View Full Version : D&D 5e/Next Semi-Homebrew Feywilds Advice

2017-03-22, 01:18 PM
Guys, I've made a very questionable decision. I have the basic skeleton and adventure hook, but I'm struggling with filler and figuring out how exactly to craft everything.

The general info (please note that all places are Homebrew because I'm too lazy to learn all the places in the world don't judge me):

Players start in a city. They eventually get onto a ship to help protect a shipment of spice. They get caught in a storm and end up not where they were supposed to.

The place they end up is The Feywilds, and the storm is what brought them there. I want them to be sort of caught in the middle of a war between The Queen of Air & Darkness and Titania. I've created an NPC that's sort of the intermediary that is trying to end the conflict. I think I'm going to have this NPC working for Nathair Sgiathach. I know he's in the Seelie court, but in my head he's sort of over the whole thing and wants to put a stop to it so he can get back to shenanigans.

NPC/the deity she works for has been bringing adventurers to their land for a while trying to find the right group to help.

I think I want to get my PCs to side with one of the warring parties? Maybe? I'm not sure. This is sort of where I'm stuck. Any advice/insight would be greatly appreciated. Also please tell me if this is super dumb.