast into Lashing Blood. Gave it iterative attacks for spending blood points.
Moved Open Veins to level 2
Changed Crimson Aura to static 20 feet +5feet per 5 levels. Reworded some funtions. Included blood using undeads to the possible targets.
Changed Hemorrhaging Strength to 1/2 Hit points threshehold and a +1 bonus for every 4 levels
Reworked Sanguine Transfusion to grant fast healing for a short duration.
Reworded Siphon Blood
Gave Warrior Blooded the ability to use Open Veins as part of a Full Attack
Switched Study of Ichors to level 10 and Scarlet Network to level 12. Seperated its abilitie sinto two. The second gained at level 19 and added telepathy in 100ft range
Added the blood amount to Ritual of Youth following some "real life stats" (8% of mass is blood) which leadS to a interesting amount of sacrifices needed and convertet it into a blood power.
Gave Bloody Mist the ability to keep all S abilities from his class
Gave Immortal blood a meaning how to feed.
Reworded Vampiric Weapon
Reworded Create Blood Spawn a bit. The heir may now decide to give a spawn an aura chipping away from his own.
Reworked Bloodlust
Changed all instances of 20% hp to 1/2 Hp.
Added a sentence that additional points spent does not increase damage automatically
Blood Scythe is a semicircle now and delas less bleed damage.
Reduced Scything Aura damage from 1d4 +1d4 per round to 1d4 +1 per round active. Reworded when it takes damage to start of turn and every time it does something
Halfed the Skill bonus of Discren Blood.
Iron Blood Transformation renamed into Hemoglobin Transformation.
Chanmged Scarlet Stacatto. Now attacking multiple targets with d6 missiles split between them, each dealing 1d8 damage.
Increases bloodpoints gained with Crimson Aura and Open Veins. Excess bloodpoints are temporary hit points
Reworked Warrior Blooded
Reworked Create Blood Weapon blood points sinker.
Increased Bloody Scalesī duration to 1 hour
Increaded amount of blood powers gained to 5+1/5/4/4
Added maximized HD to his 19th level ability. To much?
Removed Chaos from Scarlet Empire
Added Bloodsplosion to the engorged Powers
Added Eviscerate to the Thick Blood powers. The power deals the same damage (max 10 per level) to a creature what revieved the damage one round before.
Added Artery Burst to the weak powers. The power applies a penalty to Strength and Dexterity or Constitution. With more points spend it deals attribute damage instead
Varierd some blood costs, going away from 1/3/5/7 cost scheme
Added Knight of the Scarlet Rose Prestige Class

Changed bleed damage of Blood Scythe
Added Racial Levels for Undead
Reworded some bits to fit new blood point generation
Added two new Prestige classes. One Arcane caster / Blood user theurge and one that ends the class and opens up multiclassing.
Added Undo Wound to the Weak Blood Powers.
Added Blood related feats
Added the Dried Fist prestige class, a rapid attacking class for Heir-Monks
Added Red Rager prestige class, a raging crimson heir who only sees red (and wants to eat it)
added first blood related monster
added purified slicers with CR 4, 10 and 16. The last one may be to high I think.

Edit 2: Added Changelog
Edit N+1: Added new Changelog

2017-03-14, 11:34 AM
you said warlock like class and i cant see good old back bone of warlock class eldricth bast like ability in class. There is a blood blast but its basicly here its this archetypes focus kinda way
so can you explain our bleeding mess here

2017-03-14, 11:57 AM
Personally I see the term warlocky more like "can use his powers all day and has no hard limits like a wizard to do so". I decided against the eldritch blast as class feature because then the class really shifts down to just be a red dyed warlock without blast shapes and eldritch essences.

2017-03-14, 12:13 PM
well its your own class but if you ask me you need to re think the whole thing it looks good but with out in class way to attack i think we are missing whole this class similar to warlock feel

2017-03-14, 12:19 PM
I donīt understand that. He can create 1 hour lasting weapons, an armor and a bunch of natural weapons. The Fighter themed one can even enchant the weapons and gets the weapon power for free :smallconfused:

Edit: I could scratch the warlock remark if thiswould fit better. I just wanted to point out that this class should have a lot of fuel for its engine

2017-03-14, 07:59 PM
Here comes the review!

