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2017-03-29, 01:13 AM
I figured this belonged here rather than in the 5e thread, but I realized that I have just about enough brewed classes and races to do a five-man party using nothing but JBPuffin stuff on the base level (have no feats or spells to further puffinate the roster...), And so I got to wondering - using only Homebrew classes and races (base classes, preferably), what would be your party of choice? With just my stock, I have a party able to deal with almost anything life throws at it...

I haven't finished my fifth class - got a bit too ambitious with a Geist: the Sin Eaters inspired base class - but I do have a party of four raring to go.

Shardmind Eleatic Arithmatist - Shardminds are crystal people, originally from 4e. They're smart, they're psionic constructs, and they can temporarily become a cloud of razor-sharp stones that, while not doing damage, does make them easier prey for the 'mind. The Arithmatist is essentially my rendition of the Factotum, researching the world's underlying mathematical structure and abusing the hell out of it - Intelligence-based, a lot of proficiencies with subclasses providing most of the non-proficiency juice. Eleatic Arithmatists play skill monkey and provide cover fire, as a sharpshooting Rogue might, but also have some dice management and healing like a bard. No spells for this one - it won't need them. Ridiculous utility with a touch of control, not the most useful of combatants but providing some steady DPR.

Deva Time Dimensionalist - Another race introduced to players in 4e, Devas are pseudo-celestials that reincarnate; they're resistant to radiant and necrotic damage, making them great anti-clerics, and have a short rest roll helper to cover them when they screw up. Dimensionalists are an Intelligence-based pact-caster (Warlock chassis) who study the various dimensions and subvert them to their advanced knowledge. Funnily enough, while they line up conceptually with Arithmatists, they go about their business very differently, teleporting around the battlefield to skirmish or get clear for a spell. Time Dimensionalists take the skirmisher idea and enhance it further, picking up a quarter of thematic abilities to play around with. Control and utility, some tanking simply by being slippery as an eel, but since they're not really staying on the front lines it doesn't come into play too much.

Needle-Worm Astral Servitor Totem Knight - Okay, this one might take some explaining because the others are so clear-cut without posting any statistical frame or reference, JB. Needle-Worms are Small caterpillar-like folk with a ranged unarmed strike. Yes, you heard that right. I chose them for the tank role because of their bonus to Con and not wanting to use my Ale Dwarf, thereby following my rules :smallsmile:. Totem Knights structurally are like nothing else I've seen before, blending together Warlock, Ranger, Paladin, and Druid elements to create a tank with a plethora of options on creation, but defined rolls in play. Astral Servitor provides some much-needed healing and extra tank power, and since the Worm has needles to throw when necessary the other options aren't quite as appealing. Tanking (like, a lot) with some striking.

Nacatl Catfolk Child of Night Shade - Remember when I said the Worm needed explaining? This might need more. I designed a catfolk partially out of spite for my fellow man and partially because cats. Nacatl have a Charisma bonus, important for a Shade, and the skills are helpful. Shades are the shadow power source made manifest, taking most of their inspiration from 4e's Assassin and 3.5's Shadowcaster (flavor, not execution). They're Charisma-based pact-casters who trade Invocations with a gish chassis which, if I'm honest, may be a bit much. All of these might be, come to think of it, but in this party, I know they'll each find their place. Anyway, the Child of Night subclass basically pulls off of Beastmaster and gives you, feature by feature, a companion: your own shadow. It starts off as a familiar that can't attack or be attacked, then gets the ability to attack (and losing its initial unkillable status - now it has hit points to lose), then gives you a benefit while down, and at the highest echelon of power becomes a pseudo-fifth member. What people wanted from the Beastmaster Ranger, honestly. Anyway, the Shade's this party's striker and, possibly, its blaster, a skirmishing gish who can mix it up and, at later levels, play the field with himself.

All with backgrounds made using the PHB Custom Background Rules!

I know that my material isn't balanced right now (dear GOD, no), but it's complete thru 20 levels and, at least at a glance, could be used with itself without having one character absolutely sucking or making every fight a one-round bore. I think the majority of their strength is in their out-of-combat toolbox rather than their brute force, as all four of these guys have broad sets of skills.

2017-03-29, 01:42 AM
You could definitely do that with MFoV stuff. A warden to tank, a white witch for healing and support, a gunslinger and warmage for DPR, and a craftsman or alchemist as a wildcard.

We're a bit thin on races (especially since Volo's came out), but there are a few and I'm working on adding more.

2017-03-29, 02:56 AM
You could definitely do that with MFoV stuff. A warden to tank, a white witch for healing and support, a gunslinger and warmage for DPR, and a craftsman or alchemist as a wildcard.

We're a bit thin on races (especially since Volo's came out), but there are a few and I'm working on adding more.

You're not kidding :smallsmile:. I think your crew might find it easier if the restriction lightened up on subclasses, though - so many subclasses! I have three, so I have no reason not to limit myself to a 4-man gang of whole-cloth inventions. Although now that I think about it, this party could use a Time Cleric. Having a more dedicated blaster could help a lot...

And I forgot about the Stitched. Might be a better choice for the Totem Knight...decisions, decisions.

Oh, and I shouldn't forget! For non-brewers and guys who just don't have quite enough for a full team, you're totally free to brag on other peoples' stuff! If I were dead set on a fifth right now, I'd take an Ozodrin for sure. This party would just love having an Eldritch Abomination on their team :smallbiggrin:.