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2017-03-28, 12:24 PM
In the 2nd edition Birthright Setting, the God Erik, the patron of the Rjurik tribe and the god of nature, had specialized priests. As per the rules, they were Druids that had move silently, Hide in Shadows and Animal Empathy that was of a Ranger 3 levels higher, and the tracking skills of a 1st level Ranger.

This is my attempt at a specialist Priest of Erik, and is a Druid Circle that I've tried to keep as close to the flavour and the abilities of the 2e version and tried to keep within bounded accuracy. It is meant to be for Rjurik humans, one of the 5 main tribes of humans in that setting.

Priest of Erik

In the culture of the Rjurik, the deep forests of their lands have a special place in the heart of their tradition, and the leaders for many that live in the homesteads and villages that dot the lands of Northwest Cerilia are the priests of the Father of the Forest. In the Anuirean lands, the worship of Erik is increasing, as more souls look to protect the remaining natural bounty of that land from degradation.

Gift of the Forest Father

When you join the Grove of Erik at second level, you gain proficiency in Stealth.

Natures Commune

Also at 2nd level, you can add twice your proficiency bonus to Animal Handling checks regarding beasts, and can make the check as a bonus action on your turn.

Deep Cover

At 6th level, you gain advantage on stealth checks to hide in areas of dim light.

Emerald Spiral Wisdom

At 6th level, you gain greater insight into the art of survival in forests, and you gain the following benefits when in broadleaf, evergreen or taiga forests when travelling through the terrain for an hour or more-

- Difficult terrain doesn’t slow your party’s travel
- Your group cannot become lost except by magical means
- You remain alert to danger when you are engaged in another activity while traveling.
- If you are travelling alone, you can move stealthily at a normal pace
- When you forage, you find twice as much food as you normally would
- While engaged in tracking beasts and humanoids, you learn their exact number, their sizes and how long ago they passed through the area.

No Relent

At 10th level, when you move through nonmagical difficult terrain, it costs you no extra movement, and you can pass through nonmagical plants without being slowed down, and if the plants have thorns, spines or a similar hazard, you take no damage and your clothes do not get torn and ragged from moving through them.

You can also add half your proficiency bonus rounded down to saving throws against plants that are magically created or manipulated to impede movement


At 14th level, you gain advantage on all saving throws against fear and charm effects.

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2017-03-31, 08:13 AM
Any critique on balance?

2017-03-31, 11:23 AM
I'm not sure, but you should look into performing handle animal checks as a bonus action. Either it is useless, or it lets you command your pet to attack someone every turn.

Define 'shadowy areas'.

I'm uninspired by the final two features. The first is only useful under a few conditions, and even then not terribly powerful. The second is powerful enough, but doesn't make me hold my breath for 14th level.

I like the theme you have going here. There aren't any shadowy druid builds that I know of, and this could be great. I imagine a druid wildshaping into a cat or owl, or casting spells with stealth. There's lots of options here, so don't restrain yourself by copying ranger features at every turn.

2017-03-31, 01:04 PM
I'd hesitate to give all Ranger spells to a Druid. They've got some powerful spells that are okay on a half-caster, not so much on a full caster.

See Bard and Magical Secrets.

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2017-04-01, 09:02 AM
Thanks guys. Going to spin off a Shadow Themed Circle for use for different settings, and revise the Priest of Erik.

Put "Dim Light" instead of "Shadowy Areas"