View Full Version : Working on a: Spell-less way of 4 element monk

2017-03-24, 04:14 PM
Trying to figure out how to not break wo4e monk but just make it better. Not sure if this makes its good or at least okay but I used sun soul as a base.

Way of the 4 element.

-Elemental ability: unbroken fist, water whip and Gaias grasp are 1d10 + wisdom modifier (scales as cantrip) with no ki cost (save for none), but you are able to add ki to increase their die by 1(save for half), and fire snakes are an additional fire martial art die on melee attacks for the round for 1 ki.

Lvl3 you can choose 2 elemental abilities

Lvl 6,11
You Gain 1 elemental ability

Lvl 3
-cantrip (elemental attunement )
Ki blast-
-a ranged save attack at 1d10 + wisdom mod with additional effects depending on the elemental ability you chose. That can shift element if you have more than one. And can add ki to increase the damage and add an additional effect.
-water pulls for 15ft, wind pushes 15ft, earth decreases movement by 15ft
-fire can add fire damage for all unarmed attacks, additional martial arts die per hit.

Lvl 6

Increases melee attack range by 5 (10ft) and is fire, cold, thunder or lightning after long rest
-spend 1 extra ki to use a ki blast as a bonus action x/2 d10+wisdom mod

Lvl 11

Whenever you roll a 1 on a way of element ki ability (including spells and abilities) it's a 2
Gain 2: gaseous form, stoneskin, fireball, fly; each cost 3 ki

Lvl 17

-you can spend max ki (5) for your element ki abilities and they deal 10d10

Fire snakes a little clunky but could be fixed by first hit does 4d10, second hit does 3d10, etc.