Fighter hit die, but average BAB.
Good Ref and Will saves- the opposite of an ordinary fighter.
Proficiencies notably lack medium armor.
Decent skills.

Spoilering the basic review:

You get five abilities at this level, which is a whole lot to look at at once.
Blood Heritage:
Defines the "archetype" of the class (in Pathfinder terms).
Warrior: A few more skills- mostly nobility related. Medium armor proficiency, but not heavy? Shields, too. Notably, doesn't get full BAB. Needs more stats than the others- Constitution is still important even if it isn't a casting stat, so it needs Str/Dex(?)/Con/Cha. Still, par for the course for caster martials.
Also gets the "blood weapon" power. No idea what this is- include a short description? Also, missing a period.
At level 2: Charisma to saves, which is great! Makes up for poor Fort, a little.
Level 8: You can "let" you blood be enchanted like a weapon. Which is probably good?
Level 14: It's okay. Fun to take the initiative.
20: Immunities! Important but not exciting.

Mudblood: I can hear the Harry Potter jokes from here. Possibly frail?
A little more "feral" skills. Needs Constitution, but everyone needs Constitution.
Level 1: Presumably, a natural weapon ability?
2: I don't know what a blood point is, but I already know this is great. You can steal lots of great abilities!
It's balanced by not lasting beyond one fight.
8: Even better! Notable things to steal generically: Evasion/Imp. Evasion, fast healing, regeneration, energy resistance, spell resistance, and certain kinds of damage reduction.
14: Ohhhhh yes.
20: You get a little less in the way of SQ from this, so it's a little less impressive, but still fun.
Extremely good. Forces the GM to be wary about enemy CR, since many traits can be copied (see: Medusa getting it turned around)
On the other hand, probably the #1 best abilities so far.

Spellscarred: Wizardly skills, int based powers.
1: Blood blast sounds like it's ranged? Can see some warlock influence here, maybe.
2: "Acceptable" sustained blood point cost? Duration limit cuts out a lot of the most overpowered spells, but also has a whole lot of collateral damage with less OP spells. Also "grade"? There's a push towards blasty blasty here. Could see command as a big pick.
8: Even more blasty blasty, but also some genuinely incredible spell options.
14: Possibly at-will teleporting + save or die.
20: God tier.

Blood pool:
There's something about having a pool of power which they spend on stuff, but I can't read it. Paragraph breaks and organization...

Crimson Aura.
You get to power your abilities, except against a specific subgroup of enemies.
You get one point per attack made, which influences them somewhat towards weak area attacks (whirlwind attack, burning hands, etc.)
"Additionally a Crimson Heir is always aware of each creature from which he gained at least one blood point during the previous round. Range off of stat bonus is unusual- suggest a static amount.
I suggest adjusting the language under which blood points are gained- "Whenever a blood-possessing creature within this range takes piercing, slashing, or bludgeoning damage or damage from a bleed effect, the Crimson Heir can as a free action outside his turn gather the blood, filling his blood pool by one point". At least, I assume that's what you're going for with "spell which deals physical damage"- I needed a moment to understand how it worked. Similarly,
"Whenever the Crimson Heir gains a blood point from a creature in this way, he becomes aware of the creature's general location (the square it is in) and rough hit points remaining".
Note that this power is relatively powerful against groups compared to individuals, and biases the class towards large numbers of attacks.

Blood Powers:
Wall of text again. There's something about using abilities, and costs, and something which seems like it should be in Blood Pool?
You can remove the parenthetical statements about "in addition to gaining" a blood power in the last paragraph- they're redundant.
I'm slightly confused- can you replace Blood Powers prior to 6th level? "At any level" implies the first, but the rest of the paragraph implies the other.
Also, you get two powers at level 1. I'm not sure whether or not the heritage powers count.

Open Veins: A second method of gaining points? Possibly overloading level 1 here. Also, it's very good! It's your best way of generating blood points. Sadly, it takes your move action- this means that anyone who uses full attacks is sad, and pushes towards a pattern of "'invocation' + open veins" each round.

I'm actually stopping there because there's a lot going on- will read through the class a bit more.

