View Full Version : D&D 5e/Next [Warlock Patron] The Undead Lord (Necro-themed Warlock)

2017-03-15, 08:16 AM
So I am of the personal opinion that warlocks should have a solid option that makes them necromancers comparable to a wizard. Simply giving them animate dead as a spell doesn't work because animate dead is far, far too broken on a short rest. However, animate dead as an invocation also doesn't work because 1/day animate dead is nowhere near enough to make them "equal to a wizard" at necromancy. So, the solution? A patron all about undead minions. I have 0 idea how balanced this parton is, though, and thats where I need help. I am no expert on 5e balance, so if anybody has any ideas/thoughts on the balance of this parton please, share it with me! The parton itself can be found here:

Warlock Patron: The Undead Lord (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kSitq9QIII2Fo-BjemQ4Sh_Tehvs1dNdR5MhYDhHNqM/edit?usp=sharing)