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2017-03-22, 09:06 PM
Path of the Bloodstorm Blade [PDF] (https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1pdYIcfHauwTnF6bFZoeS1GVEk/view?usp=sharing)

Inspired by the prestige class from 3.5 with the same name, the Bloodstorm Blade allows the usually melee-focused Barbarian use its abilities in ranged combat.


The main advantage of this subclass is that you can throw stuff. It increases the Barbarian's traditional range of melee to 20/60 feet. So the goal of these 3rd level abilities is basically to make using your thrown weapons as convenient as using a melee weapon as a Barbarian. Then you get to enjoy that range increase, the true benefit at 3rd level!
Furious Throw: The Barbarian class abilities focus on melee weapon attacks, so thrown weapons don't synergize well with it. Furious Throw lets you take advantage of all your Barbarian abilities, plus opens up feats (which thrown weapons never could take full advantage of) and even possible multiclass shenanigans.
Returning Attacks: Besides looking cool, the mechanical upside here is that you won't run into problems not being able to throw two handaxes and then draw two more (you usually can only draw one). Also, if you get a cool magical weapon, you can actually use it in combat beyond the first throw (and possibly losing it!).
By letting thrown weapons work just as well as melee weapons for a Barbarian, you get to fully enjoy the upside of thrown weapons, which is that increased range. That's the perk of the 3rd level in this subclass.
Throw Anything: Why be limited to handaxes? Throw anything! From my understanding, this is not a damage increase really, because throwing a greataxe isn't any more damage than swinging a greataxe, but it's cool and it's versatile. I think it feels awesome to be able to pick up any weapon you're proficient with and just chuck it.
Fling People: Why stop at just throwing weapons? Why not people too? This is my approach to utility in the subclass. You can use it as an exploration tool. Your Wizard buddy is complaining about climbing up a cliff? Just throw him up there! In combat, you can also toss your melee friend into the thick of things for repositioning, or throw you buddy away from the fight if need be. The "ally can use reaction to make a melee attack" I took from the Battlemaster's Commanding Strike maneuver, but better because this is more situational, takes the Barbarian's entire action, and also a 10th level ability vs. 3rd level. You can also toss foes too (I used the grapple rules for your success chance) to reposition them, either removing them from your squishy friends or throwing them into your melee allies. It also synergizes with Rage (advantage on grapples!) and with the capstone (throw them into the whirlwind!).
Raging Whirlwind: This capstone deals with battlefield control. It's basically a bigger version of the 2nd level spell Cloud of Daggers. Feedback from my own games and others have mentioned that the Cloud is a great concept at area denial but the area is just too small (5ft. radius). Doubling the radius should make it much more viable to hinder your opponent's movement and worthy of 14th level, I think. Of course, you can always grapple an enemy and throw them into the whirlwind too!