Edit: Continuing.
Second blood heritage ability. See notes on that. They're relatively balanced at this point, actually- Mudblood might be a little underpowered due to the lack of appropriate creatures to copy, maybe?
The Smell:
"He gains the scent special ability, but can only smell creatures with a bloodstream in this way."
Situational bonus on what checks?
Blindsense is very nice. "with a range equal to that of his Crimson Aura". Upgrades are useful, repetitions of "with a blood steam" is a bit redundant.

"gaining half his class level as a bonus to saves against poison and disease".
It's not really a great ability due to the resistance to healing, which is kind of important at later levels.

Damage reduction!!! Constitution powered makes the stat something of a key ability for everyone. Immunities are not super common things, but who cares because damage reduction based on a stat!

5: This can be a pretty major bonus. Could see it on a different class as a "dying strength" sort of power. Would you consider setting it to "half health" and making the bonus constant (scaling with level?) It's a more commonly tracked number than "3/5ths", for example.

More invocations, blindsense. It's a good level, folks.

Meh. You need loads of blood points to power abilities, this isn't a whole lot of healing even in the midst of battle, it does nothing to heal you out of battle, etc. Not good.

This reads "once per day, refill your blood points when you hit with an attack" to me! Which is important, since gaining blood points is so important.

9: The wording on this is awkward. I think I understand what it does, but it's awkward.

Ritual of Youth:
I never thought I would need to ask this, but how much blood do you get from one person, and how does healing them affect that? Also, what is the stomach capacity of your average Medium humanoid?
This is a really neat power, but I definitely don't see everyone wanting or needing it. It feels like it would fit better as a blood power or a feat.

Scarlet Network:
This feels a little early, coming right after another network-related power. Communication is nice, and feels like it fits. Less sure about the tracking part- that feels like a separate ability shoved into this one (given that you can use it on people who you have stolen power from with Crimson Aura )

Neeew level of Blood powers!!! Happiness.

Oh. You couldn't use it on a vampire before. My bad.
It's a little late, but given that you can pull from allies if necessary, missing it for these past 12 levels isn't the worst thing.
Most significant for the Mudblood, who now can pull from a larger group of creatures when needed.

More stronk. 's okay, I guess.

More powers. Very nice (except for Warriors).

More recharges.

New blood powers! Happiness.

Finally something new!
It's most relevant as an opener or escape power, dealing one final fatal(maybe) blow, or opening with a powerful blow.
Do break it up into more paragraphs, though.

Gaseous Form! Neat, but not incredible. Spellscarred people could do this ten levels ago for a cheaper upkeep, but making this an immediate action is incredible!

Eeeh. +2 to stats is nice. Immunities will rarely come up.

How can he feed on people? Like, what's the process?

Formatting advice: Since all the heritages give you abilities at the same levels (1, 2, 8, 14, 20), split it into five abilities (at those levels) for easier reading, and just reference the 1st level choice later. You might want to also simplify some language- there's a whole lot of different numbers flying around in Blood Pool, and a number of run-on-sentences.

Warrior seems underwhelming compared to spell copying and ability copying- the first can result in your standard T2 power levels depending on spell picks, while the second can trivialize some encounters depending on what you manage to copy (ex. immunity to an elementally focused enemy, vampires, etc.), but is less useful otherwise.

2017-03-15, 05:58 AM
Ok. I redid some things. English is not my first tongue and I hope I clarified most of the wonky wording in the class table. I am no big fan of 1/day abilities. That is why I made Siphon Blood (the blood point generator) per encounter. The Heir can use it on any attack in his aura to give him some teamwork benefits (Sucking the blood of the attack from a raging charging barbarian can easily power his needs for several rounds).

But I am not to sure about the blood point generation. Its easy to track when you use markers but can he generate enough? I am debating of giving him the ability to leach 1/2 of the damage he caused by himself to gain as points to go away of the forced dakka he has to come up fto fill his pool.

Changelog is in the first post.

2017-03-15, 10:42 AM
Review 2: Electric boogaloo

After I finish going through blood powers I'll do a check of class feature grammar and review the fixed features- I'm just trying to get a first look through the class.
On Blood point generation:
I like the teamwork aspect of getting power from another person's attack- didn't notice that.
I think that it might be easier to let the Heir generate a specific limit of power per-round, but let them get more than one point per attack (one point per five or ten points of damage dealt?).

