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2017-03-16, 01:08 PM
It's been quite a while since I've used these forums. Had to make a new account, even!

Anyways, I've been on a nostalgia kick lately with Pathfinder, helped greatly by DSP's great products. In particular, I have a fond place in my heart for Incarnum, so I'm really happy to see they've brought it into PF.

I've always been big on houseruling, and for my current PF run I wanted to cut out Item Creation much as the PFS has. Unfortunately, that's damn near all the Path of the Crafter does. I mean, I suppose it is in the name, but still. On top of that I found it rather bland, so I created this as an alternative. In particular, I'm curious what people think of [I]Akashic Artificer.


Path of the Crafter
A vizier who chooses the path of the crafter has an innate understanding which provides the ability to influence the flow of energy through inanimate objects. Due to this connection, the crafter is able to use Spellcraft to identify items as though using detect magic. This effect only applies to identifying magic items and grants the crafter no other benefits of the detect magic spell.

In addition, at first level he gains the following abilities:

Transfer the Essence (Su): The crafter’s experience controlling the flow of magical essence between him and the items he creates leads to a potent insight into the very nature of magical energy. A crafter can spend one hour of uninterrupted concentration to transfer magical enhancements between similar items, exchanging the magical enhancements and abilities of two like items; weapons to weapons, armor to armor, shields to shields etc. The crafter must completely exchange the properties of both weapons when using the ability in this way. For example, a crafter could take a +1 halberd and a +3 flaming longsword and swap the magical essences between them, resulting in a +3 flaming halberd and a +1 longsword. Both items must be legal targets for all abilities swapped this way. Additionally, the crafter can use this ability to transfer charges between wands or staves whose highest level spells are the same; for example, the crafter could transfer charges from a wand of cure light wounds to recharge a wand of shield. When using transfer the essence in this fashion, the vizier may choose to transfer any number of charges currently held in one target to the other. Neither use of this ability works when attempted on cursed or intelligent items, or on artifacts.

Akashic Artificer: The crafter is a master of the binding akashic energy into tangible forms. At first level, the crafter gains the ability to create an additional veil. Instead of using it himself, however, the Vizier grants its use to an ally. This veil does not take a slot on you, but instead on your ally. You may bind it to one of your chakras, but the ally gains the bind effect. You may invest essence into the veil, but even if the ally has essence of their own they may not. Once a veil is shared this way the crafter cannot choose to share a different veil or to share it with a different ally until he reshapes his veils, either via his normal daily allocations or his veilshifting ability. At 9th and 17th level, the crafter gains an additional veil he can share with his allies.

Rebinding: At 5th level, the crafter has become especially adroit at the use of the veilshifting ability. Once per day, he can bind any of the veils that he shapes as part of the process of veilshifting. At 13th level, he can do this twice per day.


My primary concern is that Akashic Artificer may be too versatile, but I don't think it's out of line compared to the Seer's Akashic Army ability. I left in Detect Magic Lite and Transfer the Essence because they seemed to me to be about on par with the speed boost the Seer grants. Finally, Rebinding seemed like it fit with the idea of the Path, and let me put something in besides a ton of extra shared veils. I know the Vizier gets this at-will at 20, but there are 19 other levels where this would be damn handy and not especially overpowered in doses, I think.

Any opinions?