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2017-03-17, 12:03 AM

What I'm probably the worst at, is balancing magical items. I wanted to throw a few ideas out there with the purpose of the item and see if anyone could give me some advice on how to make these Epic Weapons work. Here are the four weapons of power:

The Biting Blade: A glowing green rapier, deals acid damage and glows dim light for 20 feet. Was hand-crafted by the elves to be given to the hero of all the lands, that hero was killed and this blade is passed along to his son, who slowly is unlocking it power.

The Sword of Sight: A weapon that can change its shape based on the wielder and it has an eye on the blade. Gives the individual True Sight and cannot be disarmed.

The Staff of Angerham: A gnarled staff of power that gives bonus spells from the Tempest Domain to any caster that carries it. They can use their spell slots to cast those spells so long as they have the staff in hand.

The Sword of Catticus: A Longsword given to the greatest follower of the God of Valor. It shines 20 feet of bright light on command and 20 ft dim light beyond that. It deals additional damage to undead and demons and allows the user to smite as a paladin (2/day) as if using a 1st level spell slot.

What do you guys think? How can get these items on par with rare magical items.

2017-03-17, 07:18 AM
What do you guys think? How can get these items on par with rare magical items.

Not too difficult, these.

The Biting Blade: this is a Sun Blade, just swap the radiant part for acid.

The Sword of Sight: is it a sword if it can change its shape? In any case, the Gem of Seeing is rare, so I'd base it on that. There isn't room in the rare tier to give the sword any plusses, but 'cannot be disarmed' is a small enough benefit that it should be alright.

The Staff of Angerham: base it on a Staff of the Woodlands, swap the spells.

The Sword of Catticus: this is basically a Mace of Disruption. Adding actual smiting on top of that is probably too much.

Sariel Vailo
2017-03-17, 07:04 PM
How about the cursed chef hat of the abyss. Gives the curse that all food that's isn't the flesh of the dead a foul taste.
As well as a plus 1 to ac.