Power review.
Least (four learned over the career, counting(?) the basic power):
Blood Blast: It's eldritch blast+, but costs a bundle per blast- around your level in points for a full-power blast. Exhorbitantly expensive.
Blood Concoction: Probably goes infinite with Open Veins. Intentional? Otherwise, an eh healing power out of combat, a terrible one in combat.
Bloodlust (one word): A hilariously expensive power, which makes you stronk. Not worth it depending on economics of blood.
Blood Pool: It's a good spell, and still good here, even with the upkeep.
Blood Surge: Never fail important rolls. In general, you can spend 4 points to add around +7 to any roll, once per round. Ludicrously good.
Bloody Teeth and Claw: This is great. Multiple attacks at low levels, can grab an amulet of natural attacks later on, bleed damage is an ongoing source of blood points, burrow speed later on for utility, it's just great overall.
Bloody Scales: Sorta reaching with the "blood" names here. This is Mage Armor, right? It's pretty good! Scales well, makes up for lack of medium armor proficiency.
Discern Blood: Handy identification, and it's a skill bonus that scales extremely well- probably too well. Tone it down to 1 + blood points spent (max +10).
Gory Mist: Stinking Cloud. Fantastic debuff- probably too good.
Scarlet Servant: Elemental summons. Noice. It's a bit odd that it starts as a wolf but turns into an elemental, but sure.
Scarlet Strands: Entangle. Also nice.
Strangling Blood: Oh, jeez this is good. Nothing resists daze (nearly), and even if it doesn't, this sets up for some impressive combinations with rogues.
Summon Blood Weapon: Eeeeeeh. Damage bonus is boring compared to what you get from BTaC, weapons aren't great as powers.

Standouts: Bloody Scales, Bloody Teeth and Claw, Blood Surge, either Gory Mist or Scarlet Strands as picks, and Scarlet Servant.

"Weak" powers:
You get three of these.
Blood Burst: It's decent AoE. Best use is probably to set up bleed on multiple people.
Blood Fountain: Second sentence needs a rewrite- I'll fiddle with it later; the problem involves the wording around the targetting process. It's better AoE. Augments need explanation- do the 3 pts you spend for sickened count for damage?
Blood Scythe: Word here is "semicircle". Omni-bleed is nice. Wording quickfix: "He makes one attack roll at his highest bonus against the AC of each creature in the area. Each creature he hits takes his normal melee damage + 2d8 additional damage." The best AoE of all of them!
Blood Whisper: Charm is very nice- it does have some wording problems, which I'll try to help clean up later.
Bloody Wings + Teeth: Oooh. Very nice! Works better with BTaC due to similar items being used.
Command Blood: This is less great than Blood Whisper, due to the duration being more efficient for Spellscarred.
Create homowhatever: It's okay. Permanent hp cost makes it not a sacrificial ally, and you don't get familiar benefits. Just okay.
Improve Blood: Extremely good for melee combatants due to lesser item taxes. Wording on buffs is confusing- "When" implies that other powers can also be given.
Power Through Blood: Eeh. Straight ability checks come up rarely.
Scarlet Exchange: I like it a lot! Shield other in multiple directions is very good for the team.
Scarlet Staccato: Eh. Deals (stat) * x * 1d6, which is a really wonky calculation.
Toughen Blood: Niice.

My picks: Bloody Wings + Teeth for flight, Toughen Blood for toughness, Improve Blood for stronk, Blood Whisper for mind control. Would grab Scarlet Exchange if I had another pick.

General notes: Standardize the damage of bleed effects. Take a look at estimated total damage, and compare it with approximate blood point costs. Consider how many blood points people will be able to spend, round-to-round- try to use this as a balancing factor for how powerful the upper limits of powers are. Most sustained costs are either hilariously overcosted(13 points?) or cost around 1 point per unit of time- pick one. This is especially significant for Bloodlust. If you want to balance the level at which different levels are available, you could tweak the activation cost.

