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2017-03-23, 08:01 AM
So I've been playing a lot of RPGs with boons and setback mechanics recently (like Edge of the Empire). I wanted to see if I could make this work in 5e, so I wrote about it on my blog. You can read the full post below.

LINK: https://worldbuilderblog.me/2017/03/23/boons-and-setbacks-in-5e/

I wanted to share my different ideas here and get some feedback. Let me know what you think.

Optional Rule: Five Above/BelowThis optional rule allows you to apply boons based on the result of a character's ability check, attack roll, or saving throw when compared to the DC or AC . Roll the dice, apply appropriate modifiers, and then use the table below to determine the result.

Result Effect
5 or more above DC/AC Success with boon
1-4 above DC/AC Normal success
Equals DC/AC Success with setback*
1 below DC/AC Failure with boon*
2-4 below DC/AC Normal failure
5 or more below DC/AC Failure with setback
*If you are not playing with these effects as options, treat the results as normal successes and failures.

Optional Rule: Know Your the RollThis optional rule uses the unmodified results of the dice. Any natural roll of 15 or above grants a boon, while any natural roll of 5 or less imposes a setback. You can increase the ranges of these results to increase the frequencies of boons and setbacks to fit the needs of your group and story.

Optional Rule: Advantage Boons and Disadvantage SetbacksThis optional rule states that an ability check, attack roll, or saving throw is made with advantage, the result grants a boon, while anytime one of those rolls is made with disadvantage, the result grants a setback. Note that this rule does not mesh well with the suggested boons and setbacks that grant advantage and disadvantage on the next d20 roll, since it risks creating never-ending advantage and disadvantage.

Optional Rule: Natural 20s and 1s OnlyWith this optional rule you gain a boon whenever you roll a natural 20 on your ability check, attack roll, or saving throw and a setback whenever you roll a natural 1 on one of those rolls.

Suggested BoonsYou have advantage on the next d20 roll you make.
You gain a piece of knowledge or hint about your current quest.
You can immediately take the Help action as a bonus action.
You can spend one die to heal as if had taken a short rest immediately.
Attack: You knock your target prone.
Attack: You disarm your target.
Attack: You deafen your target.
Attack: Your attack does an extra 1d6 damage. Damage type is chosen by the DM.
Save: You can immediately move 10 feet in any direction.
Save: You shout a warning which allows another creature of your choice who can hear you and has to make the same save advantage on their saving throw.

Suggested SetbacksYou have disadvantage on the next d20.
An item being used in the action is broken.
You take 1d6 damage as a result of the setback. Damage type is determined by the DM.
You lose one hit die, 1st-level spell slot, or other small resource.
Attack: You drop your weapon or implement used to make the attack.
Attack: You fall prone.
Save: You fall prone or are moved 10 feet in a random direction if the effect already knocks you prone.