View Full Version : Legendary Sword Enchantment

2017-03-22, 09:46 AM
So, I've got this idea for a Legendary Sword that requires being attuned to it for it to function correctly. The sword would have runes on it that were entire gibberish until you become attuned, at which point they become numbers. And, they work like this:
There's four sets of numbers that each count down. I haven't decided the exact numbers for each, but I figured it should be a high number, like 100. Each time a condition is fulfilled, the number goes down by one. The conditions for each set would be as such: 1) Miss at an attack roll; 2) succeed at an attack roll, but fail to get a kill; 3) kill a living creature; 4) cause damage/destruction of a non-living thing (undead and constructs count, as does sundering weapons, destroying a lock)
So, once the numbers get to zero, the weapon gains an enhancement, and all the numbers are reset. In this way, the weapon builds itself around the wielder. I figured the enhancements would be as such: 1) gain a bonus to hit; 2) gain a bonus to damage; 3) heal 1 hp upon successfully killing an enemy (raises by 1 each time); 4) gain a bonus to sunder/break attempts (1 per level of bonus)

I know the last one kind of leaves itself open to abuse, so that would need to be kept in check. But, what do you guys think? Can you think of a better enhancement? And, what should the numbers be set at initially? Maybe, if you complete one, the number for that one resets to a higher number, so you can get a more even spread of bonuses instead of just getting the same one repeatedly? Like, it starts at 100, but once you complete it goes up to 150, and all the others reset to 100? And, yes, the player would be responsible for keeping track of this.