2017-03-15, 03:06 PM
Yeah I am not happy how Blood Blast, Summon Blood weapon and Bloodlust currently are. But I am uncertain how to change them. The wold in the Savant lineis because of the Summon Monster. Elementals hare in SM II and I didinīt want to give away a to "to strong minion". The bleed damage is something I have to work on, too. Some powers where form an earlier draft and I didnīt put much thought into them.

About the Blood point generation. It shouldnīt become to trivial or they could be romved completely but they should be capable of generating enough points to do stuff. Maybe something like 1 point generated +1 point per 5 points of damage dealt to a maximum of the level of the Crimson Heir. The excess points could be used to heal allies at level 7 or give the Heir a temporary hit point pool for one round.

2017-03-15, 10:01 PM
Review 3/4 (I'm going to do a fourth review just focusing on the changelog you made and then stop, probably- I have other things to do)

On Blood Points: Look, work out how much you want the Heir to gain per round, and cap the gain per round there. The actual number of times creatures are damaged per round varies a ton, including factors like party composition and the number of enemies. Damage output is a little more consistently occuring during combat (at minimum, your party is swinging and being swung at), so you can generally assume wherever you put the cap is what they get each round (letting Open Veins be a little more gathered on top of that. For what it's worth, damage dealt per round scales in a similar fashion with foes due to AoE effects.

On Summon Blood Weapon: The primary issue here is that it's very monodimensional. Not sure how to quickly fix that in a few paragraphs, and it's part of a larger issue with the Warrior being relatively simple and noninteractive. They don't get anything really special, which is the real problem.

On Servant: Eh, works for me.

On Blood Blast: Maybe model it off the other weapon powers, and rename it a bit.
Lashing Blood: As a XXX action, you may animate blood into a floating amorphous weapon by spending one blood point. As a standard action, you may cause this mass to lash out at a target within X feet, dealing XdX+X damage if you hit them with a ranged touch attack, tearing away their animating force. Maintaining this animated mass requires a sustained cost of one blood point per hour.
If you spend additional blood points as you animate the mass, you increase the damage it deals; for ever two additional blood points spent in this way, it deals an additional 1dX damage per hit.

On Bloodlust: Just change the stat bonus to be based off the initial expenditure and then require a 2-point sustained cost.

Blood powers, cont.
Thic Powers: (Three!)
Accelerated Blood: Haste, nice. It's a little late, but a powerful buff. Can get expensive with multiple people.
Blood Spray: A bit oversimilar to Blood Scythe, but a decent enough AoE.
Blood Thorns: Decent piercing damage- the main issue here is the standard action activation cost. Cut it to swift and you're fine.
Control Blood: Telekinesis, but people-only. Pretty good!
Grasping Blood: Black Tentacles, nice.
Purify Blood: ... you're immune, clerics can do it better and without expending one of your precious invocation slots. Pass.
Ritual of Youth: Very cool, if situational.
Scything Aura: It describes a "whirlwind", but a) people who make the initial save almost totally ignore it, b) it only hurts you if you move. Other than that, it's an extremely good power which pays for itself quickly. At level 11, you can maintain it for at least 6 rounds without recharging- more if you can keep it up for longer.
Vampiric Coating: Needs a wording overhaul, but very nice.
"A weapon affected in this way deals bonus damage on every attack equal to the key ability modifier of the Crimson Heir. Whenever it deals damage in this way, if the weapon is within his Crimson Aura, the Heir gains temporary hit points equal to the bonus damage dealt."

Picks: Scything Aura for reliable damage, Grasping Blood or Control Blood for CC, Ritual of Youth or Vampiric Coating.

Engorged Powers (Three again!)
Blood Wall: Nice for battlefield control, I guess.
Create Blood Spawn: In what way is it "handled like" the Zombie template? Also, potentially broken combo with Scything Aura.
Crimson Annihilation: Another instance of 20% hit points (which nobody tracks)- make it in quarters, or even better, halves. Massive damage and radius make this very good, auto-frighten is even better.
Heart Burst: Well, auto-kill had to come up sometime... I guess it's OK.
Iron Blood Transformation: Should be named something involving Hemoglobin, I think. Immense immunities, great DR, good stats.
Scarlet Empire: There is too much going on with this for me to easily analyze, including something involving damage storage which is in some sense separate from blood points? It's a bit much for one invocation.

