View Full Version : Pathfinder Digimon Themed Homebrew

2017-03-17, 07:55 PM
So I'm making a Pathfinder homebrew heavily influenced and themed by Digimon. It's not Digimon exactly, but very similar.

I'm basing the class that all players will use off of the Summoner.

I'm a bit torn between some ideas regarding the partners of the players. Any feedback on these would be great! :D

Like I said, the core of this class is the Summoner, so evolution points and whatnot. There will be an evolving mechanic as well, akin to digimon evolving (more like in Adventure 01/02 in that they revert to their rookie forms after combat).

1. Letting players have complete control over what the base form is for their partner, what the evolved forms are, and any extra designs with evolution points.

2. Assigning each player a base form based on some character generation stuff and then giving them control over future evolutions and all designs.

3. Assigning each player a base form complete with evolutions already made while they retain control over all additional designs.

I am honestly leaning towards option three, not because I want to be a **** and wave my own special creations in the players' faces, but rather because I feel like it more closely matches the spirit of Digimon in that the digidestined meet these strange creatures that they form a bond with and learn more about as they grow.

Like I said, any feedback on this would be great.