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2007-07-27, 03:25 PM
hello all, new question this time
In a month or so for a high power campaign I intend to play a dragon shaman (black, lawfull neutral)
I have managed to roll a +12 character somehow, I was very lucky
as I see it
char 16
I plan on focusing on the con element both for breath weapon dc later and also being able to stay in the fray keeping the party whole. The players I am with have a tendency to break sometimes if the going gets tough
For race I have chosen human, I wanted the skill point and the extra feat, I went for education as for fluff reasons my character will be very well read
I was wondering how I can keep the character powerfull in the later game as I think I may really find myself trailing behind both the fighters and mages
does anyone have any thoughts as to how to get dragon shamans powerfull later on, The campaign is expected to run 1st to 15th
complete warrior scoundrel divine

2007-07-27, 03:54 PM
Dragon Shaman are fundamentally difficult to play at mid-higher levels, since their abilities scale so poorly and they lack the full BAB and armor they need to Tank.

Are you open to other dragon themed builds, or do you want the Dragon Shaman and nothing else? If you are willing to accept other builds, what exactly do you want to be able to do?

2007-07-27, 03:57 PM
If there is a way to make Dragon Shamen stay impressive in combat at mid/higher levels, it's to twink out their breath weapons to have more effects than just damage. Check out Draconomicon and Dragon Magic for breath weapon-based feats.

Edit: I'm also fully in favor of homebrewing or houseruling some upgrades to the Dragon Shaman, as it's a fun, flavorful, and quite-useful-outside-of-combat class.

2007-07-27, 04:41 PM
1 - you can't be a Black Dragon Shaman since you have to be NE, CE or CN.

2 - get some good weapons. Take a level of fighter for a feat and various armour proficiencies OR get Exotic Weapon Proficieny (Bastard Sword, Dwarven Waraxe or Spiked Chain. Your choice).

3 - get the auras in said order: Power, Energy Shield, Vigor, Senses, Toughness, Presence and Resistance.

4 - good items to get are Collar of Umbral Metamorphis (ToM), Belt of Magnificence (Miniature's Handbook), Mantle of Second Chances, Blindfold of Trus Darkness (Arms and Equipent Guide), Sundark Goggles (races of the Dragon), Boots of Springing and Sprinting (DMG), Glove of Storing (DMG), Magebane weapon (CAr). Mithral Breastplate, Ring of Sustenance (DMG) and Tooth of Savnock (ToM). Also get Eggshell grenades (OA), Merlyn's spoon (DMG) and a decanter of Endless water (DMG). I know you probably don't have most of the books but just google these items and you can find most of them.

5 - Good feats are Improved Initiative, Lightening Reflexes, Weapon Focus and Power Attack. Also consider Improved Natural Armour (MM)

6 - Get the spell resistance cast on you permantly for +1 to all saves.

7 - remember you are a SUPPORT character. You boost and back up Tanks, help heal so that the cleric doesn't have to and protect the Wizards.

Just google the items/feats that you don't have access to.
http://www.google.co.uk/ (for your convinience)