Picks: Crimson Annihilation and/or Heart Burst, Create Blood Spawn maybe, Iron Blood Transformation otherwise.

Will do a write-up of more general advice, some specific wording fixes, and changelog-related reviews in a while- weekend possibly.

2017-03-16, 11:58 AM
Ok. I hope the Warrior Blooded is now a bit more interactive with the other class abilities and blood powers. Only level 20 seems a bit meh to me but its a bit better than before.

2017-03-18, 04:21 AM
I added a mounted Prestige class. It transforms the Homunculos into a mount and while mounted the Heir gets a bit beefier.

I am thinking about adding a Theurg class Blood user/Magic user and one burnt out Crimson Heir prestige class to. The first one can use blood points to increase spells and the last one was multiple times on the brink of death by its own powers or even died that way and now uses blood of others to power his blood powers.

2017-03-18, 08:55 AM
Sounds like an interesting class. I would read it better latter, including blood powers to evaluate it balance-wise.

Might add that i'm thinking of using it for Half-vampire character because it kind of fits thematically. You can even add some interaction with Vampire and Half-vampires maybe, like Crimsom aura being able to feed the vampire. And if you have the ideas, maybe even racial sub levels?

2017-03-18, 02:09 PM
Alright. Final review:

Changes you've made, ordering as in the changelog:

Blood Heritages: Full BAB for Warrior bumps it up a bit, I like the save changes.
Blood Power stuff:
Wording fix on Blood Pool:

Blood Pool (Ex): Blood is the main resource of a Crimson Heir. They power their blood powers by spending blood points, and can spend up to their class level in blood points in any one payment. A Crimson Heir has a blood pool equal to twice his class level plus his constitution modifier. If they would gain blood points in excess of that amount, they instead heal one hit point of damage for every excess blood point. To use a Blood power a Crimson Heir must spent the cost of the power in blood points. Some abilities have a sustained cost; this cost is paid at the start of each of his turns. If the Crimson Heir does not have enough blood points to pay for a blood power, he must to spend double the amount in hit points. If this damage kills him, his body turns into black ash. Only a casting of True Resurrection, Wish or Miracle could revive a Crimson Heir who died this way.

The blood pool cannot be long sustained out of combat; after five minutes, it drops to a level of his Constitution modifier + his key ability modifier if it is above that level. Starting at tenth level, it instead drops to a level twice that sum. Starting at twentieth level, it instead drops to the larger of half its maximum and three times that sum.

A Crimson Heir may use the stored blood points to heal himself in a 2 blood points per 1 hit point ratio by spending all points at once as a move action.
This is a separate ability and should be somewhere other than the rules for gaining and losing blood points.

Blood Power wording is fine, just replace "cancel" with "end".

Crimson Aura has a bit of strange wording:

A Crimson Heir can gain an amount of blood points per round equal to his level + his key modifier. Every blood point which exceeds the maximum possible gained are gained as temporary hit points for one round.
Does the second sentence refer to maximum per round or the maximum for the blood pool? If its's the first case, I think you should remove it until you playtest it a bit due to possible balance issues, if it's the second case, take it out because Blood Points covers that case.

Open Veins:
I like the level change. It's important to have it around "in case".

Crimson Aura: No problems.

Hemorrhaging Strength: Do like. Bonus might get a bit too crazy at high levels- perhaps drop it to increase every five levels (maxing out at +5 instead of +7).

Sanguine Transfusion:
Refers to gaining "a" blood point- needs wording change to match changes to Crimson Aura. (also, Mudbloods need a similar change, possibly).
2 hp per blood point, not scaling with level, would be good- it would roughly be 20% damage reduction/vampirism in many cases.

Siphon Blood:
Wording fix:

siphon all the blood shed by a single attack in the area of his Crimson Aura, and adding points to his blood pool equal to the damage caused to his blood pool.

Warrior opening veins:
Don't see where this is; Warrior is fine right now, though.

Study of Ichors: Looks good.
Scarlet Network changes: Looks good.

Ritual of Youth: Looks good.

Bloody Mist: Go for it. Was worried about defensive bonuses but turns out Gaseous Form doesn't give the nigh-immunity to attach which I was afraid of.

Immortal Blood: Sure.

