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2017-03-20, 11:52 AM
Hello and thank you to anyone who read this. I neee help with creating a path for the fifth edition monk that will be and least more competent then the 4elements monk.

More specifically one based off the eight forms which comprise daoist drunken boxing

Here are the ideas thus far
3rd level you do not gain purity of body, and ignore the negative effects of poison, once per turn you may switch between the stances you gain throughout the levels.

Lu dongbin stance: all damage becomes radient, loose speed.
Li tieguai stance:gain advantage on damage, loose 2 dex

6th level
Han zhong li stance: gain 2 strength loose 2 dex
Lan caihi stance: loose 2 constitution, gain advantage on all saves.

11th level
Zhang guolao stance: gain damage die on unarmed attacks, loose ability to move
Cao guojiu stance: Once per turn, you can either immobilize an enemy or do double damage, the enemy must do a dex save. If save is successful, you take the amount of damage you dealt and the enemy also takes damage, lose 2 strength

17th level
Han xiangxi stance: gain advantage with monk weapons, loose 2 in a stat at random on the roll of 1d6

He xiangyu stance:gain advantage on attack rolls, loose 2 strength