View Full Version : D&D 3.x Other Non Magical 3.5e Laser Based Race? Whatchu Think?

2017-03-18, 12:10 PM
I wanted a race that added psuedo-scientific lasers into the world. A friend of mine helped me set up alot of it but now i want some mass feedback. Thanks in advance! //_^

Ajoulei (Medium Abberation)

The Ajoulei live in deep valleys and crags where they venture into the Underdark on a regular basis. They are lithe humanoids with natural gemstones, called Body Jewels, embedded in their flesh. They use these Body Jewels for communication in a form of optical language.

Favored Class-

Base land speed-

Automatic Languages-
Ajoulei, Common.

Bonus Languages-
Terran, Undercommon.

+2 con/+2 wis/-2 cha

Ajoulei Flash (Ex)-
An Ajoulei may target one creature within 40' with a ray that duplicates the effects of Color Spray on its target. This ability may be used 3/day

Ajoulei are immune to light-based blindness and dazzle effects.

Spellcasting Inability-
Ajoulei cannot cast arcane or divine spells, even if they take levels in a class that grants spellcasting ability. They can use spell-like abilities, psionic powers, and magic items normally.

Jewel Beam(EX)-
As long as he isnt wearing medium or heavy armor an Ajoulei may use his body jewels a number of times per day equal to his character level +5 to produce a laser beam. This is a natural ranged weapon that deals piercing, fire damage based on distance. If an Ajoulei does not get a full nights rest, his Jewel Beam uses only replenish half of the max(round down).
10ft - 1d12
20ft - 1d10
30ft - 1d8
40ft - 1d6
50ft - 1d4
damagedice + dex mod (crit 20 x2).