Vampiric Weapon: Sure.

Create Blood Spawn:
"control a number of HD worth of Blood Spawn..."

Bloodlust: Alright, looks good.

20%-> 1/2. Good.

No double-dipping for damage: Good.

Blood Scythe: Sure? "deals two points of bleed damage for the next 1d6 rounds".

Scything Aura: Needs a wording overhaul in some form, but I can't be bothered to do it for just one blood power.

Discern Blood: Sure.

Iron Blood Transformation: Naming is a little awkward still- "Iron Exsolution", and then start off the description with "By extracting iron from the hemoglobin in his blood, a Crimson Heir may..."

Scarlet Staccato:
I am actually wincing at the damage calculations. Static number of projectiles, please.

Summon Blood Weapon: I like it. It's its own little niche.

Bloody Scales: Oh, yes.

Blood Powers: Too much, too many? Needs playtesting to determine if this overshadows characters. Tier is in the 2-3 range, I suspect, and this lets people grab maybe a little too much on top of the class features they get.

Maxed HD: Nah, it's fine.

Scarlet Empire: Still not touching it, not for this quick review.

Bloodsplosion: Neat.

Eviscerate: It copies one instance of damage, right? Probably not too bad. Shift to "within the last round" so it works well with Warriors.

Artery Burst: Sure.

Knight of the whatever rose: Not looking it over- have other things going on.

A note: The general problem of different cost-increasing effects accidentally getting paid multiple times can be solved by replacing "For every addditional X points spent" with "By spending X additional points, " in most cases. "For every additional X points spent" doesn't mention "spent this way", which causes the problem.

2017-03-18, 04:49 PM
Thank your for taking your time. This is a great help for me and I am always happy when someone else takes a look, too. :smallsmile:

I hope I can let playtest it soon by the player who wanted it. But our group only plays so and so times per month. The number isnīt that high :smallfrown:

Edit: I was thinking about alternate levels for (half-) vampire. Since concentration is a charisma based skill for undeads all mentions of Constitution would shift to Charisma, probably.

Edit 2: Added Crimson Undead Racial levels and a paragraph regarding blood points and blood dependancy.

2017-03-20, 12:09 PM
Added the Mage of the Red Mist and the Giver of the Dread Blood prestige classes. I am now thinking about other fancy blood powers to add to the Chrimson Heirīs list.

Edit: All comments and suggestions are heartly welcome.

2017-04-03, 08:30 AM
I'd like to suggest either
a) an epic level advancement
b) an Epic PrC.

Some say true power comes to those in need, others say it comes to those who want it the most. They are both wrong in your eyes, True power arrives for those who seek to attain it. You are a Heir to the oniblood. The one blood that binds all things. From the weakest insect to the most colossal of dragons. An Oniblood is a living progenitor of the first Crimson heir. A Crimson heir holds the teachings of all her previous Crimson heir ancestors
Prerequisite: Blood pool of 40 or higher, 18 Blood powers known, Con score 26 or higher
Knowledge (Religion) 23 ranks
Class Skills: Balance (Dex), Bluff (Cha), Climb (Str), Concentration (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/skills/concentration.htm) (Con), Craft (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/skills/craft.htm) (Int), Diplomacy (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/skills/diplomacy.htm) (Cha), Heal (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/skills/heal.htm) (Wis), Intimidate (Cha), Jump (Str), Knowledge (religion) (Int), Listen (Wis), Profession (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/skills/profession.htm) (Wis), Sense Motive (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/skills/senseMotive.htm) (Wis). Spot (Wis).Skill Points at Each Level: 4 + Int modifier.

Blood points

Born from the blood, Blood Borne I

Made Men By The Blood 1

Bonus feat

Free Blood 1/encounter

Blood Loss is blood gained 1/day

Blood Borne II

Made Men By The Blood 2

Bonus feat

Free Blood 2/encounter

Blood Loss is blood gained 2/day

Class Features: The following are class features of the Oniblood.
[more coming when i have time]

Born from the blood: With the blood of all things coursing through you veins they become you, your power to wield Blood improves greatly. When you have gained any Blood points within a 24 hour period your blood point maximum is multiple by the amount of levels in this Prestige class you have divided by two. In negative when you expend all of your blood points you take damage equal to the normal times this modifier.

But this is but only part of you overwhelming power. you gain access to one of the following blood powers. This is based on your blood heritage

Blood empire [Blood warrior]
Blood point cost: varies [see below]
you when you kill someone you can choose to expend up to there hit dice in Blood points (this is considered part of your action of killing the creature). When you do this the creature explodes in a gory shower of blood. 2 rounds later from the blood rises a number of Blood Petitioners equal to twice the number of Blood points expended. They are under your unstoppable control for as long as they are in your Crimson aura [or extents], were when they leave they fall into a pool of blood. They can not ever become part of your blood link. You can have a maximum of 20 + your class levels + cha x2 Hitdice of these at any moment, any more and the attempt mediately fails.
Blood Petitioner
Size and Type: The creature’s type changes to Aberration, it retains loses subtypes, its size changes to medium.
Hit Dice: Petitioners have 3d8 HD
AC: Petitioners retain their natural armor, size modifier and dexterity bonus to AC, they usually have no armor to speak of, but retain proficiency with any armor they were proficient in life.
Speed: Petitioners retain their movement speeds. It also gain 30ft climb or fly speed. Once chosen cannot b changed
Base Attack: Petitioners have a base attack bonus equal to their hit dice.
Attacks: Petitioners Gain 2 slam attacks
Special Attacks: Petitioners lose all spell-like abilities, supernatural abilities, spellcasting, manifesting, psi-like abilities and basically anything that isn’t an extraordinaire ability.
Special Qualities: Petitioners lose all special qualities and gain the following:
Immunities (Ex): Petitioners are immune to all mind-affecting effects and to a single form of energy damage chosen by the power that created them. [Aside from the effects that made them]
Resistances (Ex): Petitioners have resistance 10 to acid, cold, electricity, fire and sonic (one of these is, however, overwritten by the immunity above).
Damage Reduction (Ex): Petitioners have DR 5/Magic
Blood Chains (Ex): Petitioners cannot leave the Crimson Aura of there Crimson Heir
Crimson Dependency (Ex): When ever inside its masters Crimson Aura it gains the following abilities

Regeneration: If the Heir sacrifices 1 Blood point the Petitioners gain there masters cha to there [non existent] Regeneration. this last for a number of round as there master has levels one Oniblood.

Saves: The base saves of a petitioner are equal to 2 + half their HD (rounded down).
Abilities: Petitioners retain all of their ability scores. They also gain a +20 to Con but only when within 10 feet of its master.
Skills: Petitioners retain all of the skills they had in life, but some may be limited by their new HD, they do not receive any additional skill points.
Feats: Petitioners retain all their feats, if their new HD is not compatible with the number of feats gained, these are considered bonus feats. They do not gain new feats.
Environment: Crimson Aura
Organization: Blood Empire.
Challenge Rating: As a guideline it is 2 (medium or smaller), 4 (large), 6 (huge), 9 (gargantuan), 11 (colossal). But often these numbers won’t cut it.
Treasure: None. If killed they are equivalent to 3 gallons of well perceived Blood
Alignment: Same as the Masters.
Advancement: Nope. But sometimes the gods can allow petitioners to advance similarly to how they advanced in life.
Level Adjustment: ---

[more later]

2017-04-03, 09:40 AM
Why not? I havenīt seen much of epic gameplay for myself to contribute much to that idea.

I donīt know if my other prestige classes are inviting enough to be taken or give to much (the spellcatser) :smallredface:

I was thinking about a monk-prc, too. I probably add it later.

2017-04-05, 03:43 PM
Added Blood related feat(s) [Currently its just practiced spellcaster for blood]
Added the Dried Fist prestige class, a rapid attacking class for Heir-Monks who can concentrate on blood.
Added Red Rager prestige class, a raging crimson heir who only sees red (and wants to eat it)
added first blood related monster the blood ooze.

2017-04-23, 07:24 AM
Added new monster the pruified slicer. A hunter of werewolves, blood oozes, crimson heirs and other stuff that works against humanity. Iīd appreciate any comment on them as on the other monster. Soon™ there will be added 2 affiliations and then I see my "little" project as finished unless someone else does add an idea or something :smallsmile: